RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday, February 13, 2011

6:00-8:00 pm


JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendees:  Mary Arter, Neil Fisher, George Hebert, Dave Peishel, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Lou Boyon, Sue Gurak, Brad Schreiber, Howie DeLooze, Beth Guzzetta, Peppy Erhlich, Karen May, Jamie Cary, Janet Wright.


Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM

1.      Finish fines consistency discussion

·         There is a new line on the DC’s game input form for cards and loss of player control (LOPC) on the website.  Consistency in fine and game input is necessary in order to present a uniform front to club presidents.  It removes any bias and will allow us to be able to track trends.

·         Jacky to send a note to coaches/DC’s requesting list of sites where fans cannot sit on opposite side of field.

2.      Preparation for March coaches’ meetings

·         Divisions must be completed by Feb. 15 at 5:00 PM.  Revisit the rule next year in September regarding U19 Girls Division I (6 teams only)

·         Coach packets to include: stamped envelopes for game reports; bag tags for U8-U10; concussion brochure; list of coaches; sample game report for U8- U12 and Dick’s coupon.

·         Meeting content – Refer to DC Role document that has been emailed to you and is on the DC’s control panel.  There is no general meeting this year for the younger age groups.  Everyone should leave that meeting with important phone number(s), when to call you, and what time to call you.

·         Logistics at MCC on March 12- First meetings start at 1:30 = Girls, 3:00 = Boys.  It was suggested that DC’s hold the packets and/or have teams sign.  Remember, there is a fine if not there.  Send no-show names to Mark.

3.      RDYSL games at Sahlen’s Stadium (new name for MAS)

·         There will be games at the stadium this year for U13-U19.  Please remember that the field is 120 x 80.  The same schedule process used in 2010 will apply.  Dates and cost from Rhinos are forthcoming.

4.      3 man referee system for U16 Boys Division 1

·         The NYS West grant application has been submitted for $2000 to be used for a three man referee system with the U16 Boys Div 1 this season.  Notification will be sometime in March.

·         Reminder – The club presidents have already voted to have a three man referee system for the U16 Division 1 in 2012.

5.      Approval process for requests to use fields outside boundaries (refer to Rule 200)

·         Reminder- It takes a week to process.

·         ADDENDUM:  Thanks to everyone who contributed to the vote on the fields at Pembroke and Attica.  The final tally was 12-1 “no” for Pembroke and 11-2 “no” for Attica.

·         ADDENDUM:  Thanks to everyone who contributed to the vote on the Phillips Fields in Geneseo.  The resulting tally was 10 “yes” and 2 “no”.

6.      RRU Mentoring Proposal

·         This is pilot program proposed by the Rochester Referee Unit (RRU) to help train first and second year referees in RDYSL  They would like the league to split the cost.  RDYSL share would be just under $4000.

·         Will revisit this in March after HYSW gives us the results of our grant proposal.

7.      New York State West update

·         Roster size variances were approved by NYSW.

·         The Club Pass idea is dead for now.  It came up at the 2009 meeting, however, nothing was said about it at the 2010 AGM.

·         NYSW stated that they are not tracking red cards across competitions as it is not an issue.

8.      Upcoming meetings

·         March 13 – additional date added to the RDYSL Board meetings for this year.

·         April 10 – this meeting has been cancelled

·         May 1 - additional date added to the RDYSL board meetings for this year

9.      Rhino/RDYSL Partnership

·         The Rhinos are asking for a decision by March.  RDYSL will reach out to club presidents for feedback.  Partnership needs to involve and include all stakeholders.

10.  Voting Delegates

·         Please get your voting delegates form to Janet Wright at:  3 Lake Lacoma Drive, Pittsford, NY 14534.

·         Mary to send reminder


 Meeting adjourned at 7:58PM


 Respectfully submitted,