RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday, November 15, 2009

6:00 – 8:00 pm


JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendees: Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Howie DeLooze, Neil Fisher, Beth Guzzetta, Karen May, Brad Schreiber, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon



Called to Order: 6:00 PM


  1. Introduce our new member – Brad Schreiber has agreed to take on the Division Coordinator job for the Girls U15 and U16 age groups. Welcome Brad.
  2. News from NYSW AGM:
    1. Club pass – New York West is looking into Club passes – just making the RDYSL board aware of this possible update.
    2. Risk Management - NYSW is stressing Risk Management passes for all club coaches, managers and administrators. As the RDYSL board all our members should have Risk Management passes – Jacky has volunteered to look into a way to make sure all our members have Risk Management passes through their own clubs or RDYSL.
    3. Red Card discussion - New policies around serving red card suspensions – We need to discuss how we are going to handle this new policy. If we want to put something in the rules we will need to get the rules changed before the end of the year. Mary will write up a proposed Rule change to address this and will work with the board using email.
    4. District Development Centers - Discussed a proposal from NYSW on District Development Center/academies and training. This is aimed mostly at 8, 9 & 10 year olds. Mary will keep in touch with NYSW on this.
  3. Rules Review:
    1. Need to add words around the red card changes – see above.
    2. Update the boundaries – to be Route 98 on the West – South – 5& 20 is fine – Change to be route 350 on the East. Clubs outside of this area that are current members are grandfathered in. Clubs that want to join in the future must have fields that are within the League Boundaries.
    3. Club name changes – Clubs must notify the League of name changes by December 1st for the following season.
    4. Discussion of updated fines – specifically the mass ejection rule. Add word maximize to the wording of this fine. Removed specific club officers’ fines.
    5. Add wording to the rule about playing age – there are no exceptions.
    6. Rules need to be updated, approved by the board and sent out for a 30 day review by the member clubs.
  4. Open action items: Reviewed the action items to see what the statuses are.

a.       Review protest/appeal process for compliance with NYSW adjudication manual (Mary/George) – in process.

b.      Document requirements for player pass photos (Jacky) – Jacky started working this.

c.       Create examples of properly completed call up form and call up game report (George) – Mary to contact George to get status.

d.      Send list of card types to Mark (George) – Mary to take a cut at this update.

e.       Schedule review meeting with referee unit (Mary—to include Mark and Joe with Bill Engel and Sean Schiano) – Planned for after the AGM.

f.       Send T-shirt info to Lou (Mary) – done.

  1. Preparation of the AGM:
    1. Next Sunday, November 22, 2009, 7:00pm at MCC.
    2. Reviewed agenda and meeting invites and process for Club sign in.
    3. Discussed clubs to allowed to vote – need to be in good standing – all fines paid.
    4. Need to check with George to see if we can announce the Leadership awards.
  2. Review 2009 referee data
    1. Discussed 8 referees with low average scores last year – worked with referee unit on helping these referees – This year – one referee did not work in our league – the rest were all better than last year on their scores. Good improvement.
    2. This year we have 14 referees with low averages that we will discuss with the referee unit.
    3. Shared numbers for how the RDYSL referees scored on average – compared 2008 to 2009. Averages are similar and look good overall.
  3. Calendar:
    1. Mark Published calendar for next year – looks good.
    2. Discussed meeting dates for board meetings.


Adjourned: 8:00pm