Rochester District Youth Soccer League

Board Meeting

September 21, 2008 2 PM

At the JCC


Present:  M. Arter, B. Guzzetta, J. VanDellon, M. VanDellon, D. Crowe, S. Gurak, L. Boyon, N. Fisher, G. Hebert


Meeting Notes:


  1. Revisit rules discussion
    1. Vacation notification:  DCs should notify their coaches, their gender VP, and Mark if they will be away during the season.  This allows E-mails to be forwarded and dealt with in a timely manner.  This will be included in the spring DC training.
    2. Fines/fees for forfeited games:  DCs need to be aware that, in the case of a forfeit by the visiting team, the website must show a credit of the referee fee to the home team and a debit of the referee fee to the visiting team.  This will be included in the spring DC training.
    3. Referee assignors:  US Soccer requires consultation with the state referee committee on selection of assignor(s).  Board recommends that, if a change in assignor is to be made, that a change only be considered for the U-17/19 ages.  Board wants assignor decision made before end of 2008.  ACTION:  Mary will discuss with Pat Tata.
    4. Substitution rules:  No changes.


  1. Continue behavior improvement discussion
    1. Definition of fighting:  George shared soccer definitions of Serious Foul Play and Violent Conduct—there is no soccer definition of fighting.  Board agreed to make no change in use of “fighting” in our rules.
    2. Sanctions—fines vs. suspensions:  ACTION:  Include as part of discussion with club presidents.
    3. Club best practices:  Is part of discussion with club presidents.
    4. Zero Tolerance proposal:  Board agreed to adopt Zero Tolerance Policy, with changes proposed by George.  ACTION:  Get article on our adoption of Zero Tolerance published in D&C (Mary).
    5. Sportsmanship awards:  Board agreed to adopt team-level sportsmanship award for U-11 and higher age groups.  All teams that meet the criteria will receive award.  The award will be recognition on the website.  ACTION:  George will develop proposal for a club-level sportsmanship award, to present at next board meeting.


  1. Referee evaluations—next steps
    1. Review data:  distribution of scores is not normal—clustered near high end of scale.  Eight referees (worked more than 6 games) have overall or category averages below 7.0.
    2. Review comments:  35 referees have mostly negative comments.
    3. Recognition for top referees:  ACTION:  Mary will send R+ E-mail to top referees.
    4. Actions for problem referees:  Board recommended giving referees option to see their comments as feedback to drive improvement.  Board recommended working with referee unit to help poorer referees improve.  ACTION:  Mary and Joe to meet with Bill Engel.


  1. Proposal from Genesee Lancers to shorten season to 8 games:
    1. Board recommended implementing for U-19 age only, for 10 games (not 8).  Board recommended putting on agenda for club presidents’ meeting.  ACTION:  Mary to contact P. Gruppenberger.


  1. Preparation for presidents’ meeting
    1. Agenda OK:  Additions as noted in these notes.  Board recommended a time limit on U-12 discussion and limit on time each individual can speak.
    2. Voting mechanics:  Vote on U-12 to be conducted as described in bylaws.  ACTION:  George will prepare ballots.  Mary will send revised agenda to presidents.


  1. Next meeting is Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 2 PM at the JCC (assuming Neil is able to get a room).