RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, August 24, 2008

7:00 – 9:00 pm


JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendees: Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Dennis Crowe, Peppy Ehrlich, Neil Fisher, Sue Gurak, Beth Guzzetta, George Hebert, Donna Kephart, Karen May, Dave Peishel, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Joe Walton



Called to Order: 7:01pm


  1. How did the season go?

                                                              i.      Went around the room to discuss the season and how the season went in general.

                                                            ii.      Very few issues went directly to Mary – most were sent back to DC’s and division VP’s.

  1. Awards:
    1. Team Sportsmanship

                                                              i.      331 teams qualify for Gold (no cards of any kind).

                                                            ii.      144 teams qualify for Silver (no red cards, 1-5 yellow cards).

                                                          iii.      17 teams qualified for Bronze (no red cards, 6-10 yellow cards).

                                                          iv.      32 teams qualify for no team award.

                                                            v.      Clubs that did well – did very well – 13 clubs had all teams qualify for an award.

    1. Model and Leadership Clubs

                                                              i.      Reviewed the model and leadership club awards as they stand currently. A few more fines are still in the works before final numbers.

    1. Award Logos are being designed. – George will send them out for everyone to look at.
  1. Rules discussion
    1. 200-1 – Club entry – Should club name changes follow the same deadline as a new club? What deadline should we have for club name changes – it should be by September 1st. – Name will stay for the season if the name change does not get submitted by September 1st.
    2. New club is a new legal entity. If a name change ensues then an investigation into whether a new legal entity has been created may be conducted by the board.
    3. 204 – Should we allow late registration in the event of extraordinary circumstances? Do not like when adult mistakes harm the team. Discussion around how to define extraordinary circumstances? No changes to this rule.
    4. 204-1 – Geographic boundaries – defined these earlier this year – need to add this to the rules. Revisit the wording to get this shored up.
    5. 307 – Revisiting the dual rostering rules per a coaches request. The proposed rule change is not enforceable. No changes.
    6. 310 – call up rule:

                                                              i.      Please add a fine for call up rule being done incorrectly. OK to add a fine? – add $25 if incomplete call up form. Add a box to the game report for ref to indicate the call up form was turned.

                                                            ii.      How should yellow cards be credited for a player? – The cards need to follow the players.

    1. 400 – Should we disallow slide tackles at the U10 levels? Bring up at president’s meeting for input.
    2. 401 – Reduce the U17 and U19 games to a 10 game season? Only U19? Bring up at president’s meeting.
    3. 402 – Clubs did not provide the right field size? – Remind the presidents of the field sizes for all age groups.
    4. 405 – Update the number of players for 9v9 for U12 to match the decision made at the president’s meeting last year.
    5. 409 – Verified that the sanctions are the same for competitive and non-competitive.
    6. 410 – Lack of passes – can not start game – it is in the rules already.
    7. 411 – Water break is allowable – please add to the rules. Jacky to look up rule from the south to get wording.
    8. 411-2-1 – teams agree to cancel or reschedule the game. – without contacting the DC? Leave rule as is.
    9. 412-3 – Need to specify – best record is wins/losses or aggregate score between the teams – Change to aggregate score of those teams playing.
    10. 413 – No release of t-shirts before the season was complete. Nothing handed out until your last game is played.
    11. 414 – Staff management person to be on the sideline throughout the game. Need to re-word – to indicate the risk management passes person must be present for the entire game.
    12. 414-1-D – Fine for not providing an envelope to the referee? -  Add fine - $10.
    13. 414-2-A – U13/14 should we start the season later. – They can change the games – no change.
    14. 414-2-A – Add a new fine for when they do not turn in a game report - $25.
    15. 414-2-A – Risk management approved but no actual card – can they reschedule the meeting with no fines? – No rule change.
    16. 415 – Should a game report be turned in for a rain out – not always necessary – no rule change.
    17. 415 – 2-B – Should the game report be the law for yellow cards. Remind the coaches to double check the report or with the referee as to who was given the cards? Ask the referee after the game – remind the coaches as their responsibility. No rule change. – Verifying the score includes cautions given.
  1. Next meeting
    1. Sunday night September 13th 6:00pm – JCC.
    2. President’s meeting September 27th.


Adjourned: 9:00pm