Sunday, November 22, 2009

7:00 – 9:00 pm


JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendees: Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Neil Fisher, George Hebert, Karen May, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Jacky Wright



Called to Order: 7:05 PM


  1. Introduction of Board
  2. Introduction of our guests – Sean Schiano and Bill Engle from Referee unit; Roger Best and Curt Regruit from NYSW.
    1. Roger Best made a statement that starting November 2009 Glenn Buckley and NYSW have parted company.
  3. Mary Presented her President’s Report – State of the League 2009:
    1. Stats:

                                                              i.      34 member clubs

                                                            ii.      522 teams

                                                          iii.      Approximately 8500 players

                                                          iv.      Over 3100 games were played.

                                                            v.      For 2010 season – one new club – Welcome to Mount Morris Soccer Club.

    1. Awards: (Division champions)

                                                              i.      21 clubs had teams that finished in first place in their divisions.

                                                            ii.      25 clubs had teams that finished in second place in their divisions.

                                                          iii.      Only 4 clubs had no first or second place teams.

    1. Awards: (Team Sportsmanship awards)

                                                              i.      64 Percent of teams qualified for the gold award

                                                            ii.      28 percent of teams qualified for the silver award

                                                          iii.      4 percent of teams qualified for the bronze award

                                                          iv.      Only 4 percent (23 teams) did not qualify for any award

    1. Competitive Divisions:

                                                              i.      RDYSL strives to make all games competitive, with games decided by 2 or fewer goals. About two-thirds of our games (68.6%) met that criterion.

                                                            ii.      The most competitive divisions, with 85% or more decided by 2 or fewer goals, were U12B Div.1, U13G Div.1, U15G div.2, and U16G div.2.

                                                          iii.      6.5% (151 games) were decided by 5 or more goals.

    1. Fines and fees:

                                                              i.      RDYSL assessed just over $20,000 in fines and fees, a 15% decrease from 2008 season.

                                                            ii.      Average cost per team – about $35 per team – down $10 per team.

                                                          iii.      Top 80% of fines and fees were for:

1.      In-season game changes - $3750 (6% increase)

2.      Spectator ejections - $2900 (53% increase)

3.      Player red cards - $2200 (46% decrease)

4.      Coach/staff ejections - $2125 (no change)

5.      Forfeit fines - $2100 (18% decrease)

6.      Teams not represented at DC meetings - $800 (50% decrease)

7.      Coach/staff minor offenses - $800 (28% decrease)

f.       RDYSL introduced a three-pronged behavior improvement program in 2009.

                                                              i.      Zero Tolerance:  intended to set clear expectations for player and adult behavior and provide negative consequences where necessary.

                                                            ii.      Team Sportsmanship Awards:  intended to recognize appropriate player behavior.

                                                          iii.      Model/Leadership Club Awards:  intended to recognize appropriate adult and player behavior.

                                                          iv.      Program seems to be effective, based on decreases in player fines and coach fines.  More work to do with spectators.  Will look to modify program based on your input at Sept. meeting.

g.      Referees:

                                                              i.      Over 360 individuals officiated at RDYSL games in 2009, of which 166 officiated at 6 or more games.

                                                            ii.      Referees that were identified as needing improvement after the 2008 season either did not work in RDYSL in 2009 or showed improvement (based on evaluation scores).

                                                          iii.      The board has another list for the referee unit from the 2009 season.

h.      Scholarships:

                                                              i.      RDYSL awarded $1000 scholarships ($250 per year) to Joshua Horner of Eastridge HS and Irondequoit SC and Sarah Lemcke of Hilton HS and Hilton-Parma SC. Congratulations!

  1. Voting on RDYSL Board:
    1. Mary read out the slate for the 2010 season: President – Mary Arter, 1st VP – Neil Fisher, 2nd VP - Jacky VanDellon, 3rd VP – Joe Walton, 4th VP – Mark VanDellon, Secretary – Janet Wright, Treasurer – Lou Boyon.
    2. Motion to elect the slate of nominees – Tim Mahoney – Gates Youth SL – 2nd – Frank Pettinaro – Spencerport SC– Vote – passed.
  2. New Business:
    1. Pair of amendments to the bylaws –

                                                              i.      Motion – Malcolm Halliday – Canandaigua Area SL – 2nd - Sandy Sherman – Brighton SC. Vote by roll call – passed.

  1. Budget:
    1. Lou reviewed the budget. Handout provided.
    2. League income was $38,736 against a budget of $38,150.
    3. Player registration fees accounted for 52% of income, general fines for 33% and game changes for 8.5%.
    4. Expenses were $32,855 with the largest (37%) being for T-shirts.
  2. Rules changes:
    1. Mary reviewed changes that the board is making

                                                              i.      U19 age group will go down to 10 games – all other age groups will stay with 12 games.

                                                            ii.      Home field boundaries for new clubs – all clubs in this room are grandfathered.

                                                          iii.      Added new rule on heat related safety.

                                                          iv.      Game envelope missing - $10

                                                            v.      No attendance at AGM going from $25 to $100.

                                                          vi.      In season game change fee going from $75 to $80.

                                                        vii.      Mass ejection fines have been added.

                                                      viii.      Change in Red card suspension – must serve one league game suspension – then can have the pass for other competition – and then the pass must return the pass and serve the rest of the suspension. State cup is separate competition and red cards do not carry over.

  1. Model and Leadership Awards:
    1. Thanks to George Hebert for all his work on the awards program this year.
    2. George reviewed the criteria briefly.
    3. Leadership Club Awards – Credit of $750.24 each:

                                                              i.      Bloomfield

                                                            ii.      Brighton

                                                          iii.      Byron-Bergen

                                                          iv.      Penfield Strikers

    1. Model Club Award – Credit of $3751.20

                                                              i.      Pittsford Hawks

  1. Mary showed the Manchester United Paul Scholles Jersey that RDYSL won at the NYSW AGM. The board/league would like to use this to raise money for local soccer charities – or charities that help our soccer youth. Suggestions on how to use the jersey or what charities to consider – please email Mary Arter.
  2. New Business
    1. One modified field for U11 – U12’s are limited and cause a problem for small clubs. – Game change will be used to deal with this situation.
    2. Would you consider trophies again rather than t-shirts. – discussion in the room resulted in - kids want the shirts.
    3. U19’s – why don’t we have just U18’s – RDSL has changed their rules so they limit the number of “junior” players on their teams.
    4. Ref unit would like to encourage all clubs to have several players/parents take the referee course – good for learning of the game as well as needing more referees.


Adjourned: 8:00pm