RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 8, 2005

7:00 – 9:00pm


JCC 1200Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Mike Nelson, Lou Boyon, Peppy Ehrlich, Jon Zatyko, Pete Deckman, Susan Gurak, Karen May, Mary Arter, Dennis Crowe, Jim LeGrett



Meeting Called to Order: 7:02pm


1.       Calendar Review

a.       2006 Meeting Dates

i.         January 9, Monday 7-9PM - Board Meeting

ii.       January 23, Monday 7-9PM - Board Meeting

(1)   Website

(2)   Procedures for DC’s

iii.      February 19, Sunday 2-4PM – Board Meeting

(1)   Division review

(2)   Decide on Handouts for Coaches Meeting

iv.     March 6, Monday 7-9PM – Board Meeting

(1)   Draft Coaches Meeting Agenda

(2)   Decide on handout prep date

v.       March 18, Saturday – Coaches Meeting

vi.     April 9, Sunday 2-4PM – Board Meeting

vii.    May 10, Wednesday 7-9PM – Board Meeting

(1)   Prep for Season Startup

viii.  June 12, Monday 7-9PM – Board Meeting

ix.     July 15, Saturday 2-4PM – Board Meeting

(1)   Prep Long Term Issues for August meetings

b.      Review Deadlines for RDYSL League Events


2.       Website

a.       Calendar will be posted on the website by Mark

b.      Rule clarification on roster size 


3.       AGM Review

a.       Delinquent Club Status

i.         Hilton $115

ii.       Victor $50

iii.      Webster Eagles – to be deducted from Bond

b.      Fines Recorded for “No Shows” –

i.         Action Mike to send Mark an email with list of teams

ii.       Action Mark to post fines for these teams


4.       Premier League

a.       Premier Elite and Upstate Travel Premier Select

i.         The only Rochester participant for Premier Elite will be Rochester Junior Rhinos

ii.       Upstate Travel Premier Select will be available for club teams to sign up for

b.      Dual Registered Teams

i.         Rules currently address dual registration of players on multiple teams in different leagues which is permitted, (can’t play on two teams in the same league), not dual registration of teams in two leagues, so teams will be able to register in RDYSL and Upstate Travel Premier Select

ii.       Dual registered players will be charged $2.50 (RDYSL) plus $5.00 (NYSW) for registration in the RDYSL 

c.       Scheduling will be done as in the past, teams get together at a meeting and work out a schedule that has no set night

d.      RDYSL will allow teams to play in RDYSL and in Upstate Travel Premier Select


5.       Referee Update

a.       Arbiter Status

i.         Should RDYSL help the referees with the startup cost ($750)?

(1)   RDYSL proposed $750 if NYSW would kick in $750

(2)   Intent to eliminate any obstacles for implementation

Decision – Yes RDYSL will contribute $750

b.      Flat Fee to Assignor – Board to give this some thought for future discussion

c.       Proposed Cost Share for Additional Assessments and Mentoring

i.         Referees have agreed to do 20 formal assessments in 2006

ii.       Discussion on possibly contributing to the cost of mentoring

Decision – RDYSL will contribute up to $750 for mentoring

d.      3 Person Systems for U19 Girls?  U16 Boys?

i.         U19 Girls

ii.       U16 Boys

Decision – Add U19 Girls to 3 Person Referee System (Addition to U19 & U17 Boys)

e.       Franz Sauer will continue as an assignor and use the Arbiter System


6.       March Meeting

a.       Location - Same Rooms?

i.         Try to get people to take up every seat

ii.       Options for meeting logistics

(1)   Two meetings split by Gender

(2)   Two meetings split by Age Groups

(3)   Two parts of meeting -  large group and then DC groups

Decision – Split into two sessions by age group U8-U12 and U13-U19

             Large group for first half and DC groups for second half

b.      Agenda

i.         New Rules

ii.       Emphasis on RDYSL Primary Rules

iii.      Debate on U12 – between Glenn Buckley and Doug Miller

iv.     Referee expectation setting for older age groups (U17-U19)

c.       Vendors Setup in hallways?

d.      U12 Presentation?


7.       Call-up Discussion at AGM

a.       Clubs seemed to be evenly split

b.      There is enough interest that an RDYSL sub committee needs to continue to refine this idea and bring it forward to the full Board for additional discussion

i.         Mike Nelson will chair a subcommittee and Lou Boyon, Jim LeGrett, Peppy Ehrlich, Mary Arter will participate

ii.       Action – Mike to send email to Presidents for additional participation in subcommittee

iii.      Action – Mike to coordinate subcommittee meeting(s) and input

8.       Shirts / Patches

a.       Need to Order Patches ASAP

b.      Vendor Proposal

i.         Last years vendor is offering the same pricing

ii.       RFP’s will not be sent out and we will use the same vendor

c.       Jacky’s Vision for Colors / Logo

i.         Jacky will continue to work the design

ii.       Jon Zatyko will provide input


9.       Open Discussion

a.       Susan Gurak resigned from the NYSW Board

b.      Southern Tier League went to US Club Soccer

c.       US Club Soccer – Individual RDYSL Clubs can register through US Club Soccer and play in the RDYSL

d.      January 9th meeting will be held only if there are enough agenda items to merit a meeting




Meeting Adjourned: 8:58pm