RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday, December 13, 2009

6:00- 8:00 pm

JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue

Board Attendees:† Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Howie DeLooze, Peppy Ehrlich, Neil Fisher, Michael Fridman, Karen May, Brad Schreiber, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Janet Wright

Called to order:† 6:08 PM

1.      Introduction of members present.

2.      Board Clothing - Mary would like everyone to get a shirt. Also available are half zip and full zip fleeces, and jackets.† Please submit size to Mary if you have not done so already.

3.      FINAL Rules Review - Red Cards (Rule 500/Section 2) If you have a problem with this contact Roger Best. †If the red card is ďIn the mailĒ- issue a tournament only pass.† That means that the Coach must be responsible for getting the pass.† The pass must be returned to the DC before the next game.† All DCís: Please send a list of your players with carryover suspensions to Karen May.† Mark VanDellon will fix formatting and change 2009 to 2010 on several places in the rules. †Dave P. suggested that weather/heat related games have both coaches discuss a break in each half prior to the start of the game.† Board suggested that the referee and both coaches agree before the game to provide water break.

a.       Motion to approve the rules for 2010 season- Lou Boyon, second- Jacky VanDellon


4.      Roundtable -

a.       Jacky VanDellon - gave an update on the Risk Management Passes (NYSW). There are 10 without risk management passes; 6 without risk management passes on the executive board; 4 DC without risk management passes.† Mary Arter is checking on the Roster Pro Sign On from Gary that should assist with this.† Karen May has an account.† Jacky will let Mary know if she needs her to contact NYSW for further info.

b.      Mark VanDellon - website is moving along and will be ready in January.† George requested a dropdown for yellow cards on the website.† This is not ready for 2010 but will be implementation in 2011. Team registration modified from old players/new players to new players/players returning to same travel team/players who played on another travel team.† Website player registration information has been modified to include examples of correct and incorrect player passes.† Lou will also hand out this information (one per team) with the pass stock.

c.       Mary Arter - shared that an award winning team asked for a logo for this year for their team.† Club rankings on awards criteria? Mary will tell them how they did against the criteria.† What they did well and what they can do to improve. Patches- What do we give them this year?† Possibilities are: wristbands/water bottles/bag tags.

d.      Lou Boyon - shared information and designs about wristbands and t-shirts.† It was decided that the Champions shirts will be color and the Finalists will be gray (no white).† All shirts will be in black ink.† Lou also handed out copies of a letter from Redpath Law Offices regarding the RDYSL Sportsmanship Award.

Next Meeting: January 10, 2010,
JCC, 1200 Edgewood Avenue
6-8 PM, Conference Room
*Mandatory for DCís