RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 12, 2010



JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendance:  Mary Arter, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Lou Boyon, Brad Schreiber, George Hebert, Donna Kephart, Karen May, Dave Peishel, Janet Wright


Meeting Called to Order:  7:00 pm


1.      Mark Van Dellon reported on the meeting between Mark, George Hebert, and Howie DeLooze regarding changes to the 2011 game evaluation form. Karen M suggested the possibility of adding a category of who is submitting the evaluation: Coach, Parent, and DC.

Ideas for future Game Evaluation forms:

·         Dress and Appearance

·         Pre Game Organization

·         Fitness

·         Attitude

·         Game Control

·         Signals

·         Accuracy of Decisions

·         Assistant #1

·         Assistant #2

·         Would you have these referees officiate your games in the future?


2.      George Hebert discussed changes made to the club awards (i.e. clarify loss of player control, season game fees, and payments to clubs for awards -501C3 to be eligible).  Leadership and Model club awards were described as 50% goes to one and 40% goes to the other. George to send updates to Mark to replace existing file on website.


3.      Mary Arter elicited feedback from the coaches’ meetings:

·         Boys U13 and U14 Divisions are down this year.

·         Dave Peishel explained that small fields are a problem as there are not enough fields.  U10 girls and boys are scheduled on the same night. Possibly change the scheduling?  The largest age groups are on the same nights- ask Presidents in September for a possible switch?  Reminder: Clubs cannot submit a team without a field.  Revisit this topic in the fall of 2010.

·         Karen May suggested to take advantage of the break out rooms for the older groups while the younger group (U8-12) was having their general meeting.

·         Mary Arter suggested running a General Meeting so that all teams and coaches hear Sean Schiano’s (ref liaison) message.  His talk was well received.  (This is the second year of the Zero Tolerance Policy).

·         Jacky VanDellon suggested looking at the history of the format of the General Meeting and the possibility of having seminars at that meeting.  Group agreed to further discussion next year.

·         Should the RDYSL have a policy on use of alcohol and tobacco?  Past practice has been to let the venue drive it.  Jacky Van Dellon will research what other sports and US Soccer have regarding this.

·         Group discussion concerning objective criteria for division formation.  Out of 522 teams every year there are going to be a handful of teams that feel they were placed wrong.  In August, usually there is only one or so team.

·         Mark reminded that we won’t know how successful the meeting was until the season is over.  Then we will know what needs to be covered better at the meeting.  We will have to revisit this in August (or before next season coaches’ meeting).


4.      Mary Arter explained that 19 games are scheduled for Marina Auto Stadium on June 6 and June 13.  The games were oversubscribed with the older teams and under subscribed with the younger teams.  No one was turned away!  Unfortunately, two teams called after the deadline and learned the schedule was full.  Reminder to Assigner of timeliness of game starting times.


5.      The Manchester United jersey will be raffled off at the June 12 Rhino’s soccer game vs. Crystal Palace Baltimore.


6.      Mark VanDellon gave an update on games for the 2010 season.  There are 3100 games scheduled.  With over 1000 game changes Mark is now down to 128 field only changes.  Need to stress the importance to teams of getting an uploaded file to Mark with game changes by date and time.  Add this to the rules review for the end of season.  Great job, Mark!


7.      Mary Arter discussed the roster variance process and asked for volunteers to create a proposal.  Volunteers include:  Mary Arter, Jacky Van Dellon, Karen May, and Lou Boyon.  It was suggested to ask the HFL Club President to join those volunteers.  This group will meet over the summer and get something in place for the fall.


8.      Mary Arter discussed payment for referees if the field is closed and coaches know it, however, the referee does not.  Discussion was tabled and suggestion made to ask the referee unit to keep track of this issue and how often it happens.


9.      Future Meeting Dates:

Sunday, May 2- last Board meeting before season @ JCC (6-8 pm)

Sunday, August 29 – Board Meeting @ JCC (6-8 pm)

Sunday, September 26 – Presidents’ meeting @ MCC (7 pm)

Sunday, November 21 – AGM meeting RDYSL @ MCC (7 pm)


10.  George Hebert explained that Mark Van Dellon has a lot of data that we should think about how we can distribute that information to coaches/DC’s/etc. for learning.


11.  Reminders:  Any issue should go to the gender VP.  Let Mary Arter know what rules need to be reviewed.


Adjourned: 8:35 pm


Next RDYSL Board Meeting: Sunday, May 2 (6-8pm) @ JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue