Sunday, November 23, 2008

7:00– 9:00 pm


Empire Room – MCC


Board Attendees: Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Dennis Crowe, Howie DeLooze, Peppy Ehrlich, Neil Fisher, George Hebert, Karen May


Called to Order: 7:00pm


1)      Roll call of member clubs

i)        Missing:

a)        Honeoye Falls Blaze Travel S.C.


2)      Introductions of and comments from guests

i)        Roger Best – NYSW

ii)      Glen Buckley - NYSW

iii)    Bill Engle – president of Rochester Referee League

iv)    Sean – will be Liaison to RDYSL for RDYSL next year.

v)      Laurie Callaway – Western New York F.C. – Peter Amos acquired the Women’s franchise and has merged with the Indiana Lions. Laurie stressed that developing kids at the really young ages – to develop skills is a priority of this new club. The club also acquired a super 20 team on the men’s side. They will play in the W-league – northeast. U20 team will play in mid-west division. – Thinking about putting together a U20 team on the women’s side.

vi)    Our relationship with Western New York FC will continue for player development and the academy.

vii)  Our relationship with the Rhinos is up in the air – we are hoping to still work on events at the stadium and the pass will still be done.

viii)                        The women will play at Paetek Park.


3)      President's report—State of the League

i)        Mary reviewed the President’s report which was on the back of the agenda handed out at the meeting. Please find a copy of this report in the addendum of these minutes.


4)      Election of 2008-2009 officers

i)        Proposed slate:

a)        President:  Mary Arter

b)        1st Vice-president:  Neil Fisher

c)        2nd Vice-president:  Jacky Van Dellon

d)       3rd Vice-president:  Joe Walton

e)        4th Vice-president:  Mark Van Dellon

f)         Secretary:  Karen May

g)        Treasurer:  Lou Boyon

ii)      Motion to nominate the slate: Doug Miller – Doug Miller Soccer

iii)    Second: Mike Moss – Wayne Wings

iv)    Vote: passed.


5)      New business from the board

i)        2009 budget

a)        Lou briefly reviewed last year’s budget and this year’s proposed budget.

ii)      Referee and referee assignor fees

a)        We are shifting how we pay the referee assignor fees – we have been asked by the assignors to have the assignors fees paid for by each of the teams/clubs.

b)        We will bill you for the referee assignors $2.40 for each center and $1.20 for each linesman – with the registration fees.

c)        The board is considering a potential referee fee increase of about $1 or $2 – we want to make sure our rates are competitive enough to attract the referees.

iii)    Behavior improvement initiative

a)        Want to make available some incentives to improve behavior – both for players as well as for coaches and spectators.

b)        Mary reviewed these new incentives.

c)        George Hebert discussed the leadership club incentive that is being offered by RDYSL.

d)       Glen Buckley stated the problem is mainly parents – there is lots of education available on the NYSW website.

e)        NYSW is looking at creating a club accreditation program.

iv)    Member input requested

a)        Should the league consider requiring a minimum number of rostered players at initial registration?

·       Discussion around this showed that many clubs only have 8 to 10 players in January but have enough come spring time.

b)        Should the league consider changing some game days to relieve the referee shortage on certain days?

·       Tuesdays we need significantly more referees than any other day.

·       Board is considering moving GU8-10 to Mon-Wed; Leave BU8-10 on Tues-Thurs.; Move Boys GU11/12 to Mon from Tuesday.

·       Tournament weekend – kids playing Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon.

·       Tournaments are the problem.

v)      Mary thanked everyone for their input – the board will take all the input into consideration when discussing these issues.


6)      New business from the members

i)        Motion – to pull in the 9v9 from 2010 to 2009 – Doug Miller, Doug Miller S.C.

ii)      Second – Malcolm Halliday, Canandaigua Area S.L.

iii)    Show of hands vote: More Nay than ayes but too close to go without a vote. – Written ballots handed used and collected.

iv)    Counted vote – NAY. Stay with implementation in 2010.

v)      Discussion – was approved for 2010 – many clubs want to wait until 2010 – rosters have already been formed with current 11v11 in mind others want to change now.

a)        Some discussions while count being taken.

b)        Seems to be a lot of new clubs/teams in NYSW. State association is working this issue.

c)        Suggestion to reduce league schedule to 8 games. – Discussion around the room. Older teams that might be better due to school schedule etc. Parents/kids want more games. Training more and less games.

d)       Parents on opposite side of field than the team.


7)      Adjourned: 8:37pm









President’s Report—State of the League 2008


1)      For the 2008 season, RDYSL had 531 teams from 32 member clubs.  Those teams were composed of approximately 8500 players and played nearly 3200 games.  For the 2009 season, two new clubs, Alexander SC and Bloomfield SC, have joined RDYSL.

2)      24 clubs had teams that finished in first place in their divisions, and 23 clubs had teams that finished in second place.  Only two clubs had no first- or second-place teams.

3)      RDYSL assessed almost $25,000 in fines and fees, a 34% increase from the 2007 season.  The average cost per team was $45 in fines and fees.  The top 80% of fines and fees were for:

i)        Player red cards--$4100

ii)      In-season reschedule fees--$3525

iii)    Forfeits--$2550

iv)    Coach/staff ejections--$2100

v)      Spectator ejections--$1900

vi)    Teams not attending DC meetings--$1600

vii)  Coach/staff minor offenses--$1125

4)      Over 300 individuals officiated at RDYSL games in 2008, of which 190 officiated six or more games.

5)      League income was 2% higher than budgeted.  This was due to 6% higher player registrations and an increase in player fines and game change fees.  This is an ongoing concern for the board, as roughly half our budget comes from fees and fines.  League expenses were 7% over budget, due to higher referee assignor fees than budgeted.  The league operated at a slight loss.