Rochester District Youth Soccer League Board Meeting

Sunday, November 14, 2010

6:00-8:00 P.M.
JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Attendees:   Mary Arter, Peppy Ehrlich, Neil Fisher, George Hebert, Dave Peishel , Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Lou Boyon, Susan Gurak, Brad Schriber


Meeting called to order:  6:05 P.M.

1.      News from NYSW - AGM– Mary Arter

·         Attendance was very low with only about 20% of the organizations represented.

·         NYSW is planning on giving grants to organizations that apply and are approved as a means to reduce the surplus money they have been carrying.  $45,000 will be devoted to this.

2.      Final review/approval of 2011 rules - All

·         Rules were reviewed and some minor amendments were made

·         Board voted to adopt unanimously as amended

3.      2011 Calendar - Mark

·         New calendar was proposed, reviewed and approved

4.      Spring Coaches Meeting

·         A long discussion was held on the history and purpose of the mandatory coaches meeting

·         Tentative dates were set, Mary will pursue arranging for the meeting rooms at MCC and date will be finalized based on room availability

·         The following decisions were made:

i)        There will be NO group meeting for all U8-12 coaches as has been done the past several years

ii)      Each Division Coordinator will hold a meeting with their coaches.  A more standardized approach will be recommended to ensure mandatory content is covered

iii)    There will be two sets of these meetings with each scheduled for 60 minutes.  For example, U8,U10, U12 will meet from 1-2PM, U14, U16, U19 will meet from 2:30 to 3PM.  This will allow for a more centrally located set of rooms and allow some individuals to attend a brief portion of each meeting

5.      Referees

·         A discussion was held on Coaches Ratings of referees and how well the referees did as evaluated by the coaches.  About 180 referees did most of our games (6 or more).   About 360 did one or more games

·         In 2009, 14 referees were considered to have low ratings.  Three did NOT work RDYSL games in 2010.  Five improved considerably.  Six had little to no improvement.  The board discussed options for how to proceed with these referees in our discussions and negotiations with the referee unit

·         In 2010, 9 referees were considered to have low ratings

·         Discussion was held around upcoming discussions/negotiations with the Rochester Referee Unit.  There will be no fee increase this year

6.      Team awards, Leadership and Model Club Awards

·         Three clubs qualified for the Model award from the “in-season” requirements

·         Three clubs qualified for the leadership award from the “in-season” requirements

·         The final requirement, payment of the league bill on time final due date is tomorrow, Monday, November 15.  As of this time 3 of these 6 clubs have not paid these bills and will be ineligible

7.      League alcohol/tobacco policy

·         A decision was made to come up with an informational statement for the 2012 season

·         At a future meeting the board will discuss concussions as a safety measure

8.      Safety Focus

·         At a future meeting, the board will discuss concussions as a safety measure

9.      U8-U10 Participation Awards

·         At a future meeting the board will discuss U8-10 participation awards


Meeting Adjourned – 8:00 P.M.