RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 14, 2006

7:00 – 9:00pm


JCC 1200Edgewood Avenue



Board Attendance: Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Dennis Crowe, Howie DeLooze, Neil Fisher, Sue Gurak, Beth Guzzetta, Gary Levine, Karen May, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon



Meeting Called to Order: 7:01pm



1.      Introduction of new members

a.       Gary introduced Sue who was not at last meeting to our new members.


2.      RDYSL AGM topics

a.       DC’s are not required to be there but are welcome. Club presidents are required to be there.

b.      Election of officers

c.       Mike Spellman from Rhinos (marketing people) will be there.

d.      Glenn Buckley was invited – to answer questions

e.       Roger Best was invited

f.        Call up rule

g.       RDYSL Budget

h.       Fees are not going up next year

i.         Referee report

                                                   i.      Arbiter success

                                                 ii.      Travel vouchers completed expeditiously


3.      Rhinos Marketing meeting with Gary

a.       Gary pitched them 3 things – 1) using Paetec on non-game days; 2) RDYSL games before Rhinos game; 3) A better organized champion team day.

b.      Suggestion – any teams can change their league game to a “game day” at Paetec Park – for small charge. Prefer this to be done during game change period. – this is being considered by the Rhinos organization. Gary to continue working with the Rhinos organization.

c.       For pre-game stuff – Rhinos is doing through the clubs.

d.      Rhinos wants to do the RDYSL champion team day again this year with improvements – working with Gary on this.


4.      NYSW AGM events

a.       Coaches Clinic – 9-3pm Sat Nov 18th at TSE. Encourage all coaches to attend. It is free this year!

b.      One of members went to the Glen Buckley course on Try-outs – good or bad – Their brief summary - Rec – never tryout – club & travel – should not have tryouts until 12 – after that tryouts necessary. Then discussed what you are looking for. Younger ages, potential – older kids – skills and talent.

c.       Marketing people are trying to get more people to NYSW AGM is at RIT and has a registration and fee involved. Lots of vendors and free coaches clinic at TSE.

d.      Glen Buckley plans to discuss the latest on what U12 is being played around the NYSW area.

e.       Glen happy to do another coaching session this spring – last year was a success.

f.        Regional directors of coaches to be announced.

g.       NYSW fees are going up for 2008.


5.      Referee issues

a.       Lou and Franz Sauer are up to date. Franz indicated that RDYSL is all paid.

b.      Joe – working to get a plan well in advance of the summer for what we are going to pay in the immediate future.

c.       Franz is interested in continuing to be our assignor for next year.

d.      Arbiter was great!

e.       Letters to highly rated referees – thank you for doing well with RDYSL games.

f.        Recerts and referee training – get more or better scheduled events.


6.      Considering hand outs to the teams with next year’s envelopes.

a.       RDYSL – rule book.

b.      FIFA rules


7.      Review Discipline meeting

a.       Held appeal – discussed results of the appeal.

b.      Treasurer reports fines from discipline meeting were paid.


8.      Schedules

a.       Game days stay the same as last year

b.      For 19’s start one week later – waiting for College kids to come back from school. – this was approved.



Meeting Adjourned:  8:20 pm