RDYSL Spring Mandatory Meeting for Coaches

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Monroe Community College



Board Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Mike Nelson, Lou Boyon, Karen May, Mary Arter, Peppy Ehrlich, Pete Deckman, Dennis Crowe, Peter Deckman, Susan Gurak, Jim LeGrett, Jon Zatyko, Curt Regruit



Boys & Girls U8 – U12 Session


(1)     Large Group Video –  presented starting 15 minutes prior to the meeting

(a)     This video was previously distributed by NYSW to all Club Presidents


(2)     Large Group - Gary Levine

(a)     Opening Comments & Introductions

(b)     Coaching Education / Buckley Coaching Clinic

(c)     Chain of communication

(d)     Referee Issues / Referee travel expenses

(i)       Referee travel expenses will be submitted to clubs for payment

(e)     Division Construction

(f)       Conduct / Rules – reiteration of old and new

(g)     Disciplinary Issues – Fines, Suspensions

(h)     Reiteration of Appeal Process


(3)     Large Group - Jacky VanDellon

(a)     Player Registration and RDYSL Dates

(i)       Age Matrix is on the website

(ii)     No 7 year olds allowed to play on RDYSL teams

(iii)    Registrars will accept last years stamped roster for registration proof of age

(iv)    May 15 is the deadline for Player Transfers

(v)      Players can be added to the roster up until the June 30 deadline

(vi)    There is a maximum roster size that needs to be considered

(vii)   Reasons that will be considered acceptable for dropping players

1)       Moves out of the area

2)       Season ending injuries

(b)     RDYSL Dates – see website for a complete calendar of events and deadlines

(c)     Pre-game, Post Game and Game Day process

(i)       Important Post Game reminders

1)       Get passes back from the referee – assign someone to this duty

2)       Sign the Game Report

3)       Observe the team handshake and assure good sportsmanship

4)       Report referee no shows to the DC right away – the league receives compensation back for no shows

(d)     When to contact DC

(e)     Awards

(i)       Participation patches for younger ages

(ii)     Shirts for 1st and 2nd place teams in competitive divisions – 1800 shirts awarded


(4)     Large Group - Mark VanDellon

(a)     Web

(i)       There is functionality to be able to generate a customized schedule

(ii)     Please verify field directions and send updates to Mark VanDellon

(iii)    Overview of Forms


(5)     Small DC Group Meetings

(a)     Referee Linesman for which division

(b)     Premier Elite and Upstate Travel Premier Select

(c)     Cover Mark handout

(d)     Answer questions

(e)     Non Competitive Survey Form (Jacky)

(f)       Example Game Report – Explanation of Importance



Boys & Girls U13 – U19 Session split into meeting groups by DC


(1)           Review Mark DC Roles Document

(2)           Buckley Coaching Clinic

(3)           Referee Linesman for which division(s)

(4)           Premier Elite and Upstate Travel Premier Select

(5)           Rules / Conduct – reiteration of old and new *

(6)           Disciplinary Issues – Fines, Suspensions *

(7)           Reiteration of Appeal Process

(8)           Referee travel expenses

(9)           Game reporting process – scores, game changes & referee evaluations

(10)       RDYSL Dates

(11)       Division Construction


 * DC’s emphasized the importance of these items