RDYSL AGM Meeting Minutes

Sunday, March 13, 2005

2:00 – 4:00pm


WSA 2nd Floor Classroom


Board Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Mike Nelson, Peppy Ehrlich, Susan Gurak, Dennis Crowe, Karen May, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Curt Regruit, Joe Walton, Jim Legrett



Meeting Called to Order: 2:10pm



1.       Review of Open Actions (Mike) (10 Minutes)

A.      Status of several items closed since last meeting

B.      New status provided by action owners


2.       Calendar Review (Mark) (15 Minutes)

A.      Voting Delegates List Submission Deadline – Tuesday, March 15

B.      Coaches Meeting Handout preparation proposed for Wednesday, March 16, 7:00pm

C.      Coaches Meeting is Saturday, March 19 at MCC Auditorium Parking Lot F Building 5

D.      Game and Field Changes begin 6:00am Sunday, March 20

E.      April Board Meeting – Sunday, April 10 at WSA 2:00 – 4:00pm

i.  Are we still ok to use WSA - Yes

ii. Agenda Build

F.      Game Changes end Tuesday, April 12 at 11:00pm

G.     Field Changes end Friday, April 15 at 11:00pm


3.       Content of Coaches Meeting Handout  (All) (15 Minutes)

A.      Board Members List

B.      Coaches List

C.      Blank Game Report - Not being included in 2005 handout

D.      Example Game Report

E.      Six Home Game Envelopes

F.      FIFA Rule Book – Not being included in 2005 handout


4.       Coaches Meeting Logistics (All) (15 Minutes)

A.      Board Members should try and be at MCC a half hour early so that Gary can show each DC which breakout room they are in prior to the start of the meeting.

B.      Meeting Agenda –

i.         Introductions of Guests and Brief Comments from them

(a)           Pat Tata Referees

(b)           Glen Buckley NYSW


ii.       RDYSL Highlights & Comments (Gary)

(a)           Rules and Administration emphasis based on a league of our size (Gary)

(b)           DC’s are the first line of authority, Gender VP’s are the second line of authority (Gary)

(c)           Website (Gary, Mark, Jacky, Neil)

(I)                   Gary – Opening Comments

(II)                 Mark – Detail of Website and Processes

(III)                Jacky – Pre and Post Game Processes, Registration Process, Awards

(IV)              Neil – Appeal Process, Changes in Fines 

(d)           Division Construction (Gary)

(e)           Contact Information - need daytime contact information for every team (Coach / Manager)


iii.      Break Into Smaller DC Groups

(a)           Sign In / Check email list for accuracy of contacts for each team

(b)           Reinforce Rules and Procedures (DC’s can use the checklist on the Website)

(c)           Availability of DC – how to contact, when is it ok to call…..

(d)           Game Evaluations and scores automatically update standings table

(e)     U9 / U10 DC’s – Substitutions can be allowed on either teams throw-in if both teams agree prior to the game.  Both teams should notify the referee prior to the game that they agree to play the game with substitutions on either teams throw-in, the referee should oblige.   


5.       Referee Unit Update (Gary) (10 Minutes)

A.      Amendments to the existing League Referee Unit Contract

i.        U10 $23 Fee accepted by the Referee Unit, Gary emailed an edited version to Pat Tata, Pat has signed it and will deliver it at the Coaches meeting.

Action – Gary to send the edited contract version to Mark for posting on the website

ii.       The decision to have Travel Vouchers sent to Club Presidents has been accepted by the Referee Unit

B.      Problem Referee Letter has been edited and sent by Gary – No response from the Referee Unit at this time


6.       New Business (All) (45 Minutes)

A.      Division Construction in Non-Competitive Divisions – Brainstorm ideas on how we can do a better job of aligning divisions without record data. 

i.        Various ideas brainstormed

ii.       Coach evaluate teams in their division at the end of the season – Coaches rate each team in their division 1 through 7 in the case of a seven team division, 1 through 10 in a ten team division.  Decision to try this in the U10 division, keep it simple and see if it works.

(I)       Announce at the Coaches meeting the intent to ask each U10 coach to evaluate their division at the end of the season. 

(II)     Action - Gary will draft a letter that will be sent out to the coaches that will explain the purpose and instructions.   


Meeting Adjourned: 4:05 pm