RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 16, 2004



Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Mark Van Dellon, Lou Boyon, Mike Nelson, Peppy Ehrlich, Gregg Gordon, Dennis Crowe, Jim Legrett, Tom Laspina



Meeting Called to Order 7:00pm



1.       2004-2005 Calendar

A.      Reviewed potential dates for 2004-2005 RDYSL Calendar of Events

Action – Mark to draft a calendar and distribute to the Board for review by Nov 29 (that way we at least have a draft version for the AGM)

Action – All to provide calendar draft feedback to Mike for consolidation by Dec 3

Action – Mike to provide feedback consolidated feedback to Mark by Dec 6

Action – Mark to make final edits and distribute by Dec 10

Action – All to provide final review of calendar by Dec 14, if there are no additional changes Mark will post the calendar on the website by Dec 15  

B.      League Game Days

Decision - Assignment of game days for each age group will stay the same as last year (posted on website)


2.       NYSWYSA – Overview by Gary

A.      Headgear Declaration has been rescinded

B.      Acker Resigns

C.      10/31/04 Board meeting summary

D.      Post 10/31/04 Board meeting summary

E.      Current status of NYSWYSA leadership - there are several Board positions open

F.      AGM – Upcoming AGM on November 19, 20, 21 at TSE


3.       New Business

A.      US Club Soccer

                                                                     i.      Overview

                                                                   ii.      Pros

                                                                  iii.      Cons


B.      Alternatives to Current Situation with NYSWYSA

                                                                     i.      US Club Soccer

                                                                   ii.      AYSO 

                                                                  iii.      Push for NYSWYSA changes - brainstorm of changes that we could ask for that would be value add for RDYSL

                                                                  iv.      Should this be presented at the AGM and if so in what manor?

      Decision – Yes this should be presented, what to be presented is below:

a.       NYSWYSA Current Situation

b.       Alternatives to Current Situation and Issues


4.       RDYSL AGM Plans

A.      Meeting Notification –

         Action - Gary to send a meeting notification to the club presidents (see ‘B’ below)

Action – Mark to contact the HFL president to get an updated email address and send him the 2005 Rules changes and fines.

Action - Gary to contact the GVBBSC president to get an updated email address and send him the 2005 Rules changes and fines.

B.      Sign In and Pay Fines

Action – Mike to draft and bring a sign in sheet

Action – Lou to be at meeting early to be able to collect club payments

Action – Gary to send a meeting notification reminder via email to the club presidents following up on Mark’s email on 11/16/04.  The email will include a request that fines be paid by end of year, and that if possible it would be appreciated if payments are made at the AGM when signing in.  

C.      Election of Board

D.      Provide NYSWYSA Current Status and Overview of Issues and Discuss Options

Action – Gary to draft an outline to be used for discussion

E.      Budget Review – Lou Boyon

                                                                     i.      Referee assignment fees paid by clubs or raise registration fees by $1.00

F.      Roll Call

G.     All Star Teams




Meeting Adjourned: 9:35pm