RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, August 11, 2008

7:00 – 9:00 pm


JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendees: Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Peppy Ehrlich, Neil Fisher, Michael Fridman, George Hebert, Donna Kephart, Kurt Knoblauch, Jim LeGrett, Karen May, Dave Peishel, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon



Called to Order: 7:01pm


  1. Division Winners
    1. Shared some statistics:

                                                               i.      24 of our 32 clubs had 1st place division winners.

                                                             ii.      23 of our 32 clubs had 2nd place division winners.

                                                            iii.      30 of our 32 clubs had 1st or 2nd place division winners – that is a lot of t-shirts!

                                                           iv.      Highest number of 1st place division winners in one club – 6 teams.

                                                             v.      Highest number of 2nd place division winners in one club – 6 teams.

                                                           vi.      Highest number of both 1st and 2nd place division winners in one club – 10 teams.

                                                          vii.      Highest percentage of t-shirt wearing team – 50% of the clubs teams.

  1. Fines
    1. Shared some statistics on Fines.

                                                               i.      Highest percentage of fines by category – Player red cards – 19.3 % of total fines.

                                                             ii.      2nd highest – in-season game changes – 16.6%

                                                            iii.      3rd highest – forfeits – 12%

                                                           iv.      Average fine per team was approx. $45.

                                                             v.      Average fine for boys teams - $54 per team.

                                                           vi.      Average fine for girls teams - $30 per team.

                                                          vii.      Lowest amount for a club - $12 per team.

                                                        viii.      Highest amount for a club - $156 per team.


  1. Rules discussion
    1. Part 2: Club and Team Entry

                                                               i.      Rule 200: Club Entry

1.      Discussion around the minimum number of teams needed to apply as a new club – is 4 the right number. - Decision to leave the same.

                                                             ii.      Rule 204: Team Entry

1.      Discussion around team/club responsibility to provide playable fields for all their teams. – approved adding statement into rule 204.

2.      Discussion about should the board be allowed to decide that a field is unplayable and should be taken off-line until repaired to an acceptable condition. – approved adding that the board will inspect and has the authority to take a field off-line.

3.      Discussion on fining if a field is taken off-line. Referee will charge us – so fines will stand.

4.      Reschedule time will be the same as the rules currently state.

5.      Do we want to require 7 teams per division (or in top divisions)?

a.       Discussion around should there be a rule that states 1st and 2nd should be 7 teams. – decision that a rule will be added with the caveat that if there are not enough teams to make 2 divisions of 7 teams (ex. U8 or U19) another division grouping will be made.

6.      Is there a need to formalize club endorsement and acceptance for teams that play up?

a.       Do we need a letter or something? – Decision leave the rules the way they are.

7.      Allow multiple teams from a club in a division

a.       Discussion on should the board not allow multiple teams from a club in the same division. Decision was to not prevent this – some teams earn this – in order to instill fair play for all teams/clubs – the schedule will be arranged such that the two teams from the same club must play each other 2 times in the first 8 games of the season.

    1. Part 3: Player and Rostering Requirements

                                                               i.      Rule 302/309: Discussion around transfer date being different from last add date. Transfer date has always been before the league starts. It will stay the same.

                                                             ii.      Rule 305: Must change max players to18 for U12 to match USYSA.

                                                            iii.      Rule 306: Assigning players to a Team

1.      Discussion around requiring a minimum number of players at true age. – decision no change to rule.

                                                           iv.      Rule 307: discussion around clubs not allowing dual rostering – Decision to add comment that clubs have the authority to restrict the use of secondary players by their teams.

                                                             v.      Rule 310: Player Call up

1.      There are quite a number of items to discuss around this topic – it was decided that this be discussed at a separate meeting.

    1. Part 4: Game Play

                                                               i.      Rule 401: Any changes to the game days?

1.      Discussion around should we change game days –limited fields available. Leave as is – stress to change games during game change period.

                                                             ii.      Rule 405: Number of players on field –

1.      Discussion around should a game that is stopped due to not having enough players on the field be a forfeit – or considered abandoned (what FIFA does). Decision: Game is a forfeit – but the forfeit fine maybe waived – referee fines for forfeit will stand.

                                                            iii.      Rule 406: Player Equipment

1.      Discussion around should we require the team to wear the colors they put on team registration form.

2.      Home team has to change. Rules stay as is.

                                                           iv.      Rule 410: Forfeits

1.      Discussion around if we need to clarify which team is responsible for a forfeit and what the referee fines for a forfeit would be. Decision was to leave wording as it – and not to add forfeit referee fines as they are on the game report.

