RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 29, 2005

7:00 – 9:00pm


JCC 1200Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Mike Nelson, Dennis Crowe, Karen May, Lou Boyon, Tom LaSpina, Kurt Knoblauch, Peppy Ehrlich, Curt Regruit



Meeting Called to Order: 7:05pm


1.       Meeting

A.      Review Agenda

B.      Review and approve 8/3/2005 meeting minutes – to be done through email


2.                   Division Coordinator

A.      Kurt Knoblauch Division analysis – issues, problems, positives and negatives

B.      Division Coordinators - any prospective candidates

I.                     Vacancies Posted on the website – no candidates have come forward

II.                   Board members need to approach a few prospective candidates


3.       Rules Analysis

A.      Rule on sitting on same side of the field – Decision to keep current rule

B.      Club Pass - proposal

I.                     Experiment with 15, 16, 17 and 19

II.                   Limit call ups to:

(a)                 Approved by club presidents or designate

i                       After consideration of individual players ability

ii                     After consideration of the teams need for the player

(b)                 Ladder system, write on pass both teams?

III.      Club call-up system proposal: A club president or other suitable club designee may authorize a player of suitable age, maturity, size and ability to play on an older team within the same club.  Players MUST BE 15 YEARS OR OLDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY UP.  A Player may not play more than two age brackets from the players registered age bracket (for example – a U13 player could play U14 or U15 but not U16 and older).

IV.                Discussion – How do we administer

(a)     RDSL adult league uses a registered pass to show which two team the player is eligible to play for (example –  )

(b)     Laminate passes

(c)     How do we administer

(d)     Maybe limit it to 17 and 19 divisions

(e)     Do we need to consider staggering the nights that ladder teams play on so that the players are actually

(f)       Add check box on the lineup sheet to designate call up players

(g)     DC’s need a database to check on legitimacy of players

(h)     How to deal with carded players

(i)       Possible limitations on teams

V.      Decision to continue review of this proposal once Gary and Mike have provided additional details and address discussion points in IV above.  Action - for Gary and Mike to provide additional detail and proposal for review prior to and at next meeting.


C.      Mark’s list of interesting rules that other leagues have:

I.                     No valid coach left after ejection

II.                   Large goal differential

(a)                 Has this been a problem?  Not a noticeable problem

III.                  RDYSL doesn’t have a rule on players with casts

IV.                No council at appeals

V.                  Silent Soccer Week

VI.                Tryouts and poaching of players

VII.               Eligibility of end of season awards (teams with forfeits, ejected coaches, etc not eligible)


4.       Referee Fine Disposition

A.      DC’s need to review the referee report and provide a summary to gender VP’s (Jacky & Neil) and Gary.  Action - DCs need to have the summaries completed by Friday, September 2nd 

B.      Gary will meet with Franz and discuss the bill

C.      Clubs need to pay by October 31st


5.       Website

A.      2006 improvements will be focused mostly on administrative tools for Mark to use as the webmaster

B.      Referee evaluations - Mark will have a summary report available in the near future, spellings of names created problems and required a fair amount of correcting prior to drafting the summary report

C.      Drop the home and shared field input box on the team registration form.   Most clubs input TBD or incorrect information.  Field coordinators can then use the bulk load of fields during the change period.

D.      Examine the potential of anti-spam and security protection of coach’s phone number and email address

E.      Efforts to eliminate confusion between field names and locations – Example is Jefferson Road vs. Jefferson Ave – will put Pittsford and Fairport in front of the Jefferson for the field maps but it will probably be difficult to get the clubs to use this prefix for their field changes.

F.      Scores and Standings – does it cause more problems than the excitement that it generates?

G.     The 22 roster limit is for U13-19, should U12 be included?  Decision – Yes, Gary will send out an email to notify the clubs of this decision


6.       Open Discussion

A.      Should we change the way scores are being updated?  There were a small proportion of games when both coaches’ added scores and the scores agreed.  Instead of having it so that both coaches have to add scores, a thought is to have the home team add the score and if it is not added within 48 hours the team is fined $5.00.  Decision to do nothing this year and examine the results next year.

B.      U10 policy of substitution

C.      Clarify the rules on passes being present prior to a game.  Action Neil to added phrase at appropriate point in rules.

D.      Rule changes at U10 and below – offsides, slide tackles.  Decision no changes but need to clarify wording in rules.



Meeting Adjourned: 9:00pm