RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday, September 13, 2009

6:00 – 8:00 pm


JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendees: Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Howie DeLooze, Peppy Ehrlich, Neil Fisher, Beth Guzzetta, George Hebert, Donna Kephart, Karen May, Dave Peishel



Called to Order: 6:05 PM


  1. Application for membership from Mt. Morris Soccer Club: 
    1. The club intends to field teams at U12B, U14B, U17B, U14G, and U17G. 
    2. Their home fields will be Bellamy Park and Mt. Morris High School, both in Mt. Morris. 
    3. These fields are not compliant with our new league boundaries.  However, we did no publish our new policy on league boundaries on the website as planned, so we have no grounds to reject this application, as the club meets all other requirements. Approved in probationary status.
  2. Rule Reviews:
    1. Continued this review, with the following decisions:
    2. Fine for signing game report with wrong score—already covered by existing fine
    3. Allow games to be scheduled after posted end of season—no
    4. Escalating fines for failure to reschedule in 7 days/when does DC step in—additional $25 fine after 3 more days, DC must schedule game at that point
    5. Allow losing coach to ask match to be abandoned if score is lopsided—no
    6. Coach suspension served with all RDYSL teams—already covered by existing rule
    7. Sanctions for club officials who behave inappropriately—fines are doubled for club officers
    8. Maximum fine for spectator ejection—Ten or more people ejected in a single stoppage of play, fine is $3000, regardless of number of people ejected.  Fewer than ten people ejected, each person ejected is fined $300.
    9. Protest/appeal process compliance—Mary to review the process, compare with NYSW adjudication process, make recommendations (assistance from George)
    10. Sanctions if coaching staff abandons a game—no
    11. Review fines for consistency—Increased fine for not having rep at League meeting to $100; increased in-season game change fee to $80; all other changes incorporated in rules review
  3. Registration issue:
    1. Jacky to write up proposed changes.
  4. Website change requests:
    1. We will review website change requests with Mark at the next meeting. 
    2. We removed the question about unconfirmed scores and added requests for a place on the game report to mark if fans were on opposite sides; to add a dropdown option for “game postponed due to weather”; and to allow multiple occurrences of Game Informational per team per game.
  5. Items to be discussed with referee unit:
    1. We reviewed the topics to be reviewed with the referee unit. 
    2. We removed the question about no shows/unassigned games. 
    3. We added requests for refs to include jersey numbers for yellow/red cards and provide more detail on incidents that lead to cards. 
    4. There were also concerns about implementation of the new assignor process
  6. By-law changes will discussed at the next meeting.
  7. President’s meeting September 27th – 7-9pm at MCC in the Empire Room.
    1. Reviewed the agenda for the president’s meeting.
    2. Added item to ask for any changes to the Model/Leadership Club program.
  8. Scheduling board meetings for the rest of this year?
    1. Sundays were agreed on for now. 6-8pm at JCC. Will coordinate the dates to get best attendance.


Adjourned: 8:48pm