RDYSL AGM Meeting Minutes

Sunday, February 20, 2005

2:00 – 4:00pm


WSA 2nd Floor Classroom



Board Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Lou Boyon, Mike Nelson, Peppy Ehrlich, Susan Gurak, Dennis Crowe, Karen May, Tom LaSpina, Gregg Gordon, Jim LeGrett, Kurt Knoblauch


Meeting Called to Order: 2:08pm


1.       Review of Open Actions (Mike)

A.      Status provided on several items and closed

B.      Updates made based on status given


2.       Calendar Review (Mark)

A.      Action - Decide date for coaches meeting handout preparation

i.  To be done in the next board meeting on March 13

B.      Need a date for Distribution of Final Club Bill & Payment of Final Bill by Clubs

i.  Final Club Bill – target date is to distribute this to the clubs no later than September 30

(a)     Referee payments will be made once at the end of the season

ii. Final Bill Payment – No later than October 31 


3.       Registration & Division Alignment Status (DC’s & Gender VP’s)

A.      Total of 249 boys teams and 261 girls teams

B.      Gregg Gordon Girls U8-U10 – Reconsider making U10 D2 9 teams instead of 10 teams

C.      Susan Gurak Girls U11-U12 – Pittsford Hawks team dropped out of U12, make D4 12 teams

Action - Mark to fine Pittsford Hawks $75 for dropping a team (Rule # 802 Annual Schedule of Fees and   Fines – Infraction #2 Withdrawal of team from the league: between team registration and team placement)

D.      Jim LeGrett Girls U13-14 – Team moving up from U13 based on winning U12 D1, is putting them in U14 D1 required?  Yes this is required per Rule 204 Section 3.

Action – Board to clean up Rule 204 Section 3.3 & 3.4 prior to next season 2006   

E.      Karen May Girls U15-U16 – No issues or actions

F.      Tom LaSpina Girls U17-U19 – No issues or actions

G.     Dennis Crowe Boys U8-U10 – Pittsford team requested U9, but they are all U8 so they will be in U8

H.      Peppy Ehrlich Boys U11-U12 – No issues or actions

I.         Kurt Knoblauch Boys U13-U14 – No issues or actions

J.       Joe Walton Boys U15-U16 – No issues or actions

K.      Curt Regruit Boys U17-U19 – No issues or actions

Action – DC’s to email the coaches within the division on teams in that division


4.       Referee Unit Update (Gary)

A.      Review of Gary’s proposed letter of amendments to the existing league referee unit assignor contract

i.  Fees for Under 10 games will be $23 rather than $22 / $24 – referee unit has agreed to this

ii. Gary proposes that the referee assignor provides an interim assignor fee invoice at the mid-point of the season and then another invoice at the end of the season (as is currently the process).  Decision – This proposal will not be implemented, the assignor will continue to present one invoice only at the end of the season. 

iii.      Gary proposes that the referees send the Referee Travel Vouchers directly to the Club Presidents

     Decision – This will be implemented, the Referees will send the Referee Travel Vouchers directly to each Club President and remove the RDYSL from the middle of the process.


B.      Letter regarding the removal of a few select referees from the assignor list for RDYSL games –

i.  Letter proposed by Gary – minor edits made and letter to be sent to the referee unit

Action – Gary to make minor edits problem referee letter and send the letter to the referee unit



5.       Update from NYSW Meeting Weekend of 2/12 - 2/13 (Susan and Gary)

A.      Proposal to make U12 nine versus nine on the field like U11 –

      Action - Develop a RDYSL position letter to distribute to the Club membership and to NYSW (Jacky         to draft and email to the RDYSL Board

B.      Club Passes – Glen still pushing for this

C.      Roster Pro – discussion on how NYSW can develop the Roster Pro technology to integrate rosters with our programs.  NYSW is going to investigate improvements at the Salt Lake convention and then Mark will need to meet with NYSW to discuss.


6.       All-Star Proposal (Gary)

A.      Review of Gary’s proposal distributed at the last meeting –

i.  Jim LeGrett volunteers to facilitate all-star program

ii. Proposal to move forward with an all-star program as proposed – Decision 8 voted no, 6 voted yes.  The all-star program will be discontinued.

iii.      Discussion on alternative proposals - such as having an all-star program that is between RDYSL all-star teams and played in August – anyone desiring to propose alternatives may do so for future review and consideration by the board.  


7.       Awards Shirts

A.      Review of what to do for this season for Champion Shirts and Participation Patches (color, design….)

i.  Budget calls for $1,100 for shirts only (does not include patches)

ii. Jacky would like to distribute patches at the RDYSL Coaches meeting

Action – Jacky will develop a Shirt and Patch Bid Request for distribution to potential vendors


8.       Review of new actions taken during meeting (Mike)



Meeting Adjourned: 4:25 pm