RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 23, 2009, 7 to 9 PM

JCC, 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Present:  Mary Arter, Peppy Ehrlich, Jim Legrett, Beth Guzzetta, Howie Delooze, Mark VanDellon, Dennis Crowe, Dave Peishel, Neil Fisher, Lou Boyon, Sue Gurak, Donna Kephart, Jacky VanDellon.


Called to order:  7:10 PM


1—Review 2009 divisions:

            a—Good job by all DC’s in creating 7-team first divisions and in forming all their divisions.

            b—ACTION:  All divisions should be finalized on the website by 11 PM on Tuesday, February 2 (all DC’s).  DC’s can communicate division placements to coaches any time after divisions are finalized, but this does not have to be complete by 11 PM Tuesday.


2—Prepare for March 8 coaches’ meetings:

            a—Sue and Donna will not be able to attend.  Jacky and Neil will fill in for them at their meetings.

            b—No changes were made to the proposed general meeting agenda.

            c—Contents of coaches’ packets were described—no changes suggested.

            d—Logistics:  Rooms can be unlocked at 1 PM on March 8.  Mark and Jacky will deliver packets to rooms.  Mary will confirm parking arrangements at MCC.  DC’s should communicate with their coaches about time, location of meeting and requirement for attendance.  After meetings, DC’s should send list of teams that didn’t attend to Mark.


3—Request for variance on U9 roster size:

            a—Board agreed to grant roster size variance to Honeoye Falls coach.

            b—As part of 2010 rules review process, we need to establish rule(s) governing roster size variances.


4—Referee mentoring:

            a—Board agreed to support referee mentoring program with $540 toward AR’s.  Board requested that this be made in a single payment, not to individual referees.  Board requested list of mentors/mentees.


5—Policy on use of league name:

            a—Not all board members had time to review and comment—will review at a later date.


6—Update on patches, T-shirts, clothing:

            a—Patches and T-shirts are being provided by Casual Friday.

            b—Board agreed on short sleeve golf shirts and windbreaker-style jackets for board members.


Adjourned:  9:20 PM