RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 10, 2005

7:00 9:00pm


JCC 1200Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Mike Nelson, Joe Walton, Lou Boyon, Peppy Ehrlich, Jon Zatyko, Curt Regruit, Pete Deckman, Susan Gurak, Jim LeGrett, Karen May, Mary Arter



Meeting Called to Order: 7:05pm


1.       Introduction of New Members

A.      Board Members

B.      Pete Deckman (New GU8-10 DC)

C.      Jon Zatyko (New BU15-16 DC)

D.      Mary Arter (New GU17-19 DC)


2.                   Calendar Planning

A.      Meeting Locations

I.                     JCC convenience?

II.                   West Side meeting(s)?

Decision - We will continue to use the JCC location

B.      Establishing a Regular Board Meeting Day and Time

I.                     Multiple options discussed

II.                   Action Members need to send email to Mike Nelson with day and time availability

C.      Calendar Outline:

I.                     November

(a)                 17th Thursday RDYSL 2005 AGM

II.                   December

(a)                 8th Thursday Board Meeting (Post AGM)

III.                  January

(a)                 12th Thursday Board Meeting (Pre-Registration Meeting, DC should not miss)

(b)                 15th Sunday Need approximate 2006 Team Count for registrar

(c)                 XXXX Begin submitting 2006 Team Registration forms

IV.                February

(a)                 XXXX Deadline for submitting 2006 team registration forms

(b)                 XXXX Preliminary Schedule Distributed

(c)                 XXXX Board Meeting (Post Registration, DC should not miss)

V.                  March

(a)                 XXXX Board Meeting (Pre-Mandatory Spring Meeting, DC should not miss)

(b)                 XXXX RDYSL Mandatory Spring Meeting

(c)                 15th Wednesday Voting Delegates Submission Deadline

(d)                 XXXX Begin Game and Field Changes


VI.                April

(a)                 XXXX Board Meeting

(b)                 XXXX Deadline for Game Changes

(c)                 XXXX Deadline for Field Changes

(d)                 XXXX Begin Corrections to Final Schedule

(e)                 XXXX Deadline for Corrections to Final Schedule

VII.               May

(a)                 XXXX Board Meeting

(b)                 XXXX Deadline for Player Transfers

(c)                 XXXX RDYSL 2006 Season Begins

VIII.             June

(a)                 XXXX Board Meeting

(b)                 XXXX Player Registration & Release of Players for Season Ends

IX.                 July

X.                   August

(a)                 RDYSL 2006 Season Ends

(b)                 XXXX Board Meeting (Post Season)

(c)                 XXXX Board Meeting (Post Season)

(d)                 XXXX Board Meeting (Post Season)

XI.                 September

Action Mark VanDellon will propose dates and times and distribute to Board


3.       NYSW News and AGM Issues

A.      Curt Regruit is on the slate for election to the NYSW Directors as Secretary

B.      Fee Increase Report from Sue Gurak

I.         Clarification that the proposed increase to be discussed at the NYSW AGM is for the season that begins in September 2006 to August 2007

II.       Proposed 2006-2007 increase is $.50

III.      Proposed 2007-2008 increase is $.50

IV.    Increase is due to:

(a)                 Increases in insurance

(b)                 Increases in national fees and dues

(c)                 Increases in workman compensation

C.      U12 Status change from 11 players to 9 players (same as current U11 format)

I.                     NYSW will not be proposing this change for the 2006 season

II.                   Discussed the proposal and what it does mean for the future


4.       RDYSL AGM Planning

A.      Budget Lou Boyon

I.                     No Fee Increases

II.                   Possible Future Revenue Sources

(a)                 Per Player Fee

(b)                 Per Team Fee

(c)                 Payment of Assignor

(d)                 Advertising on Web Site

Action Lou to send an email requesting payment to the Clubs that have not paid for 2005

B.      Election

I.                     Current Board is planning on returning

II.                   Will need someone to make a motion to elect current directors

C.      Web Issues Mark VanDellon

I.                     Will be implementing several new features to deter Web Crawler problems

II.                   Team registration will include pull down for previous years data

D.      2006 Calendar

E.      League Champions or 1st place awards

I.                     28 clubs out of 30 received shirts

II.                   Participation patches for younger age groups

F.      Review of referee evaluation data

G.     Rule Changes As outlined below



5.       Referee Issues

A.      Arbiter Referee Unit is planning on going in this direction

B.      Referee Meeting need to have setup a meeting to discuss issues


6.       Rules / Action List Follow Up

A.      Playing Up must be in Division 1 Rule 204 Section 3.3 & 3.4 (Action # 74 from Feb 2005)

Decision Agreement to make the change

B.      Moving down a division, to what division? Rule XXX Section XXX (Action from Feb 2005)

Decision Agreement to make the change

C.      Clarify the rules on passes being present prior to a game (Neil Action from Aug 29, 2005)

Decision Agreement to make the change

D.      Rule 414 1a Jacky proposes that we strike this rule

Decision - Agreement to strike the rule

E.      Rule 305 Jacky proposes change

Decision Agreement to make the change

F.      Rule 414 Sec 2d Jacky proposes change

Decision - Agreement to make the change

G.     Rule 417 Sec 21d Jacky proposes change on $75 Payment for In-Season Game Changes (Jacky Action from Aug 3, 2005)

Decision Agreement to leave the rule as is and revisit it after another years worth of data

H.      Use of what rules for U8-10 (Dennis Action from Aug 29, 2005)

I.                     U10 Policy of substitution

II.                   Off-sides

III.                  Slide tackles

Decision tabled for future discussion when Dennis is present

I.         Player Call Up (Gary & Mike Action from Aug 29, 2005)

I.                     Introduction of proposal by Gary Levine

II.                   Questions on proposal

(a)                 How do Red Cards get back to the originating team?

- This is up to the Club to workout

(b)                 Is there a proposed limit on the number of players that can be called up for a game?

- Undetermined

(c)                 Is there a proposed limit on the number of times that a player can be called up in a season?

- Undetermined

(d)                 How does the red card suspension work?

- Undetermined

(e)                 Is there a fee proposed for this?

- No

III.                  Discussion on proposal

(a)                 Potential abuses

(b)                 Process issues

IV.                Decision

Motion Table this for this year, introduce it at the AGM and refine it for next season

Decision Agreement as proposed in Motion

J.       Each Team Carries a Copy of the RDYSL Rules and Regulations

Decision - this will be stated as a recommendation to the clubs

K.      Silent Sunday Are we going to use it? This was on the agenda but not discussed



Meeting Adjourned: 9:21pm