RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, August 28, 2006

7:00 – 9:00pm


JCC 1200Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendance: Mary Arter, Lou Boyon, Dennis Crowe, Neil Fisher, Gary Levine, Karen May, Kurt Knoblauch, Joe Walton, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon


Meeting Called to Order: 7:05pm


  1. Comments from Gary
    1. Gary talked with Glenn Buckley. They were pleased with the attendance at the coaches seminar this past season and would like to have another coaches seminar this April – suggestion last weekend of April. Would like to use some RDYSL teams to do the demo for coach’s seminar/workshop.


  1. Rules Updates/Discussions:
    1. Reviewed dual rostered players rules – decision to leave the rule as it stands.
    2. U11 field size – Mark to update.
    3. Coaching box – this was discussed at length at previous board meeting. Request to all DC’s and board members to watch at games about the coaches and walking up and down the field to see how much of an issue this is. – No rule change this year.
    4. Moving up teams at the discretion of the league – Do we need to update the wording? Decision - Leave as it is – there is enough leeway in the rules as written today.
    5. Player misconduct: Discussion around changing 3 yellow cards equaling a red to just have players sit one/two games and no fine or penalty point. – Decision: Leave it as it is.
    6. Club pass: Discussion around trying this for a year with limitations. Board was pretty mixed (about 50/50) as to whether to try this or not. Several board members were missing – Gary to discuss with these board members before a final decision is made.


  1. Data from website:
    1. Fines/fees – Total fines/fees are about the same as last year – about $80 difference between the two years.
    2. Fines are better – we have more fees than last year.
    3. Red cards – similar from 2 years ago – higher this year – but not significantly.
    4. DC’s are requested to emphasize yellow cards and red cards at the coach’s meeting next year in the hope of decreasing the number of red and yellow cards.
    5. Coach’s ejections are decreasing over the past 3 years.


  1. 2006 Board are you returning
    1. Board – all returning except Mike Nelson. Karen May to be Secretary.
    2. Division Coordinators

                                                               i.      Boys

1.      No – Curt Regruit, Jon Zatyko

2.      Unknown – Kurt Knoblauch

3.      Discussed candidates

                                                             ii.      Girls

1.      No – Peter Deckman, Karen May

2.      Discussed candidates


  1. Presidents meeting
    1. No presidents meeting this fall


  1. Referees
    1. Set up a group to deal with referees  - current agreement coming to a close in the next year – what do we want to go forward with? -  Fee the same, fee increase, some kind of bonus system. Looking into fees and secondly assignors. Franz has done a great job! Ask Joe to head this group – he agreed. What we pay assignor. A flat fee or per game? Assessment of what has happened with the adult league in paying the assignor directly. Joe has agreed to head this group.
    2. Joe requests everyone to send email to him about any referee issues/change requests etc. Any problems DC’s have etc.


  1. Dates – Calendars
    1. Need a pre-AGM meeting – Board members look at calendar and suggest a date. Mail to Gary.
    2. No September meeting
    3. When should we do AGM? Make suggestions by email to Gary.


Meeting Adjourned:  8:46pm