RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 6, 2009, 7 to 9 PM

JCC, 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Present:  Mary Arter, Beth Guzzetta, Mark VanDellon, Dave Peishel, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, George Hebert, Dennis Crowe


Called to order:  7:05 PM


1—Schedule change period:  There are a small number of non-responsive coaches;  the DCs are working to resolve these.  DCs can put in changes after the deadline if the changes were in process before the deadline.


2—Referee fees for 2010 season:  We agreed to change referee fees for the 2010 season as follows:






AR fees will remain at $30.

            ACTION:  Communicate this change to the clubs in June (Mary).


3—Number of games in season:  We confirmed that we won’t change the number of games in the season for U8 through U17 ages.  There may be interest from U19 teams in shortening the season to 10 games.

            ACTION:  Ask U19 coaches if a change to 10 games would be desirable (George and Dennis).

            ACTION:  Review again at May board meeting (Mary).


4—Physical boundaries of the league:  We agreed that the boundaries of the league are the boundaries of the Rochester District.  We also agreed that any new clubs wishing to join the league may come from outside the Rochester district, but they must establish home fields within the district.  All current member clubs are grandfathered for this requirement.

            ACTION:  Draft a statement for the website describing this requirement (Mary).

            ACTION:  Post requirement on the RDYSL home page (Mark).


5—Review policy on use of league name and privacy:  Draft policy accepted as written, except that first statement should more clearly exclude only commercial use and allow incidental use.  Also, Tournaments link on our website is allowed.

            ACTION:  Modify draft as described (Mary).


6—Roster variance request process:  New York State West has established a process for teams to request a variance to the roster size rule.  NYSW will work closely with leagues on decisions to approve variances and will take responsibility for non-approvals.  NYSW hopes to restrict such approvals to U8 through U10 teams.  The board asked that NYSW establish a deadline for each seasonal year for accepting variance requests, and the board suggested that this subject be discussed at NYSW’s 2009 AGM.

            ACTION:  Communicate board requests to Mike Radecke (Mary).


7—Parent education:  SUNY Youth Sports Institute (SYSI) offers a parent education class on basics of youth sport.  The board recommended that SYSI work directly with our clubs to find those interested in offering the class.

            ACTION:  Communicate recommendation to SYSI (Mary).


Adjourned:  8:15 PM