RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

7:00 – 9:00 pm


JCC 1200 Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendees: Lou Boyon, Donna Kephart, Mark Van Dellon, Jacky Van Dellon, Peppy Ehrlich, Mary Arter, Karen May, Jim LeGrett, Mike Fridman, Beth Guzzetta, Howie DeLooze, Gary Levine


Come to order: 7:02pm


  1. Need to change site of next Board meeting.
    1. Mary offered to find a room on the west side.
    2. Monday April 2nd or Tuesday April 3rd.


  1. Coaches meeting preparation
    1. DC’s – please send an email to your coaches so they know about the meeting. It is in the conference center – new parking lot.
    2. Jacky to send email to clubs to encourage attendance at registrars meeting.
    3. Referee Unit

                                                          i.      Bill Fahey to spend 5 minutes to cover new rules

    1. Packet contains: Game envelopes, coaches list, Board member list

                                                          i.      8-12 – sample game report

                                                      ii.      17-19 – call up rule form


  1. Coaching Education
    1. April 28th - free coaching clinic with Buckley
    2. At TSE
    3. 2 session for each age group – classroom and field
    4. Last year we had about 175 people. Very good.
    5. Everyone wanted to work through lunch so the league provided Pizza!


  1. Bonus plan – discussion of options for this year – funded by RDYSL. – Wait a year and see how Arbitor and the Coaching of referees benefits the availability of referees for next year.


  1. Assignor course – Gary attended and gave his experience - it was interesting – a tremendous amount of work!


  1. Mentor program – Buffalo does a tremendous job.


  1. DM Application
    1. RDYSL will inform Doug that the application process has been begun – continue to go forward with application and assuming he meets all the requirements joining the league in 2008.
  2. Meeting adjourned: 9:12pm