                                                             v.      Rule 411: Lightening

1.      Discussion around the lightening rule policy – new studies have shown that the rules are not strict enough to ensure safety. Discussed changing rules to be more in-line with the section 5 policy. – decision to update lightening policy based on section 5.

2.      Discussion on possibly providing pamphlets to the coaches in their envelops at the coach’s meeting. Decision to try to do this.

                                                           vi.      Rule 412: League Standing

1.      Head-to-head tie break rule – change wording to make unambiguous. – decision – update wording to make more clear.

                                                          vii.      Rule 414: Pre-Game Procedures

1.      Discussion to allow any staff member (with valid RM pass) to coach, even if not on the team roster – decision - approve a change for this.

                                                        viii.      Rule 415: Post-Game Procedures

1.      discussed the rule that says a team must fill out game evaluation – do we enforce this? – decision word smith this – highly recommended but not required.

                                                           ix.      Rule 416: Referee Payment

1.      Discussed should the referee payment list be in the rules. – Decision – it is already on the game report and posted on the website – will leave out of the rules.

                                                             x.      Rule 417: Game Changes

1.      Discussion around can a game be played (rescheduled) before the start of the season – Decision – No games can be played before the start of the season.

2.      Discussion around so many game changes the day before or the day of games causing difficulties for the DC as well as significant fines to the league from the referee unit. At some age groups the referee unit fines are larger than the in-season game change fee. Should the fines increase to cover the current loss. Decision: in-season game changes will be accepted up until 48 hours before the scheduled game – after that they will not be allowed.

3.      Discussion around should we define acceptable reasons for in-season reschedule? – Decision – do not add this to the rules – the list would never be complete.

4.      Discussion around coaches being expected to accommodate reasonable requests for game changes and in-season game changes and to respond to such requests in a timely manner. – Decision to add wording to rules.

5.      Note to be added by web master: Do not rely on game change email to do game change on the website.

                                                           xi.      Rule 418: Makeup of Suspended or Cancelled Games

1.      Discussion around allowing teams to not reschedule (mutual agreement) within last two weeks if no impact on standings? – Decision – leave rules as they are.

    1. Part 5: Conduct and Behavior

                                                               i.      Rule 500: Player Misconduct and Violations:

1.      In section one – wording to be added – “and ensuring any resulting sanctions are observed.”

                                                             ii.      Rule 502: violent conduct – discussion around take out words that say fighting.

1.      George will review what FIFA says.

                                                            iii.      Player pass section – discussion around returning player passes or copies of player passes for tournament play prior to suspension being completely served - Decision – player passes will not be returned – no copies will be provided.

                                                           iv.      Rule 502: coach staff misconduct and violations

1.      Discussion around a coach that was suspended attending a game that is not a game in which they are on staff. Decision – leave rule as is - can not enforce.

    1. Part 6: Protests and Appeals

                                                               i.      Rule 600: Protests and Appeals

1.      Discussion to add wording to make clear that most appeals will be handled by written submissions – a hearing is not guaranteed. – Decision – agreed to make wording change.

    1. Part 8: Fees and Fines

                                                               i.      Rule 801: Payment Responsibility

1.      Discussion around do we really use New York West’s formal Bad standing Policy and procedure? – Answer is YES RDYSL uses this policy.

2.      Discussion to Add sentence to rule – Clubs in bad standing with the League will be unable to register teams in the league until they are placed back in good standing. – Decision – agreed to add sentence.

                                                             ii.      Rule 802: Annual Schedule of Fees and Fines

1.      Discussion to make clear that for coach and spectator misconduct, first and second offense referee to ejections – Decision – add word ejection.

2.      Discussed to remove fine for home team failing to contact opponent – removed requirement for 2006 season. – Decision – agreed to remove old fine.

3.      Discussion around should RDYSL charge interest if fines not paid promptly? – Decision – give 30 days to pay if not paid a one time 5% fee will be added to the club fines.

4.      Discussion around increasing fines for team withdrawn after the schedule has been posted and prior to the final schedule. Decision to – Make progressive every week of the game change period.

5.      Discussion around the fines for Ejections – is $300 correct fine? – can we make it smaller and longer suspensions? – think about and bring back at another meeting.

  1. Next meeting
    1. Monday August 25th 7-9pm JCC


Adjourned: 9:25pm