RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 22, 2010



JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue



Board Attendance: Mary Arter, Neil Fisher, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Lou Boyon, Brad Schreiber, Sue Gurak, Howie DeLooze, Peppy Ehrlich, George Hebert, Beth Guzzetta, Dave Peishel


Meeting Called to Order: 7:00pm


1.      Doug Miller Soccer: Did not enter any teams for the 2010 season.† Due to the DMS club still being in a probationary stage, the clubs bond was returned and is removed from the list of clubs who will play in the Rochester District Soccer League 2010.


2.      Reviewed divisions for the 2010 season.† Process of each DCís division creation was shared to give all an overall idea of many different approaches to division creation.


3.      †Preparation of for coaches meeting:

-          Discussed contents of coaches envelopes: 6 game envelopes, participation awards for U-8ís through U-10ís, lightning and heat policy, list of coaches, and Dickís coupons

-          Discussed format for U-8ís through U-12ís talk given by RDYSL president

-          Discussed points to cover in the DCís meetings: game report, where to find information, refís fees, responsibility of the coach for sidelines,Ö

4.      T-shirts and participation awards: Lou Boyon showed demo award shirts for 2010 and the participation awards for the U-8ís through U-10ís.


5.      Roster variance request for noncompetitive teams:† HFL applied for a variance on roster size for a BU-9 team and BU-10 team.† Variance for these two HFL teams will be allowed for the 2010 season. Discussion was had about the variance rule in NYSW soccerís rules and its effect on soccer in the Rochester area.† The board will flesh out a process for the application of roster variances for noncompetitive age groups.

Rule 1105. State Variances (Rev. 11-02) As provided by US Youth Soccer Rule 105, NYSYWSA may permit variances in Rule 2205 (roster size) of this policy in the best interest of developing the sport with the jurisdiction of the State Association. Those variances do not apply to any NYSWYSA State Cup competitions.


6.      George Hebert discussed four points to improve the Leadership and Model club awards.

-          define LOPC fouls

-          decide whether in-season game changes are counted

-          change rounding in calculations to reduce advantage of club size

-          discuss small teamís advantages in the awards

Group discussion concerning tax implications of awards and distribution of awards.† George will take all points discussed and flesh out the club awards.

7.      George Hebert, Howie DeLooze, and Mark Van Dellon will be making recommendations on revising the ref evaluation forms at the April meeting.† Ref evaluation form is more than 10 years old.


8.      Mary Arter discussed two dates that are being set aside, June 6th and June 13th, for RDYSL teams to play their league games at Marina Stadium.† Applications for these games must be received by RDYSL by March 24th.† Announcement of teams that have those game times will be on March 27th.† Rhinos opener is May 8th, Champions night is August 21st.


9.      April RDYSL meeting has been changed due to the availability of the JCC to April 12th at JCC from 7-9 PM.