RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Board Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Lou Boyon, Mike Nelson, Peppy Ehrlich, Susan Gurak, Dennis Crowe, Karen May, Tom LaSpina, Gregg Gordon, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon



Meeting Called to Order: 6:45pm


1.       Review of Open Actions (Mike)

A.      Status provided on several items and closed

B.      Updates made based on status given


2.       Calendar Review (Mark)

A.      Opening day of the season is what we use as a set back date for the entire schedule, the opening date is May 15th

B.      Action - Decide date for coaches meeting handout preparation (to be done at next meeting)

C.      Move Mothers day Board meeting date – Saturday May 7th 2:00 – 4:00pm


3.       Website Changes Review (Mark)

A.      SPAM control – email addresses changed

B.      Team Registration Form

i.      Only teams that are in good standing can register

ii.    The ability to retrieve the Team ID field added for those who forget it.  Email goes to team staff on record (coach and alternate contact)

iii.      Minor form changes include the addition of home and away jersey colors plus the coach’s license

iv.      As in the past teams must enter full club name and then individual team name (Pittsford Hawks).  The code just now enforces it.

v.     DC can easily see if new teams have registered by looking at Number of Registered Teams web page

vi.      Test your coaches email addresses to assure they are correct

vii.     Action – Mark to send out an email reminding clubs about team registration


C.      Preseason Game Change Form

i.      Team ID field added to eliminate the mistakes from previous years when the home team would select visitor or visa-versa

ii.    Status of game changes page will show DC games that are in “Wait” or “Mismatch” status

iii.      DC just need to facilitate any problems


D.      Field Change Form

i.      Added extended instructions to facilitate swapping of fields, home and away swap

ii.    Added extended instructions on how to prepare off-line file that can be uploaded to make mass changes


E.      Custom Game Listing

i.  Helps anyone generate a custom up-to-date schedule based on selection criteria.  Areas of selection include date, time, game number, home team, visiting team and field.  User can also control sort order.


F.      Game Feedback Form

i.  Score         - if scores are entered by both coaches and they match, the score posts on the website

ii. Action – Communicate the Score posting feature at the Coaches meeting

iii.      Anyone can still submit a feedback form but only a person with the Team ID can fill out the section with the score

iv.      If only one team enters a the score it won’t post until the DC posts it in the Game Input Form

v. Action – When Gary gets the list of referees from referee unit, he will give it to Mark, who will add it to DC control panel


G.     DC Control Panel Functionality

i.  Referee Name field has been added to the Game Input Form

ii. Lock score added to the Game Input Form

iii.                        DC Control Panel allows DC to look up fines by multiple fields


H.      Yet to be done to website

i.  Game report (need confirmation of U10 referee fee).

ii. Referee contract

(a)      Action - (Gary) Do we amend the existing document or will there be a formal document.

iii.                        Message Board

(a)                 Software Options that have filters that can be implemented

(I)       Free Utility  

(II)     $140 Version

(b)     Requires a person to be a monitor – take turns monitoring, Will be configured for the entire board to monitor

(c)                 Will need to create forum topics

(d)                 Mark will implement in early spring


4.       Referee Unit (Gary)

A.      Gary’s proposed letter of amendments to the existing league referee unit assignor contract

i.  Fees for Under 10 games will be $23 rather than $22 / $24

ii. Assignor provides a list of each game assigned and the referee assigned


B.      Letters regarding the removal of a few select referees from the assignor list for RDYSL games

i.  Action - Mark to send Gary 2003 referee evaluation data

ii. Action - Mike to forward coach feedback on one of the referees


5.       All-Star Proposal (Gary)

A.      Review proposal for next meeting


6.       Awards Shirts

A.      Think about what we want to do for this season and we will discuss it at the next meeting (color, design….)


7.       Review of new actions taken during meeting. (Mike)



Meeting Adjourned: 8:55 pm