RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 11,  2009, 7 to 9 PM

JCC, 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Present:  Mary Arter, Mark VanDellon, Dave Peishel, Jacky VanDellon, George Hebert, Dennis Crowe, Lou Boyon, Howie Delooze, Peppy Ehrlich


Called to order:  7:00 PM


1—League boundaries:  The boundaries of RDYSL will be defined as follows:

            On the east, the RDYSL boundary is a line from Pultneyville south to Williamson, then follows Rt. 21 to Canandaigua and Rt. 20.  On the south, the RDYSL boundary is Rt. 20 from Canandaigua west to where Rt. 20 meets NYSW’s Rochester district boundary.  The south RDYSL boundary is the same as the district boundary from that point going west.  On the west, the RDYSL boundary is the same as the district boundary. 

            Any new club applying for entry into RDYSL, effective for applications for the 2010 season, must utilize home fields within these boundaries or fields that are used by clubs currently in RDYSL.  All clubs that are currently in RDYSL are “grandfathered” and do not need to meet this requirement.


2—League games at Rhinos Stadium:  We have arranged for two days of league games at Rhinos Stadium:  July 18 for U8-U10 (half field) and July 25 for U11-U19 (full field).  Teams will need to purchase Rhinos ticket vouchers.  RDYSL will cover game change fees for teams that participate. 

            ACTION:  Communicate opportunity and process for participation to coaches (Mary).


3—Protest procedure:  Any formal protests filed will be handled by Mary, the gender VPs, secretary, and appropriate DC and may include the referee VP.  Mary will provide a summary of protests to the board after the season.


4—T-shirts:  T-shirts are being obtained from Casual Friday.  Cost is $4.65 per shirt (cost obtained after this meeting).


5—Media:  The D&C has a story about the start of our season in their May 12 edition, and the Messenger Post papers will have a story on Zero Tolerance in all their papers within the next two weeks.  The D&C will do a more in-depth story on Zero Tolerance later in the season.


6—Upcoming meetings:  There are no board meetings during the season.  Our next board meeting will be Monday, August 24.  This will be the start of our annual season review and rules review.  If you have ideas about changes to our rules or procedures during the season, send them to Mary. 

            ACTION:  Schedule September presidents’ meeting at MCC (Mary).


Adjourned:  8:20 PM