RDYSL President’s Meeting Minutes

Sunday, September 28, 2008

6:30 – 9:00 pm


Empire Room – MCC


Board Attendees: Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Howie DeLooze, Peppy Ehrlich, Neil Fisher, Beth Guzzetta, George Hebert, Jim LeGrett, Karen May, Mark VanDellon



Called to Order: 6:33pm


  1. Some comments from our commissioner – Roger Best
    1. Roger Best spoke about the commissioner delegate vote. Meeting notification was sent through the regular mail. Concern that not that many people received these.
    2. He also reminded people to remind everyone to send in nominations for coach of the year and volunteer of the year.
    3. A last reminder about the NYSW AGM in November.
  2. Review 2008 season (Mary Arter)
    1. Statistics – Thanks to the DC’s for a great job this year.
      1. This year all clubs except 2 had at least one first or second team. – Thus there are many shirts being worn around the communities.
    2. Fines/Fees – we charged fines/fees of about $21,000 – on average every team paid about $45 per team.
      1. 1/3 clubs were above, 1/3 clubs about average, 1/3 clubs were below.
      2. $4100 – player red cards - $50 for first offense
      3. $3500 – in season game changes
      4. $2500 – forfeit fines
      5. $2100 – Coach/staff ejections - $300 – thus 7 ejections
      6. $1900 – Spectator ejections
      7. $1600 – coaches missing mandatory Coach’s meeting in the spring.
      8. This is about 80% of the fines we collected.
    3. 2 new clubs in our league – Bloomfield and Alexander soccer club.
      1. Each club is planning on bringing 5 new teams next year.
  3. Review major RDYSL rules changes for 2009 (Mary Arter)
    1. Poor field conditions – board has updated rules to enable a review of a field that is considered in poor condition and possible taking the field off-line until conditions are corrected. Appropriate fines will apply.
    2. Number of players on the 12 year old roster. – The max number of players is 18. – need this change to be compliant with the national organization.
    3. Forfeit – forfeit fine for team going under the minimum number of players will be accessed a forfeit but will not charge the forfeit fine. The forfeiting team is still responsible for paying the referee fee.
    4. Lightening rule – updated rule to be safer and to meet standards that have been updated.
    5. Updated rule to allow any person from your club with a valid Risk Management pass can coach a game.
    6. In-season game change – No in season game change is allowed within 48 hours of the scheduled event.
    7. Player passes – red carded players have passes turned in to DCs – no exceptions for tournaments etc.
    8. Paying fines – some clubs are very slow at paying their fines – thus we will have a 30 day grace period – if it is late you will charged a 5% late fee beginning in 2009.
    9. Teams that withdraw late – we have a progressive fine for this but it still is happening later and later causing a lot of churn of schedules with little time to make the changes – therefore the progressive fines will increase each week between registration and the final schedule being released.
    10. Referee assignor will be now part of the referee fee - Fee is $2.40 per game. Is about $14.40 per team for the season.
    11. We will finalize the board review of the rules by the end of October and ready for the November AGM.
  4. Update on Rhinos ProPass (Jordan Steffan)
    1. Peter Amos wanted to thank everyone for their support for the Rhinos this past year.
    2. The women’s team will be going under new ownership.
    3. Jordan is here to talk about the ProPass.
      1. Continuing the ProPass from last year.
      2. Same basic program as last year.
      3. Usage – Only have usage through July – So we will contact clubs individually and let them know the usage figures.
      4. Next year we will give the ProPass with a brochure outlining the program.
      5. Returning clubs will be $10.00 per player – need to sign up by January – Full club commitment. For new clubs it will be $15.00 per player – full club commitment required.
    4. We had a special opening day ceremony – kids on the field. – It was liked – Adults were not allowed to go on the fields – this was problematic.
    5. We had championship night – teams liked that.
    6. In 2007 – scheduled a day of league games at Paetek Park. Would like to build it into the schedule. – Want to try to do this again.
    7.  Any other suggestions:
      1. One comment: overall ProPass was liked – but need to be crisp about what is going to be part of the program and keep it.
  5. Improvement in adult behavior (All)
    1. For 2008 season – we had 7 coach ejections and 6 spectator ejections.
      1. This can cause a lot of time and effort looking into the incidents and what happened.
      2. 30 minor coach behaviors and 25 minor spectator behaviors.
      3. We would like to eliminate these issues.
    2. New initiatives for 2009
      1. Zero Tolerance: Working on a draft based on a draft done by NYSW.
        1. Parts of the draft were read at the meeting – working to finalize the draft by the season.
        2. There is a website – 17 minute clip – to see how a parent’s comments affect the players.
        3. A couple of president’s talked about how they deal with players with yellow/red cards.
      2. Discussion around referees and level of referee versus the level of league play.
      3. Referee liaison – the unit wants to stress that coach is responsible for the players/sidelines.
      4. From the referee point of view – Is there a way to explain about the coach’s behavior.
      5. Reminder to make sure that the good evaluations are entered also.
      6. Team sportsmanship award – Every team that meets the qualification can get the award. – Based on a program from the National College Association.
        1. Gold
        2. Silver
        3. Bronze
        4. Also looking into a club sportsmanship award. – Suggestions send to George at GU19@rdysl.com
  6. U-12 small-sided or full-sized roster (All)
    1. This has been under discussion for the last several years—it is time to reach a decision for our league. Do not want the board to make a unilateral decision – we want to hear from the clubs.
    2. Open Discussion:
      1. What is in the best interest of the kids – more touches for the players.
      2. Some clubs would like it – 9 v 9. – save wear and tear on the one field.
      3. Some clubs have trouble getting fields.
      4. Some clubs would be in favor of doing the 9 v 9 this coming year.
      5. Motion by Doug Miller (Doug Miller Academy & School) – “Motion for RDYSL to play U12 at 9 v 9.”
      6. Second – Malcolm Halliday (Canandaigua Area S.L.)
        1. In favor – 21
        2. Opposed – 4
        3. Motion carries.
      7. Do we want to discuss when to start 9 v 9.
      8. Suggestion to talk to the U12 coaches prior to the vote on when to start the 9 v 9.
      9. We advertised this as a major change for 2010 – so we need to wait until 2010.
      10. Motion by Doug Miller (Doug Miller Academy & School) – “Motion to move to 9 v 9 play for U12 for 2009”
      11. Second – Malcolm Halliday (Canandaigua Area S.L.)
        1. In looking at our bylaws – we can not vote unless we unanimously agree to have this vote.
        2. Should we vote – not unanimous.
        3. Vote needs to wait.
      12. We can vote on this at the AGM.
  1. Bill Engle – discussed referee unit here to help and work with the clubs and the league.
    1. New referee courses are usually offered 4-5 times through the winter.
    2. For a coach that has been fined a $300 fine – recommend they take the referee course. – Option for taking the $65 referee course versus the $300 fine. – to be considered.
  2. Would like to change the days for U8-10 – to enable more referees and ease use of fields. – to be considered.
  3. Next meeting for club President’s – RDYSL AGM meeting – some time in Mid-November – after the NYSW AGM. Annual


Adjourned: 8:23pm