RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

7:00 – 9:00pm


JCC 1200Edgewood Avenue


Board Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Mike Nelson, Dennis Crowe, Karen May, Jim Legrett, Lou Boyon, Tom LaSpina, Kurt Knoblauch, Susan Gurak



Meeting Called to Order: 7:07pm


1.       2005 Board – Are you returning?

A.      Board – all returning

B.      Division Coordinators

I.         No – Tom LaSpina, Joe Walton

II.       Unknown – Curt Regruit

III.      Replacement candidates discussed

2.       Calendar

A.      September meeting with Club Presidents

I.         MCC Empire room

II.       Suggested dates – Sept 11 or 18, later afternoon

III.      Possible agenda issues for Club Presidents Meeting – to be finalized in one of the next couple meetings

(a)     U12

(b)     Fees

(c)     Team registration dates

(d)     Matching fields for to level of play - Girls U17 & U19

(e)     Premier League

(f)       Rule changes

B.      AGM – Week of Monday November 14

C.      Next August meetings – why we missed June & July meetings

D.      Move up team registration? – such as move it up to the end of the year

I.         Decision - There is not a need to move registration up

II.       Keep the same registration timeframes as last year

E.      Calendar for next year

I.         Proposal to pick a consistent day and time for our monthly meetings – so that when we select DC’s we they can pre-arrange their schedules to make meetings

II.        Alternate meetings each month

(a)     Saturday am

(b)     Week night

3.       Treasury

A.      How much money is needed?

I.         Income versus expenditures

(a)     Referee payments occurred twice last year in the fiscal calendar

(b)     There were additional costs due to bad weather in 2004, the 2005 season was free from weather related problems and additional costs

II.       Review of current operating budget

III.      What is the annual deficit?

(a)     Do we feel comfortable with a one year cushion in the account?  Decision is yes

(b)     The target amount needed as a one year cushion is TBD

B.      Options to raise fees

I.         Assignors costs paid directly by clubs

II.       Increase per player

(a)     Decision to hold the line for this year and leave fees at the current amount

(b)     Potential that fees will be raised next year or in future years

III.      Team fee at registration

(a)     Decision to hold the line for this year and leave fees at the current amount

(b)     Potential that fees will be raised next year or in future years

C.      Review Fines

I.         Game change fines

(a)     DC’s need to collect this up front

(b)     There was confusion this year about whether time and field changes were finable

i           Proposal to modify rules to account for time and field changes not having to be paid in advance

ii         Other options discussed

II.       There were some odd fines that were over or under the required dollars

(a)     Forfeit - paid referee fee but not the $150 forfeit fee

(b)     Split fine between both teams

(c)     Number of in season game changes versus dollars collected

D.      Referee bill

I.         Contract calls for the referee bill to be delivered two weeks after the season

II.       Need to review the bill – DC’s and Board

III.      No shows should be a credit on the bill


4.       NYSWYSA

A.      NYSWYSA AGM – 10:00am on Sunday, November 13, 2005

B.      Sue’s Report

I.         Currently reviewing ways to reach out to the membership – publications…..

C.      Under 12 Proposal

I.         Where does this stand?

(a)     Not currently on the AGM agenda

(b)     Need to discuss this at the Club Presidents meeting

II.       Meet with Buffalo

(a)     Yes we want to meet with them

(b)     Action Gary will talk to Buffalo and coordinate a meeting if they are interested

D.      Premier League

I.         NYSW will not be running the Premier League

II.       Folding – becoming an exclusive Jr. Rhinos type league

III.      What options are there for the more competitive of our better club teams

(a)     Option - Intercity league with Buffalo and Syracuse

i           Champions league

ii         Played on weekends

iii        Gary will coordinate a discussion with Buffalo and Syracuse

(b)     Discuss this at the Club Presidents meeting

5.       Rules Analysis

A.      In season game changes

I.         34 in season game changes this season

II.       Should they be billed at end of season or due at request

(a)     Teams not paying get billed to club

(b)     Proposal – add the following to the current rule - if $75 is not paid by the time the game is played a forfeit will be charged at $150

(c)     Decision to go with option in (b) above – Action Jacky to send out exact wording

B.      Sideline offense - coach versus manager

I.         Our rule is intended to make the coach responsible

II.       Decision - no reason to change this

C.      Propose club pass (Gary and Mike to propose the logistics to board and board to approve)

I.         Experiment with 15, 16, 17 and 19

II.       Limit call ups to:

(a)                 Approved by club presidents or designate

i                       After consideration of individual players ability

ii                     After consideration of the teams need for the player

(b)                 Ladder system, write on pass both teams?

III.      Club call-up system proposal: A club president or other suitable club designee may authorize a player of suitable age, maturity, size and ability to play on an older team within the same club.  Players MUST BE 15 YEARS OR OLDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY UP.  A Player may not play more than two age brackets from the players registered age bracket (for example – a U13 player could play U14 or U15 but not U16 and older).

D.      Accumulated cards

I.         Propose – 3 yellows equals a one game suspension rather than equivalent to a red card.  No points, fines or second game suspension for first 3 yellows, simply double for 2nd three yellows

(a)     Decision to leave the rule as is

(b)     Whose responsibility is it to know that a player has two yellow cards?

i           DC

ii         Coach

iii        This is not slated for Website development in the near future

iv       Decision the coach

E.      Review of some recent changes

I.         Team penalty points

(a)     Approximately 30 penalty points were given out

(b)     Penalty points did have an impact on first and second place results

(c)     Decision to leave this rule as is

F.      Steve Pogal of Rush Henrietta – intentional infraction of the rules such as not filling out game reports correctly (game numbers….)

I.         Sanction Proposals

(a)     Escalate the fines for each occurrence after the first

(b)     Send letter to Rush Henrietta President

(c)     Decision to impose both (a) and (b) above

G.     Marks list:

I.         No valid coach left after ejection

II.       Large goal differential

III.      No council at appeals

IV.    Silent Soccer Sunday

V.      Tryouts and poaching of players

VI.    Eligibility of end of season awards (teams with forfeits, ejected coaches, etc not eligible)

6.       Referees

A.      Too many blanks in referee names

I.         Told by Dave Baxter that they are going to Arbiter Program

B.      Changing the way we do business – Curt’s letter

I.         Contract with assignor

II.       Own assigning

C.      Referee quality improvement

I.         Ref coach – we pay a senior referee to go to games and coach younger refs (could also evaluate our coaches, etc.)

II.       Assessing

(a)     Pay assessors to do more assessing of younger refs

(b)     Hire our own assessor

III.      Give our ref analysis to individual refs as constructive criticism

IV.    Have refs (and coaches) sign summary of RDYSL rules

D.      Three man system

I.         Limited resources – need to see if refs could do it

II.       Girls U19 and U17

(a)     Based on allowing higher level of play

(b)     Limit to first divisions

III.      Boys U16 and U15

(a)     Based on cards

(b)     Limit to first and/or second divisions

(c)     Financial limitations – half of fee not enough to entice refs

7.       Division Coordinators

A.      Submit next years divisions based on this years results

B.      Division analysis

C.      Identify problem teams, players and coaches

8.       Website


Meeting Adjourned: 8:55pm