RDYSL President Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 17, 2007

7:00 – 9:00 pm


Monroe Community College


Board Attendees: Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Neil Fisher, Gary Levine, Karen May, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon


Come to order: 7:00pm


1.                Introductions

a.    Introductions around the room

b.    Gary announced that the entire board is returning, except for Gary. Gary is leaving because bylaws say max of 6-year term. Mary Arter will run as new president. May be some openings for a couple of Division Coordinators.

2.                New Members Introductions

a.    Gary introduced the 3 new clubs: Doug Miller Soccer, River Flow & Rochester Junior Rhinos.

3.                Budget summary handed out

a.    Lou discussed the budget from last year

4.                2008 Fees

a.    No increase in fees this year - $2.50 per player.

b.    We run the league on fines – not what we prefer but it works and keeps the fees low.

c.    Most of the clubs did a great job keeping their fines low – some examples – Victor Farmington – 22 teams - $10 per team; - Livonia - $16 per team; Fairport – 35 team - $20 team; Kendall – 2 years in a row - $0 fines.

d.    Registration for next year: RDYSL will be changing the way registration is paid for – RDYSL will be sending each club a bill using an estimate of players depending on the number and ages of your teams – The bills need to be paid in March – after this no teams from a club will be allowed to register (get passes) without the bill being paid.

5.                Referee information:

a.    The referee fees have been the same for the last 5 years – did research into our fees to be competitive.

b.    New referee fee structure starting in 2008:

                                                          i.      U10 - $25

                                                      ii.      U12 - $30

                                                  iii.      U14 - $35

                                                      iv.      U16 - $45

                                                          v.      U17 - $55

                                                      vi.      AR at any level - $30 per AR.

c.    Data from referee feedback (game report data) – the number of weaker referees went down (4-5% down to about 2%) – the number of good referees went up. (120 to 163) Feedback percentage went up – Mark to get actual number and send to presidents.

d.    RDYSL will continue to work with referee unit to help train the weaker referees.

6.                Rule changes

a.    Rules handout

                                                          i.      Call up rule

1.    Decision to keep the same as last year

2.    One minor change – allow same age from lower division players to be called up this year – if a club has 2 teams of the same age.

3.    Mary (U17/19 girls) – used about 15% of the time – usually only one girl.

4.    Boys (U17/19 boys) – used a little more than the girls side.

                                                      ii.      Team Placement – new teams will be placed at Board’s discretion – Please make sure you give the Board as much information as possible so that teams can be placed in appropriate divisions.

                                                  iii.      Yellow Cards –

1.    Rule was 3 yellow cards equating to red (i.e. – 2 game suspension; $50 fine)

2.    New rule = 3 yellow cards is 1 game suspension and $25 fine.

                                                      iv.      Moved up the last date to add layers

1.    June 1st for all players up to U16.

2.    June 15th for U17 & U19’s.

3.    May 15th for Transfers.

                                                          v.      Protest rule

1.    Change 3 days to 5 days for protests to be sent in

2.    Clarification of notification – is from your notification – posted on website or email.

                                                      vi.      U12

1.    Roster size – 22 players today – to match US Youth soccer – in the 2009 season it will drop to 18.

2.    No change in number of players on field

3.    Tournaments may be small sided or 11v11.

                                                  vii.      Minor Spectator Offense

1.    Rule 503 to be changed to include a minor spectator offense to better match the coaching offense.

                                              viii.      Running up the score – don’t do it, considered fine, will hold off and analyze.

                                                      ix.      Rules will be updated End of December beginning of January for next year. Any comments, discussions from the clubs are always welcome.

7.                NYSW-Buckley comments

a.    Discussion about how NYSW is doing. Discussion included the recommendation to have U12 as small sided – it was stressed that this is a recommendation only and that 11 v 11 is allowed.

b.    RDYSL is only league in NYSW still using 11 v 11 format for U12. Be aware when going to tournaments out of RDYSL area that U12 may only have the small-sided option. Probably not a big issue as most of Syracuse and Buffalo tournaments will offer both small sided and 11 v 11 options for U12.

c.    There are a number of coaching seminars and courses being scheduled for this year – see end of minutes for list.

d.    AGM are poorly attended – anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

e.    Discussed new director of coaching initiative – Glen has 4 more assistants to help him – ask and he will help you.

f.    We have a high percentage of licensed coaches.

8.                Rochester Rhinos 2008 initiatives-Amos comments

a.    Took one day this past year and filled Frontier with RDYSL games – had a great day – the kids loved it – 18 of our teams got to play at Frontier field.

b.    Rhinos would like to expand that this year. We would like to do 3 weekend days this year.

c.    Also we would like to do pre-games before our scheduled games – one girls game and one boys game.

d.    Another idea in the planning is an hour a week when the teams are at Paetec Park – the Rhinos teams will do individual ball skills – would like to invite RDYSL teams to come to this.

e.    Peter Amos – Discussed Rhinos Pro Pass – wants the community to feel that the Rhinos are their soccer team. The kids play a game that they do not watch. Want your kids to come out watch the Rhinos play. – questions and discussion.

f.    All the above initiatives are being worked and are in process as to the best way to implement them for the coming year. Each club should work with Peter Amos to determine the best situation for their club.

9.                Issues from floor

a.    Too many tournaments currently – do not add any tournaments.  – Adds stress on referee unit and kids.

b.    There was much concern about the adding of so many new teams and placing these teams may mean that the moving up of teams from one division to a higher division may be affected. The discussion was around the belief that the teams earning the “right” to move up may not be able to move up. The board tried to stress that the moving up policy that is available was never an automatic and the first and foremost consideration is to get the best divisions possible for the best competition and place for each team. The board realizes this means that there will need to be a lot more work this year with the proposed new number of teams that will need to be placed. Discussion also included the board looking at whether the right number of teams in a division should be 7 or more due to specific circumstances. Each division will be considered within an age group and not all divisions will have the same number of teams – stressing competitive divisions is the prime priority. The board wants to remind clubs and coaches to please give as much information as possible during team registration on-line to help place your teams in the best division.

c.    Should we change the number of secondary players per team – Gary explained about the significant debate that went on at the board meeting – decision to keep rule the same as the past few years.

d.    Tournament coordinators – recommending to please only allow referees to be assigned 4 games per day. Referees are believed to be overused at tournaments and thus affecting their ability to perform at a high level at RDYSL games.

e.    Please let your college age referees know that there are recertification scheduled during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

f.    Comment from Roger Best: Volunteer of the year, Coach of the year – no nominations have been received – an email was sent out – please consider sending in a coach of the year/volunteer of the year.

10.            This year 28 of our 29 clubs received trophy shirts this year – Great job.

11.               AGM – in November – plan it for after the NYSW AGM.



Meeting adjourned: 9:05pm









NYSW Coaching Education – check nyswysa.org for details and updates.


State E Certification course

October 26-28 – Webster indoor arena, Publishers Parkway.


State Intermediate Course

November 17-18 – location TBD


Special Topic Course with Manchester United Academy Coach Mark Edwards

Friday November 16 – RIT banqueting and conference center.

Pre-registration required.


NYSW AGM Workshop

November 17 – Total Sports Experience

Featured Clinicians:

      Mark Edwards – Man Utd, Man City Academy Coach

      Tony Waiters – Tony Waiters world of Soccer

      Paul Halford – Director of Coaching, PA West