RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 9, 2006

7:00 – 9:00pm


JCC 1200Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendance: Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Dennis Crowe, Howie Delouse, Neil Fisher, Michael Fridman, Beth Guzzetta, Gary Levine, Karen May, Kurt Knoblauch, Joe Walton, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon


Meeting Called to Order: 7:00pm                


Introduction of members and new members


Need Coordinators: GU10 – BU8-10 – Both still open.


Calendar:  AGM – November 20th – business is minimal – believe this is a non-issue laden meeting for NYSW. Thanksgiving week – issue with this.

AGM Wednesday November 29th, 2006.

Next meeting November 14th – pre-agenda meeting.


NYSW – Everything is quiet. Not planning on trying to change the rules for U12. Non-committal about raising the fees.


Referee issues – Jeff Byrd will probably not be our liaison. Not sharing the data – show the data but not print it out. There are a lot of issues – I would like to see developed – more AR’s – how to develop more people. On-line referee reports. Fees – for next year. No negotiations – just open discussions and start working on fees plan. Minimal bump up of $3 across the board. Target to have initial proposal for fees for Jan/Feb. Competitive but fair and equitable. Do not change travel expenses. Travel vouchers – how quickly are they being paid.


Arbitor was a success! Seems to be were we are going to be for the future.

Gary wants to push getting more AR’s. Tell clubs ahead of time. Losing college age group refs due to recertification timing.


250 – 275 referees – pretty much covered us last year.


Single biggest complaint is refereeing (parents, players, coaches etc.) They are independent contractors.




Call up system

Travel vouchers

Anything else – email Gary

Keep the fees the same.


Gary comments:

Corresponding with the Rhinos organization – He would love to have the kids play on the field. One day – playing regular league games all day. Gary to meet with the organization to see what they say. Championship night – in August to allow for champions shirts to come in and be distributed. Think about how we can help our kids – email Gary with any suggestions.


Wednesday meeting for Jacky, Neil, Gary & Joe. Discipline review – discussion – appeal the severity of the fine.


Write a letter to Canandaigua that they will be put in bad standing. Owe player fees ($300ish). Neil & Lou to write a letter and email to Gary to send to Canandaigua.


Mark to go through team registration on website and what DC’s will see. Asking new DC’s to start learning the teams that will be in their divisions next year.


Meeting Adjourned:  8:45pm