RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday, October 10, 2010

6:00-8:00 pm


JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendees:  Mary Arter, Howie DeLooze, Peppy Ehrlich, Michael Fridman, Beth Guzzetta, George Hebert, Karen May, Brad Schreiber, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Janet Wright


Called to Order: 6:09 pm


1.      Items with feedback from club presidents

a.       AR’s at U15-U16 – clubs agreed it was a good idea but it is a money issue; DC’s need to know that currently whoever requests AR’s will pay for them for that game. Coaches can request AR’s (at their/club expense).

b.      Fines for fans on the same side of the field- stay at $25, put in game report and ask refs to re-enforce

c.       Probation,help sessions, etc. for clubs-George to develop proposal by Feb. mtg; Possible “RDYSL Help” on website by 2012 to assist registrars and presidents

d.      Silent Soccer Week – Mark and Jacky to develop proposal by Feb mtg


2.      New items

a.       Head-to-head number of teams-Rule 412#3 Tie Breakers = 2 teams

b.      Require players on age or grade appropriate teams for U8-U12? No, dead issue

c.       Require water break, allow players to leave field? Rule 411.3 -Require rather than suggest players may leave the field; (heat issue) players may leave the field and unlimited substitutions are allowed for either team.

d.      Begin games June1 for U14 and older?  Leave as is

e.       Revise language on fields and league boundaries? Rule 200.3 = “Clubs that are members in the 2010 season are exempt from this requirement, however, these clubs cannot add new fields that are further from Rochester without approval from the board.”


3.      Other outstanding items

a.       Definition of “fighting” (Rule 500.2b) Add to rules: (U of Calf. Berkeley) Behavior classified as fighting includes, but is not limited to:

·         Striking or attempting to strike an individual

·         Engaging an individual in a combative manner

·         Throwing a punch at an individual

·         Spitting at an individual

·         Kicking or attempting to kick an individual

·         Brandishing a foreign object or weapon with intent to harm, injure, or intimidate an individual

·         Retaliating against an aggressive act

b.      Fines vs Suspensions as sanctions for adult behavior - Coach ejection: reduce fine to $150 and increased to 3 game suspension; “Any incident of spectator ejection is a minimum of $150 fine with, upon investigation, can result in a higher fine.  $150 per incident.

·         Rule 802.7- change language to read:  Spectator misconduct

Minor offense = $25

Ejection incident = $150

*Multiple incidents will result in higher fines


        At of the conclusion of this meeting, no more rule change suggestions will be accepted, so that we can finalize the 2011 rules.


4.      New discussions

a.       Web-related requests- postpone until Nov 11 board meeting

b.      Separate DC for U8?  Boys and Girls – this would be a small group of teams and a good start for a new DC

c.       Continue 10 game schedule for U19?  Yes

d.      Alcohol /tobacco policy-postpone until Nov 11 board meeting


5.      Rules review

a.       Web – Add drop down buttons for card type (Dissent, Violent Conduct, etc.)?  Yes

b.      Put DC’s phone # on the web? No


6.      Preview of November meeting

·         Approve rules

·         2011 calendar and meeting dates

·         Spring coaches’ meetings

·         Referee issues (including referee infraction data, game evaluation results and report from game evaluation form committee)



REMINDER:  RDYSL Annual General Meeting is November 21, 7:00 PM

                        Monroe Community College- Empire Room (Park in Lot M)

·         State of the League

·         Election of Officers


Meeting adjourned: 8:01PM


Respectfully submitted,