RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday, August 29, 2010

6:00-8:00 pm


JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendees:  Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Howie DeLooze, Peppy Ehrlich, Neil Fisher, Michael Fridman, Sue Gurak, Beth Guzzetta, George Hebert, Karen May, Brad Schreiber, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Janet Wright


Called to Order: 6:03 pm


1.       What Went Well This Season?


DCs discussion included the following:

·         Brad:  Abundance of time spent talking to referees and coaches

·         Neil:  Good soccer at Div III; Boys U12 and U14 not good soccer; excellent officiating; ideal situation would be for three refs

·         George:  Retention went up this year; U15 and U16 need to add ARs; suggested discussion with presidents about the number of refs; U17 and U19 overall the environment was great; U17 coaches want 12 games; officiating was better this year, however, the ARs need improvement; boys coaches felt better about game conduct

·         Mary reminded everyone that all games must have certified refs


2.       Financial Report


·         Lou reported that player fines were up this year and registration was down; spending seems to be normal; needed to purchase of an additional 114 size small shirts; Fees will not be increased for next year.


3.       Review of Appeals


·         Mary reported that there were 5 appeals this year.  Four have been completed; three were in George’s division; one was in Michael’s division and one was in Peppy’s division.

·         Discussion regarding what is the intent of Rule 600.2b (ability to appeal sanction)? As per our rules, Rule 600.3h- A sanction can be reduced only if they appeal and win.  The intent of the rule is to allow flexibility.  Reminder if a minimum sanction is assessed you cannot reduce below the minimum. A coach major offense cannot be reduced to a coach minor offense.


4.       Performance Metrics


·         1st and 2nd place:  Mary reported that only three clubs failed to have a team in first or second place.

·         Team Sportsmanship Awards: (Model and Leadership Awards) Mary reported that Genesee Valley Bronze Bears earned Gold for all of their teams; fifteen other clubs had all of their teams receiving some sort of award. Twenty-six teams did not qualify for a sportsmanship award.  62% of our teams earned gold awards.  Mary will announce at the Sept. meeting,  AGM meeting

·         Club Awards: George reported that this year there were 6 clubs eligible for Leadership awards and 3 clubs eligible for Model club awards compared to last year’s 4 Leadership clubs and 1 Model club award.  Reminder:  No award until team has paid outstanding $ to L. Boyon by the due date.  George to send Leadership/Model Team Award information to M. VanDellon for website.  Prior to the start of the 2011 season George and Mark to meet and discuss.  Mark’s adjustment on the website was very helpful to George.

·         Mark advised the need to qualify the cards coming in for a drop down menu on the website.

·         Discussion initiated by George on the possibility of sending data every week to club presidents. 

·         Fines/Fees:  Mary reported there were slightly more this year.  Total= 24 K; $5200 =game changes (J. VanDellon to look at what teams/age groups and do an analysis.)  We may need to adjust the fee for certain age groups.  We must make it simple but must also make sure we break even. Jacky to project into the analysis the possibility of moving to a 2/3 ref system. 


$3000= coach and staff (10 ejections)

$2900= player red cards (all types) has gone down compared to two years ago.

$2550= forfeit fines

$1825= spectator ejections

$1225= coach/ staff minor

$  840= spectator minor offenses


Overall it hasn’t changed much year to year.  The total adult behavior went up this year.  Spectator behavior is getting better, however, coaching behavior needs improvement.


Mary will bring data to future meetings on game competiveness.


5.       Plan for Post Season Review


·         Mary proposed that we work through this list over the next few months.  The list includes issues dealing with rules, league procedures, awards, ref unit, game report, web, and stadium issues. 


Additions to Post Season Review: 

·         Risk Management Passes- Jacky and Mary to work on updates for this.

·         Janet read a thank you note from Kyle Metcalfe, the RDYSL Sportsmanship winner.  Mary said she received an email message from Brooke Mallaber the female RDYSL Sportsmanship winner.


6.       Begin Rules Review



·         Rule 200.2.2- How do we handle a club on probation that doesn’t register enough teams? Decision= give them one year to get enough teams. For one year they can play with the reduced number, however, the following year they must have the total number of teams required.

·         Rule 310- Require list of authorized reps to approve call up?  Decision = remove the authorized signature and make it the player’s responsibility for knowing the rules regarding call ups.  Remove bullet item #4 in rule 310.

·         Rule 310.1- Allow call ups at younger ages? Jacky pointed out that teams are not trying to field a full team at registration because they can “call up” players. Mary stated that the call up rule was designed to allow opportunities to improve player performance. Decision = U15 player can be called up if playing on a U16 team.  No 14 year olds may be called up. Change Rule 310.1 from 15, 16, 17, or 19 to 16, 17, 19.  Karen suggested a “player call up” addition to the website as a drop down that way coaches can view as well as cross over DC’s can view.

·         The Board made a change to the registration minimum: Rule 305. Mark suggested a change to the table on page 8 of the rules book:  minimum roster for age group:


U8-U10 from 7 – 11

U11-U12 from 7- 9

U13- U19 from 7 - 11


7.      Carryover red card list.  Send an email to Janet, red cards to Jacky


8.       Upcoming meetings:


RDYSL Board = Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 12 (all are 6-8 pm at JCC)

Club Presidents = Sept. 26, (7-9 pm at MCC)

AGM = Nov. 21, (7-9 pm at MCC)


            8:00 Adjourned.