RDYSL AGM minutes

Sunday, November 21, 2010

7:00-9:00 pm


MCC – Empire Room


Board Attendees:  Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, George Hebert, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Janet Wright


Called to Order:  7:09 pm


1.      Roll call of member clubs:
(Present):  Bloomfield S.C., Brighton Soccer League, Brockport S.C., Byron-Bergen S.C., Canandaigua Area S.L., Central Western United S.C., Chili S.C., Churchville S.C., Empire United Soccer Academy, Gates Youth S.L., Genesee Lancers S.C., Genesee Valley B,B.S.C., Greece Buccaneers S.C., Greece Eclipse S.C., Hilton-Parma S.C., Holley S.C., Honeoye Falls Blaze S.C., Irondequoit S.C., Kendall Crossfires S.C., Livonia S.C., Mt. Morris S.C., Penfield Rangers S.C., Penfield Strikers S.C., Rush Henrietta S.C., Scottsville Athletic Association, Stormers S.C., Victor/Farmington United S.C., Wayne Wings S.C.
(Absent):  Brighton S.C., Cobras S.C., Fairport S.C., Pittsford Hawks S.C., Pittsford Mustangs S.C., River Flow, Spencerport S.C., Webster S.A.

2.      Introduction of RDYSL Board members

3.      Introduction of our guests – Amy Gush, Roger Best, Dean Foti from NYSW; Steve Montanino from Referee unit

4.      Mary presented her President’s report State of the League 2010

a.       Stats:

i.                    34 member clubs

ii.                  521 teams

iii.                Approximately 8500 players

iv.                Approximately 3100 games played

v.                  For 2011 season – two new clubs – Welcome Brighton Soccer League and Scottsville Athletic Association

b.      Awards:  (Division Champions)

i.                    26 clubs had teams that finished in first place in their divisions.

ii.                  25 clubs had teams that finished in second place in their divisions.

iii.                Only 4 clubs had no first or second place teams.

c.       Awards:  (Team Sportsmanship)

i.                    62% of teams qualified for the gold award (down from 64% in 2009)

ii.                  29% of teams qualified for silver award (up from 28% in 2009)

iii.                4% of teams qualified for bronze award

iv.                Only 5% (26 teams) did not qualify for any award

d.      Competitive Divisions:

i.                    RDYSL strives to make all games competitive, with games decided by 2 or fewer goals.  Less than two-thirds of our games (61.6%) met that criterion (down from last year-68.6%)

ii.                  The most competitive divisions, with 85% or more decided by <= 2 goals, were U-12G div.1, and U-19G div.1. 8% (181 games) were decided by 5 or more goals (more than last year-6.5%).

e.       Fines and fees:

i.                    RDYSL assessed just over $20,000 in fines and fees, about the same as the 2009 season. 

ii.                  Average cost per team was $45 (an increase of $10 from 2009 and equal to 2008)

iii.                Top 80% of fines and fees were for:

a.       In-season reschedule fees - $5200 (39% increase)

b.      Coach/staff ejections - $3000 (41% increase)

c.       Player red cards - $2900 (32% increase)

d.      Forfeit fines - $2550 (21% decrease)

e.       Spectator ejections - $1825 (17% decrease)

f.       Coach/staff minor offenses - $1220 (53% increase)

g.      Spectator minor offenses - $840 (40% increase)

h.      Teams not represented at DC meetings - $700 (12% decrease)

f.       The Appeals Committee dealt with five appeals. One was granted, based on video evidence. Three others were denied, and one is still in process.

g.      RDYSL continued our three-pronged behavior improvement program in 2010

i.                    Zero Tolerance:  This was intended to set clear expectations for player and adult behavior and provide negative consequences where necessary.

ii.                  Team Sportsmanship Awards:  This was intended to recognize appropriate player behavior.

iii.                Model/Leadership Club Awards:  This was intended to recognize appropriate adult and player behavior and good club management.

iv.                Program seems to be effective, based on decreases in player fines. Spectator incidents were reduced this year, but coach/staff incidents increased.  More work to do!

h.      Referees:

i.                    Over 350 individuals officiated at RDYSL games in 2010, of which 185 officiated at 6 or more games (more than last year).

