RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, March 6, 2006

7:30 – 9:30pm


JCC 1200Edgewood Avenue



Board Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Mike Nelson, Lou Boyon, Karen May, Mary Arter, Peppy Ehrlich, Pete Deckman, Dennis Crowe, Kurt Regruit



Meeting Called to Order: 7:30pm


1.       Final Review of Coaches Meeting Agenda & Logistics

a.       Action – Mike Nelson to send email to DC’s with Final Agenda

b.       Action – Mike Nelson to ask DC’s to confirm their attendance at the Coaches Meeting

c.       Action – Gary will make sure he has video and that projection is available

d.       Action – Gary will send meeting reminder to Club Presidents

e.       Action – Gary will coordinate room assignments and will make signs

f.         Action – DC’s need to capture attendance

g.       Action – DC’s will send Mike Nelson a list of teams that do not attend. 

h.       Action – Mike Nelson will consolidate the non attending teams list and report it to Mark VanDellon to record the fine.

i.         Action – DC’s to send a reminder to their teams about March 18th meeting, stress mandatory with fine 


2.       Decide on date for Coaches Meeting handout preparation

a.       Handout packet preparation has been arranged for

b.       Action – Karen, Dennis, Mike will pickup packets  


3.       Content of Coaches Meeting Handout

a.       Board Members List

b.       Coaches List

c.       Example Game Report (U8 – U10 Only)

d.       Six Home Game Envelopes

e.       NYSW Coaches Handbook

f.         FIFA Rule Book – Wasn’t included in 2005 handout, will not included in 2006

g.       Blank Game Report – Wasn’t included in 2005 handout, will not included in 2006


4.       Calendar Review

a.       Voting Delegates List Submission Deadline – Tuesday, March 15

b.       Coaches Meeting is Saturday, March 18 at MCC Auditorium Parking Lot F Building 5

c.       Game and Field Changes begin 6:00am Sunday, March 19

d.       April Board Meeting – Sunday, April 9 at JCC from 2:00 – 4:00pm

e.       Game Changes end Wednesday, April 12 at 11:00pm

f.         Field Changes end Monday, April 17 at 11:00pm

g.       Corrections to Final Schedule start Tuesday, April 18

h.       Corrections to Final Schedule end Thursday, April 20


5.       NYSW

a.       Brochure – NYSW distributed a benefits of being a member brochure

b.       Update of current “noteworthy” activities by Curt Regruit

c.       Referee Issue Closed

d.       Glenn Buckley Clinic

i.         Proposed date – Saturday April 8

ii.       Cost –

(1)     final cost still being determined (Completed – cost is $400)

(2)     cost to be covered by RDYSL

(3)     maximum cost to be covered $1000

(4)     free to coaches

iii.      Registration / Signup

(1)     Communicate date at the March Coaches meeting

(2)     Signup through email

(3)     Charge clubs if the registered coach doesn’t attend

(4)     Send club presidents a list so they can follow up


6.       Non Competitive Survey Form – Jacky

a.       Jacky has drafted a form

b.       The purpose of the form will be discussed in the small group DC meetings




Meeting Adjourned: 9:30pm