RDYSL Annual General Meeting

Thursday, November 17, 2005

7:00 9:00pm


MCC Empire Room

1.    Roll call
    a.    Identify each club and rep
    b.    Clubs not in attendance Brockport, Gates, Spencerport

    c.    To be in good standing, must be paid up
    d.    Unable to register teams without being paid up

2.    Introductions
    a.    Welcome to the start of our 2006 season
    b.    Last year was very successful
        i.    We had record number of teams (510)
        ii.    Record number of divisions (45)
        iii.   All but 2 clubs had a team that was awarded trophy shirts
        iv.   Fines and disciplinary issues declined
        v.    Our divisions had some of the best competition we have seen
        vi.   And the over all operation of the league was very smooth
    c.    Thank you to all the Club Presidents:
        i.   Recognition for running such wonderful organizations
        ii.   Recognition that the kids are lucky to have such great clubs

3.    Introductions
    a.    Board members:
        i.    President Gary Levine
        ii.   1st V.P. Boy's Coordinator Neil Fisher

        iii.   2nd V.P. Girl's Coordinator Jacky Van Dellon
        iv.   3rd V.P. Referee, Discipline Concerns Joe Walton

        v.   4th V.P.  Website Matters Mark Van Dellon

        vi.  Secretary Mike Nelson

        vii. Treasurer / Scheduler Lou Boyon
    b.    Guest-District Commissioner: Roger Best
    c.     Division Coordinators

        i.    DCs:
            (1)    Are the connections between the teams and the league
            (2)    W/O them a league this size could not operate
            (3)    They do a great job
                (a)    setting up the divisions
                (b)    collecting scores and other data
                (c)    implementing policy set by the board
            (4)    We welcome 3 new DCs
        ii.    Girls:
            (1)    U8-U10 Peter Deckman-new
            (2)    U11-U12 Susan Gurak
            (3)    U13-U14 Jim LeGrett     
            (4)    U15-U16 Karen May
            (5)    U17-U19 Mary Arter - new
        iii.    Boys:
            (1)    U8-U10 Dennis Crowe      
            (2)    U11-U12 Peppy Ehrlich
            (3)    U13-U14 Kurt Knoblauch
            (4)    U15-U16 Jon Zatyko - new
            (5)    U17-U19-Curt Regruit

4.    Election of Officers:
    a.    Proposed slate
    b.   Are there any other nominations? No additional nominations.

    c.    Any motions

Motion to elect the proposed slate Eric Schaff Fairport SC

2nd Dan Phelps Greece Cobras

5.    Reports:
    a.    NYSWYSA
        i.    Per player fee:
            (1)    going up 50 cents 2006-07
            (2)    not this coming summer
        ii.    U12 issue not voted on this year
            (1)    several of you wrote very good letters that Gary knows had impact with the leadership    
        iii.    Another one of our people is on NYSWYSA board
            (1)    Sue Gurak, Treasurer
            (2)    Curt Regruit as Secretary
            (3)    Roger Best, District Commissioner
        iv.    US Club Soccer
            (1)    Last year we had a rep come in to meet with us
            (2)    The issue is not dead in Western NY
                (a)    NYSW AGM showed there are still issues
                (b)    Buffalo is hotbed of discontent
            (3)    Buffalo issues
                (a)    Buffalo is an unhappy group
                (b)    Issue over their version of Roger Best
                (c)    Issues smoldering from headgear and U12
            (4)    Can our clubs sign up alone?
                (a)    Discrimination of registration method
                (b)    Might need to change Rule 302(2) to read players register with USSF sanctioned

organization rather than NYSWYSA
    b.    Budget-Lou:
        i.    No increases in $2.50 per player fee
        ii.    Fines
            (1)    Ran a deficit last year due to decrease in fines
            (2)    We think that the word is getting out and people's conduct is changing for the better
            (3)    If we can keep the fines down, then we are going to have to raise our revenue in the next

year or two

            (4)    Options:
                (a)    increase per player fee
                (b)    charge a per team registration fee (may decrease teams dropping out)
                (c)    have assignors paid by refs and therefore increase fee paid to refs
    c.    Computer-Mark:

- Bulk field changes will again be available this year

- Returning team data will be available through a pull down menu that will auto populate

- A field for explanation on why you want to be placed where you want will be available

(suggestion that an example be put on the website for greater clarity on what is appropriate use

of this field)

-   Suggestion that DC contact the Club President when there is not enough data when deciding

on difficult placements

-   The division field will now have a selection for Division 5

-   The website will no longer directly publish email addresses in the team standings, to fight web crawler problems. Info available indirectly

-   Field directions plea

-   Futures

-   Club Presidents will have access to the web admin feature that DCs have today to change contact info, review fine report, registration status (suggestion that a report be made available to show which coaches are providing evaluations)

-         2006 setup takes place in December in time for Jan testing and registration start

  1. Rule Changes-Jacky (will be posted on website, check history of changes on the last page to see which ones have been changed)

o       Discussion on Club Call Up Rule proposal under consideration 13 Yes, 8 No Committee

 e.    Calendar - Gary:
        i.    Team registrations
            (1)    12 days!  January 28-February 8, 2006
            (2)    Make sure all your teams are signed within that time

            (3)    You all did a great job getting your teams registered, but remember that a couple of years

ago there were several teams that did not get registered in time
            (4)    Once we close registration, we have 10 days to complete division formation
            (5)    RDYSL does not take late registrants
        ii.    Division Placement
            (1)    Although no hard and fast rules
                (a)    we are going to try and have 7 team divisions
                (b)    we are going to try to relegate and delegate teams
                (c)    one difficulty is when we have a team jump a division
            (2)    The most important single factor is last years performance
            (3)    But we also consider other factors:
                (a)    change in players
                (b)    change in coaches
                (c)    game performance-looking beyond wins and losses, such as how close were the games
            (4)    therefore you must give us an accurate assessment of the team
            (5)    I recommend that you review your submission with your coaches
        iii.    Other Dates
            (1)    Watch website
            (2)    Spring Mandatory Coaches Meeting-Saturday afternoon March 18, 2005 at MCC
    f.    Referees - Gary:
        i.    Arbiter will be implemented
        ii.   Increased mentoring and assessing will be attempted
    g.    Communication required
        i.    Make sure we have correct email addresses: yours, your coaches, etc.
        ii.   Remind coaches the chain of communication is thru their DC

6.    New Business
    a.    Issues from membership - None