ii.                  Referees that were identified as needing improvement after the 2009 season did not work in RDYSL in 2010.  Of the others, half showed improvement based on evaluation scores.  We will continue to work with the referee unit to identify areas of improvement.

iii.                For the first time, we tracked failures of referees to follow our procedures (game report problems, failure to check passes, etc.) As agreed before the season, the referee unit will be billed for these and we will work with the unit on improvement plans.

i.        Scholarships:

i.                    RDYSL awarded $1000 college scholarships ($250 per year) to Kyle Metcalfe of Fairport HS and Fairport S.C. and Brooke Mallaber of Livonia HS and Livonia S.C.  Congratulations to these deserving student-athletes.

j.        Budget

i.                    Lou reviewed the budget.  Handout provided.

ii.                  League income was $49,144 against a budget of $43,380.

iii.                Player registration fees accounted for 34% of income, general fines for 26%, and game change fees for 10%.

iv.                Expenses were $47,553, with the largest (27%) being for t-shirts.

5.      Elections of 2010-2011 officers:

a.       Mary read the slate of officers for the 2011 season:  President: Mary Arter, 1st VP:  Neil Fisher, 2nd VP:  Jacky VanDellon, 3rd VP:  Mark VanDellon, 4th VP:  George Hebert, Secretary:  Janet Wright, Treasurer:  Lou Boyon

b.      Motion to elect to slate of officers:  Loren Shipley (Chili S.C.) 2nd – Tim Mahoney (Gates Youth S.C.) Vote passed.

6.      New Business

a.       Addition of a U8B division coordinator- Welcome Jamie Cary

b.      Club presidents will now have a login to the RDYSL website

7.      Rule Changes

a.        Addition of a definition of fighting

b.      Revise language on fields and league boundaries.  Rule 200.3 = Clubs that are members in the 2010 season are exempt from this requirement, however, these clubs cannot add new fields that are farther without the approval of the board.

c.       Clubs in probationary period get one year to get enough teams, however, for that one year, they can play with the reduced number of teams but must have the total number of teams required in the following year.

d.      Minimum roster size for U-11, U-12 = 9; U-13-U19 = 11

e.       Call up rule:  U-16 can call up players.  Players on a U-15 team may be called up.  Players must be 15 yrs old or older.  No players can be called up more than 4 times.  Clubs must keep track of this.

f.       No longer require a call up signature

g.      Gender VP Jacky/Neil can allow an exception for a game not to be played.

h.      Use of an ineligible player: no longer take an additional 3 points off of the standing.  Still have a forfeit.

i.        Clock will stop for water breaks for a maximum of 3 minutes, players may leave the field

j.        Tie Breaker:  If the total points of 2 or more teams are the same at the end of League competition, the following tie breaker will determine the winner.  1st Head to head can only be used for two teams.  The team with the best aggregate score record against their tied opponent in League competition will be declared the winner.

k.      Sanctions:  Any sanction that is for the minimum fine may not be appealed.

l.        Coach ejection: reduce fine to $150 and increase to 3 game suspension. Spectator ejection: minimum of $150 fine but may be subject to higher fines

8.      Referee Unit- Steve Montanino

a.       Rochester has so many more games than any other area.  Please help us recruit new refs.  Ref evaluations are very important to us.  Talk to your coaches that everyone is learning soccer.  Suggestion: Add hair pulling to fighting definition.  Blake Landry replaces Shawn Schiano as the RDYSL Liaision from the Referee Unit.

b.      Amy Gush (NYS West) – announced that Dean Foti is the new technical director.  Soccer continues to grow in upstate New York.  A state building was purchased east of Corning. Board re-invested $45,000 in memberships.  $25,000 in grant money is available to clubs. ($2,000 per club).  New safety video- please share with your teams and parents.  Money has been set aside for parent education.  League can write a grant.

9.      Model Leadership Club Award winners:

a.       Model Club Award:  Wayne Wings

b.      Leadership Award: Canandaigua

c.       Three clubs did not pay their bill on time and for this reason lost their eligibility for Model or Leadership club awards.

10.  New Business from the membership:

a.       Is there a way to respond faster to field issues when fields are used by more than one team? (Talk with DCs’)

b.      Fields should be lined the day of a game.

Adjourned:  8:05 pm


Respectfully submitted,