RDYSL Annual General Meeting

Monday, November 26, 2007

7:00 – 9:00 pm


MCC Empire Room


  1. Roll Call
    1. Clubs not in attendance – Brighton, Gates, Irondequoit, Honeoye Falls Blaze, Wayne Wings
    2. To be in good standing, must be paid up
    3. Unable to register teams without being paid up


  1. President’s Remarks – Gary Levine

a.       Discussed how communication between league and clubs better than ever

b.      Website has been upgraded every year – thanked Mark VanDellon

c.       Extensive work with Referee unit – Arbiter system – resource allocation is better

d.      RDYSL financially stable – no fee increases for several years – we rely on fines

e.       Better data collection

f.        Relationship with NYSW better

g.       Coaches Training seminars – very successful 80% of coaches are utilizing program

h.       Extracurricular Activities – All Star program and Paetec championship days

i.         Redid Rule book

j.        Thanked all members of the RDYSL board


  1. Election of Officers
    1. Proposed Slate

                                                               i.      President – Mary Arter

                                                             ii.      1st V.P. Boy’s Coordinator – Neil Fisher

                                                            iii.      2nd V.P. Girl’s Coordinator – Jacky Van Dellon

                                                           iv.      3rd V.P. Referee, Discipline Concerns – Joe Walton

                                                             v.      4th V.P. Website Matters – Mark Van Dellon

                                                           vi.      Secretary – Karen May

                                                          vii.      Treasurer/Scheduler – Lou Boyon

    1. Are there any other nominations? – No additional nominations.
    2. Any Motions

Motion to elect proposed slate – Mike Nelson – Fairport SC

Motion seconded by Doug Miller – Doug Miller Academy & School

Unanimously approved by Club Presidents


  1. New President Remarks – Mary Arter

a.     Thanked Gary for all his efforts over the past 6 years

b.     Provided her background in Soccer Administration – 13 yrs and past club President of Greece Eclipse SC – 5 yrs

c.     Encouraged clubs going forward that being part of RDYSL utilizes “power of numbers” to obtain better player development, provide opportunities for all coaches and players – more resources available through RDYSL affiliation

d.     We strive to continue to provide high quality league

e.     Goals for upcoming years are towards player/coach development, club Presidents and Team Managers – giving them the tools to do the job well

f.       Hopes to work on improving referee quality and number in the pool – encourage more to become referees

g.     Parent Education to minimize fines

h.     Grow relationship with Rhinos- tie professional teams to youth teams

i.       Help develop love for the game for the kids

j.       Encouraged Presidents to email/call with any ideas/questions/comments


  1. New Business
    1. Jacky VanDellon explained that problems in T-shirt pickup for the U17 – U19 group.  Asked membership to think about possibly changing from handing out T-shirts for champions to offering free RDYSL registration the following year.
    2. Roger Best – provided update of last NYSW AGM meeting.  Spoke regarding grant proposal for small sided goals.  Ken Bliss was inducted into Hall of Fame.
    3. Mark VanDellon – Informed us that Steve Randall refereed the NCAA championship game in Florida – we do have quality referees/this was quite an honor to have a referee from our area participate in such a high level event.
    4. Issues from Membership

i.         Member club was contacted by town management regarding the use of town fields by a for profit organization. The town has policy where not- for-profit organizations pay different amounts for use of facilities from for-profit organizations.  Club is requesting RDYSL guidance on how to handle these potential additional fees.

    1. Peter Amos – Rhinos spoke to membership regarding Pro Pass.
    2. Deon Rodgers  - River Flow introduced himself to membership as new club joining RDYSL.  Stressed that what we do is for the kids and we need to make it work for the kids.
    3. No other issues.


  1. Meeting Adjourned at 7:35pm


Respectfully Submitted: Susan Gurak

                                          Temporary Secretary