RDYSL AGM Meeting Minutes

Saturday, May 7, 2005

2:00 – 4:00pm


WSA 2nd Floor Classroom



Board Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Lou Boyon, Mike Nelson, Peppy Ehrlich, Karen May, Gregg Gordon



Meeting Called to Order: 2:12pm


1.       Review of Open Actions (Mike) (10 Minutes)

A.      Status of several items closed since last meeting

B.      New status provided by action owners

C.      RDYSL Position Letter about U12 field size and number of players – If NYSWYSA decides they want to go in this direction it will be difficult to implement for the next season.  This is the type of change that requires at least a year’s preparation.                                                                                    


2.       Donation for Josh (Neil) – A donation of $100 will be made, Neil recommends the Golisano Childrens Fund.


3.       Penfield Rangers Kicks for Kids donation of $500 – This donation has been made in the past, proceeds go to Camp Soar and the donation will be made again this year.


4.       Referee Meeting – What points should be covered at the meeting (Joe)

A.      Kurt asks if we can do something to clarify referee payments for games with referee assistants.  The rules don’t specifically address payments with games that include assistant referees and this was done purposely because as the referee contract changes we don’t want to have to change the rules.  This will add this to coaches meeting agenda.

B.      There were no specific points recommended for discussion at the meeting, so Joe / Gary will covered the standard issues from previous years.


5.       Certified Rosters (Jacky) – There are a couple of issues and Jack will talk to Tim of NYSWYSA:

A.      There needs to be a registrar that takes responsibility for verifying ages.

B.      Checking for dual registration.

C.      Locking down a roster to verify a consistent roster and prevent guest players. 


6.       Message Board (Mark) – Message board is up and running.


7.       Chili Fields Affecting 132 Games (Mark) – Mark sent game schedule to referees on schedule but Chili fields were listed as TBD.  Mark had tried on several occasions to contact the Chili club and no one responded until after the timeframe for sending the schedule to the referee unit had lapsed.  Mark discussed with Franz Sauer what fine should be given out to Chili for not having the fields assigned prior to posting.  The decision was made to fine Chili $40.


8.       Pittsford Field Status (Mark/Neil/Peppy) – Thornell Road Elementary field is off line and it impacts nine Hawks and Mustangs games.  The referees will charge the RDYSL and we need to decide whether this cost will be passed on to the Pittsford clubs or will the RDYSL absorb these costs (act of God / weather) Gary will contact Bill Beach to find out what caused the late notification and then we will decide if the cost will be passed on to the Pittsford clubs.


9.       In Season Game and Field Changes

A.      What constitutes a reason to fine $75 and are DC’s allowed to apply the rule with any latitude? - The rules state any change that is not act of God or weather related and we need to apply the rule consistently and as stated.  The Board has always maintained a policy that the rules are applied the way they are written for that season and that we review and sometimes modify them from year to year based on data from the previous season.   

B.      What to Send Referee Unit – DC’s need to put comments and explanations in the ‘Comments or Notes’ field in the game change report.  This way at the end of the year when the DC reviews the referee report on fines, it will be easier to audit with good notes in the database.

C.      Send fine checks to Lou as you get them or at least every couple of weeks.  Don’t take cash if at all possible.     


10.   Before Posting Large Fines (Mark) –

A.      Contact the Gender VP when the incident occurs (large fines, police called incidents and ambulance called incidents)

B.      To Investigate major issues that occur, the following steps are recommended: 

i.         Check in with the other Coach to see if stories agree

ii.       Talk to the referee after getting the referee report

iii.      Talk to others in attendance and get stories in writing if possible


11.   Soccer Court (Gary) - the process has been documented in the rules, please review them in preparation of the possibility that this happens


12.   Round Table / Other Issues

A.      Referees have confirmed that appropriate actions are being taken based on referee evaluations that are filled out by coaches on the website.

B.      What RDYSL opinions should be taken to the Premier League meeting that is coming up?  Possible ladder system of RDYSL division winner has an option to move up to Premier League lower division, including promotion and relegation.

C.      Mark indicates that his focus for next year’s web development is in the area of increased administrative functionality.

D.      Gary recommends that the team registration date be moved up on the calendar - this would alleviate the stress on DC’s to draft divisions 

E.      Coaches Meeting Evaluation

i.         Identify the agenda and then break it up into large group and DC parts

ii.       Maybe have a guest speaker or film for the large group

iii.      Maybe have a new coaches meeting

iv.      Maybe have separate workshops for topics on how to use the website or other such topics




Meeting Adjourned: 4:30 pm