RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, 2008-12-08, 7PM-9PM

JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Present: Mary Arter, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, George Hebert, Dave Peishel, Jim LeGrett, Lou Boyon, Dennis Crowe


Called to Order: 7:00 PM


1)      Final Rules Review:

a)      Rule 700: remove the word ďvolunteerĒ

b)      The number of days to file a protest has been changed from 5 to 7 days

c)      Weather related delays of double headers: Mary Arter will discuss with ref unit

d)      Should we define physical boundaries of the league: Mark VanDellon handed out a map and information pertaining to travel mileage for each club?† Discussion will continue on this issue.

e)      Mark to send rules to club by end of week.


2)      Referee Assignor Proposal:

a)      Mary discussed the referee units desire to become better able to service Rochester as a whole and the one assignor concept.† Board agreed on the concept and accepted Bill Bianchi as the Managing Referee/Lead Assignor.† We understand respective sub-assignors will be utilized.

b)      Mark VanDellon to meet with B. Bianchi on 12/9 to work through Arbiter process with RDYSL and discuss process for DCís interaction with sub assignors.


3)      Increase Refs Fees:

a)      At this time the board felt they did not enough information on current ref payment within NYSW.† The Board felt that between RDSL and RDYSL the payment was consistent. Will gather information through 2009 and make a proposal for 2010. Clubs will then be able to plan their financials appropriately for 2010.


4)      NYSW Club Accreditation Program:

a)      Points of club accreditation by NYSW:

i)        Documented curriculum for player development

ii)       A maximum of 2 outdoor tournaments per team per year

iii)     Licensing requirements for coaches

iv)     Risk management for coaches and staff

b)      More information will follow on NYSW website as this program is solidified.


5)      Issues from RDYSLís AGM:

a)      Parent education for the leagues parents has always been an important.† Distributions to clubs of DVDís on parental control and booklets of rules have been efforts to educate.† We will continue to evaluate courses and techniques on how the league can affect parental behavior.† Interest in looking at pilot class in January offered by ref unit.


b)      Should league consider a shorter schedule?† The board will continue to discuss this topic of reduction of games for older age groups for 2010.† 2009 will have 12 games.


6)      2009 Season Startup:

a)      Mark proposed a calendar for 2009 and it was accepted.

i)        May 17th is opening day.

ii)       NO games will be allowed to happen prior to May 17th.† New rule and is a change of philosophy from the last several years.

iii)     Calendar will be posted by January 1st.

b)      The webmaster will be revising the boardís e-mail to limit the spam.

c)      U12 age group will be going to 9-v-9 for 2010.

d)      The board will continue to discuss what defines a probationary club in good standing.

e)      7 clubs are in bad standing and will not be allowed to register come February until 2008 fees have been paid.

f)        When registering a team for 2009 season, the person that registers the team will have to sign off that the team has been made aware of RDYSLís Zero Tolerance Policy.† Ignorance will not be an excuse.

g)      All DCís with player red card violations that span into the 2009 season, need to send the playerís names to Karen May.

h)      George Hebert suggested creating a reference library for clubs.† This area on the website would have such generic documents as what are the duties of the manager, what defines RDYSLís sportsmanship award, a document of our zero tolerance policy.