RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes


7:00 – 9:00 pm


JCC 1220 Edgewood Avenue


Board members in attendance: Kurt Knoblach, Dennis Crowe, Neil Fisher, Michael Fridman, Howie DeLooze, George Hebert, Peppy Ehrlich, Mary Arter, Jacky Van Dellon, Dave Peishel, Donna Kephart, Mark VanDellon, Beth Guzzetta, Lou Boyon, Sue Gurak


1.      Lou presented his budget.  Discussed lowering fines and raising the registration fee.  Discussion will be had after the close of season, August 2008.


2.      Critique by group about the coaches meeting held at MCC.  Venue – was it too big – some had two meetings due to the trickle in.  Discussion was had about clubs that send representatives that do not convey information back to the coaches and what we can do about communication.  As a group we did not stress how a coach should change his e-mail, web-master getting to many e-mails about changing e-mail when it is the DC’s responsibility. 


3.      Discussion was had concerning coaches that will not change games;  DC’s discussed processes to help the two teams negotiate.  950 game changes.  Mark Van Dellon will let all DC’s know when the schedule is sent to Franz.


4.      Brief discussion on our promotion relegation philosophy.  Broader discussion after end of the 2008 season.


5.      Team withdrawals, 5 withdrawals – 4 boys and 1 girls.  Schedule has been reworked for the divisions effected.  Graduated withdrawal fine schedule is in place.  Board agreed to a graduated fine for specifically within the game change time frame:  $250 for first week during game change, $250+$50 for second week, $250 +$50+$50 for third,….until game change period is over.   Mark Van Dellon will add this to the fees/fines, August 2008.


6.      Discussion of waivers for MCC coaches night.  All board members agreed that notice is given on the web-site, notice is sent to the coaches through the DC’s, notice is sent to the presidents (multiple times); all methods of communication are utilized. It is our only mandatory meeting.  Presidents and boards need to be responsible for their teams regardless and have a representative for each team.  Every year we have a meeting and this has not changed in 20 years.


7.      Assignor agreement with Franz completed. 


8.      Arbiter accounts are now live and the DC’s should be able to sign in.  Useful for finding ref for each game.  Assignor usually tells DC no ref and then you pass along.


9.      Discussion of allowing games to be played prior to RDYSL start date.  We will review start day in August.


10.  Opening night for the league and the Rhinos to be held with fanfare. $8 for tickets, all kids on field to prior to the start of Rhinos home opener with their uniforms.  Mary Arter will send flyer to club president about the beginning game.  Presidents of clubs (or official representatives) should communicate to Rhinos on tickets and how many ….in addition, reception for club presidents, club boards, RDYSL board on the top deck. E-mail lists of coaches were requested.  RDYSL has made it a policy to not give these out and prefer the presidents of clubs receive e-mails and for them to pass them on to the coaches.  Rhinos, if they want, can talk to each president and get e-mail lists from each club.


11.  Rhino’s academy has 80 players.  Coach to player ratio 8:1.  Leave academy on the web-site for one more week.


12.  Discussion was held on having a Board meetings May through August.  Concern was problems that arise and being consistent….follow the rules.  The rules are our guide.  No meeting until end of season unless a situation arises.  September meeting to do rule changes, season review, how divisions went.