RDYSL Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday, November 6, 2004



Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Lou Boyon, Mike Nelson, Joe Walton, Peppy Ehrlich, Joe Kehm, Susan Gurak, Gregg Gordon, Dennis Crowe, Kurt Knoblauch



Meeting Called to Order 2:00pm


1.            Agenda Review 

2.            Open Action Review

a.      Actions reviewed and updated accordingly in Actions Items Status document

b.      Action – Mike to add date opened and date due column to the Action Items Status 

3.            Rules and Regulations Changes - close this item for AGM

a.      Approve changes as distributed by Mark on 10/2 (Rules 306, 402, 404, 408, 414, 415, 503, 600)

                                                               i.      Rule 415 Post-Game Procedures – “Players shall….” changed to “If players choose to….” and approved to as drafted by Mark 10/2

                                                             ii.      Rule 600 – Proposals and Appeals

1)      b. “….they are also the person appealing the sanction.” changed to “there is a conflict of interest” and approved as drafted by Mark on 10/2

                                                            iii.      Rules 306, 402, 404, 408, 414, 503 – approved as drafted by Mark on 10/2

b.      Discuss and finalize Rule 411 Playing Conditions (Lightning)

                                                               i.      Approved as drafted by Mark 10/2

c.      Discuss and finalize Rule 502 Coaching Staff Misconduct and Violations

                                                               i.      Mark to add “warning language” as discussed and agreed

d.      Action - Mark to make final edits to rule changes and email to club presidents as pre-read for the November AGM

4.            Referee Issues

a.      Gary met with referees 11/1/04

b.      Need to pay assignors –

                                                               i.      Referees have not provided a final adjusted bill statement, in Gary’s meeting they didn’t provide adjustments

1)      Action - Mark to forward the referee bill that Franz originally sent to Mark on August 26

2)      Action - Lou to make payment to the referees

c.      Referees agree to direct payment

d.      Referees agree to increase U10 and under to $23 per game but would like to continue to schedule doubleheaders

e.      Assessments were done, no status given on the numbers or results

f.        Pat Tata returning as president

g.      No show referee problem - no solution (need to bill them)

                                                               i.      One possible solution to minimizing referee no shows is to use a recorded message that would notify anyone calling that a field(s) are closed          Action - Joe Walton to check into technology options that could be used for this potential recorded message solution, will need to be easily updated 

h.      Computerize the referees?

                                                               i.      What options do we have

1)      Web based referee reports

2)      Arbiter program

                                                             ii.      Web based referee reports

1)      Used in other areas – Buffalo

2)      Would allow the scores to be immediately reported, Action – Mark to investigate the feasibility of setting the website up so that referees can file electronic reports that register scores and updates standings

3)      Referee would keep the signed score card until end of season to verify score

                                                            iii.      Computerize assignments

1)      Looking into www.thearbiter.net

i.        Need to write a RDYSL letter to the referees requesting certain referees not be assigned to RDYSL games and we should have a couple letters of complaint from the membership (clubs or coaches) as backup

                                                               i.      Action – Gary or Mike to draft a letter to the referees

                                                             ii.      Action – As backup to the RDYSL drafted letter, anyone knowing of a club or coach from the membership that is willing to provide a letter documenting complaints about these referees should provide them by 11/19/04


5.            Financial Checkup

a.      Finalize 2005 budget

                                                               i.      $6,000 Referee Assigning Fees – how to handle this item going forward? Can we have the clubs pay this directly?

1)      Explain to the clubs that we have been paying this out of fine income and would like to have clubs pay this directly

2)      Can’t do this for 2005 because clubs have already collected fees for 2005, but this could be done for 2006

3)      Decision - to have Gary present this at the AGM as an option for 2006

4)      Action – Add referee assigning fees to the AGM agenda for Gary to present

                                                             ii.      Website Budget – Is this budgeted properly?

1)      Should we higher some of this development out?

2)      Message Board is one option

3)      Proposed Increase in budget by $1,000, actual cost of $1,330 to $3,000 - Decision to make this change

Action – Lou to make increase in website budget to $3,000

                                                            iii.      Trophies and Awards Expenditures may not be budgeted for 2005 properly, we will have more teams and this will likely need to be budgeted higher

                                                           iv.      Action – Lou to add previous years columns that would help all to see year by year comparison of previous budget actuals

b.      Corporate check and balance by internal member

                                                               i.      Proposal to have an end of year review of statements by Sue and Joe

Action - End of year review of financial statements will be conducted by    Sue G and Joe K

                                                             ii.      Decision to make this change

c.      Review end of season statements

6.            Post Season Fine Review

a.      Post season fine review completed by Board

b.      Fines need to be emailed to the Clubs

c.      Payment by or at AGM

7.            Additional Meeting Required

a.      Proposed dates Tuesday November 16 or Wednesday November 17

b.      Action – Gary to send meeting notice

c.      Agenda to include topics not completed in this November 6 meeting:


                                                               i.      2005 Calendar                          

                                                             ii.      NYSWYSA

1)      Headgear declaration

2)      Acker resigns

3)      10/31/04 Board Meeting

4)      Post 10/31 meeting

5)      Current status of NYSWYSA leadership

6)      AGM

                                                            iii.      RDYSL AGM Plans

1)      Action – Gary will send a meeting notification

2)      Sign in, pay fines

3)      Election

4)      Discuss Club Soccer

5)      What else?

                                                           iv.      New Business

1)      US Club Soccer

2)      Alternative to NYSWYSA

3)      Due diligence completed

­       Pros

­       Cons

                                                             v.      Issues with Handling Non-Competitive Teams




Meeting Adjourned: 4:35pm



































11 06 2004 RDYSL Meeting Agenda final version