RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday, February 19, 2006

2:00 4:00pm


JCC 1200Edgewood Avenue



Board Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Mike Nelson, Lou Boyon, Joe Walton, Karen May, Mary Arter, Peppy Ehrlich, Jon Zatyko, Pete Deckman, Susan Gurak, Jim Legrett, Dennis Crowe


Meeting Called to Order: 2:05pm


1.       Bill Fahey on Referee Issues

a.       Review of 2006 Coach / Mentor Plan

i.         Bill Fahey is the State Coordinator of Assignors (SCA) Based on a new plan and process Fahey will be observing the referees that were identified as stronger and weaker according to league data.  If any problems are observed, a plan for improvement will be implemented. Stronger refs will be considered for placement in more challenging games.

ii.       Rochester Unit Youth Representative (RUYR) Jeff Bird to work with RDYSL liaison Joe Walton

iii.      Reasons for Immediate Reports to Bill Fahey

(1)   Foul and abusive language

(2)   Unethical behavior

(3)   Actions reflect negatively in community

b.      Arbitor

i.         Will be launched for the 2006 season

ii.       Registering referees (each will need an email)

iii.      Scheduling format is being agreed to with each league (RDYSL, RDSL & Upstate Premier)

iv.     Game changes will go through the assignor in 2006

v.       Referees need three things from RDYSL

(1)   a list of three people that will have access to system Mark VanDellon requested access for four RDYSL administrators

(2)   a field address for each field including (street and zip code) Action Mark VanDellon

(3)   (Fahey will send Levine and email on the third one)

vi.     Referee Unit is setting up a demonstration and demo test


2.       2006 Division Review

a.       Review of proposed divisions by each division coordinator

b.      Discussion and minor edits of proposed divisions

c.       Action (Board) - Contemplation of future rule change example of change to be contemplated - ability to move a team from Division 4 of a higher age group down to the lower age group Division 4

d.      Action (Jacky VanDellon) - Need to add more structure to the feedback ranking survey for U8-U10, ideally the edited version to be drafted in time to share at the March Coaches Meeting

e.       Future discussion required - Need to obtain more data from non-competitive divisions in order to facilitate placement in divisions




Meeting Adjourned: 4:22pm