September 27, 2009 – RDYSL/Club President’s Meeting


Attendees: Mike Radecke, Roger Best, Glen Buckley, Bill Engel

Board Attendees: Mary Arter, George Hebert, Lou , Pepi Ehrlicha

15 clubs represented


  1. Announce team sportsmanship awards – Mary Arter


    1. 330 teams qualified gold
    2. 150 teams silver
    3. 19 teams bronze
    4. 25 didn’t qualify for any award
    5. Mary reviewed club by club achievements


  1. Potential rule changes


    1. Slide tackles in U10 and below – allow or not

                                                              i.      Dennis Skrtic suggested U12 and below

                                                            ii.      Joe Chappieri thought U10 and below was OK

                                                          iii.      Discussion of not allowing this causing injuries through collisions

                                                          iv.      Eric Pritchard stated he can’t imagine there being enough injuries

                                                            v.      Tournaments will still have it, referees will not be able to enforce this

                                                          vi.      Teach them to actually defend on their feet

                                                        vii.      Glen Buckley recommended allowing the rules to stand as written, slide tackling is part of the game

    1. Reduce number of games in U17 and/or 19

                                                              i.      Generally agreed with U19 change but some resistance to U17 change


  1. Field sizes


    1. Are clubs adhering to field size requirements?

                                                              i.      Comments about too big for U12s

    1. Any issues with getting right field sizes?

                                                              i.      Very few comments provided


  1. Model/Leadership Club Awards program
    1. Ideas for improvement

                                                              i.      LOPC Yellow – clearer definition

                                                            ii.      No comments


  1. Zero tolerance policy discussion
    1. What worked well?

                                                              i.      Kudos from Glen Buckley for just doing it, felt State Associations have failed at Parent Education, there is material that he doesn’t believe all have given enough time and effort to fix this.  Do it on the day they register or whatever where you have the parents captive. 

                                                            ii.      Dennis Skrtic suggested Tom Ross presentation for coaches and managers

                                                          iii.      Empowered the referees a bit more, inconsistently applied by the referees

    1. What needs improvement?

                                                              i.      Joe C – a lot of burden on 15-16 year old referee, learning to call the game, tough to deal with zero tolerance; fans abusing other team’s fans

                                                            ii.      League and referees work together to expand when coaches think there is a safety problem with the way the game is going.  How does a coach engage a referee when they believe this is an issue?  Improve a method for this to happen. 

                                                          iii.      Coaches working a referee to get a delay of game because short of kids.   

                                                          iv.      Suggestion to have DCs communicate fines to club presidents when they are imposed

                                                            v.       Suggestion for coaches to walk the referee off the field after a game

                                                          vi.      Fans on same side of field opposite coaches, stop game and have coach walk across field to embarrass people

                                                        vii.      U15-16 should have 3 referee system

                                                      viii.      Some clubs reimburse members who take the referee course


  1. Open Discussion
    1. Roger Best – insurance after the event does not apply.  Coaches games etc are not covered.  No alcohol is allowed at any tournament if insurance is to cover the event.
    2. November 14th is the NYSWYSA AGM.  Offices open: President, 2nd VP and Secretary are up for election.  All 3 incumbents are running again, however, if interested send email to Roger Best with your interest.
    3. Glen Buckley – courses coming up for E course at Brighton.  D course coming up on two weekends in mid-October.
    4. AGM Workshop – Simon Davy, British youth team coach will be participating in the Friday workshop
    5. Churchville is holding a Tiny Tots tournament in June for interclub competition.


  1. Reminder for annual General Meeting November 22, 7 PM MCC Empire room
    1. State of the League
    2. Election of officers