RDYSL Club Presidents Meeting

Sunday, September 12, 2004



Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Lou Boyon, Mike Nelson, Kurt Knoblauch, Dennis Crowe, Approximately 18 Clubs were represented


Meeting called to order: 2:03pm


  1. Introductions


  1. Rules – Draft of changes discussed as documented below, Clubs asked to please provide input on the rules drafts prior to the AGM, it is the Boards intent to have the changes posted on the website prior to AGM.  See attached document for Proposed Rules Changes draft, below are the comments and discussion only  

§         Rule 306 Assigning Players to a Team

o       Sean Gleeson Fairport – proposes adding that seven year old eligibility should be left to club discretion and no minimum should be stated in rules

o       Curt Regruit Penfield Rangers – could see this becoming a lead into a U7 Division

o       Roger Best – would rather see 7 year olds channeled to house leagues

§         Rule 411 Playing Conditions

o       Roger Best – communicates that a player has recently died from an accident with a goal post

o       Gary Levine – suggests sand bags for portable goals

§         Rule 411 Weather

o       Referee Guideline of 30 / 30 adopted

o       Curt Regruit – Kevin Williams Channel 13 took 30/30 to national convention and reports this as unsafe, concerned over liability, supports Section V rule which includes sound of thunder

o       Sean Gleeson – supports Penfield position

o       In general support is for inclusion of Section V Rule

o       Gary Levine – asks that Sean and/or Curt forward Section V Rule to Gary and Mark

o       There is concern that referees aren’t consistent in their application of the guidelines/rules  

§         Sean Gleeson – Safety suggestions

o       Round goal posts should be the direction over time, as clubs purchase new goal posts

1.      Some manufactures are providing padding

2.      Some leagues have mandated padding

o       Goalie headgear up to modified age group

§         Rule 502 Coaching Staff Misconduct and Violations

o       DC will have ability to record this as a warning

o       How will club presidents get notification – website will show

o       Suggestion that DC email coach with warning and a copy to Club President

o       DC will have discretion on whether to fine for minor or not


§         Rule 503 Spectator Misconduct and Violations

o       Identified and Unidentified

o       Sean Gleeson – Not sure he agrees with fines based on example of parent entering the field for an injured player

o       Gary Levine– Rules are based on referee discretion

o       Sean Gleeson– referee inconsistency

o       Appeal Process – see next section

o       Curt Regruit – spectators on opposite sides, had a couple of instances where it was difficult to get people to comply, what mechanism is there to aid in this effort

o       Gary Levine– suggests reporting this to the DC who can apply pressure to the offending team

§         Rule 600 Protests and Appeals

o       WSA - questions why the Board didn’t have authority to use discretion in the application of fines

o       Gary Levine– states that nothing in the rules allowed for this

o       Neal Fisher– states that clubs can ask not to have that referee

o       Neal Fisher– states that suspensions cannot be appealed

o       Gary Levine– rules must be uniformly applied, there may have been injustices, but there was nothing to allow for review

o       Sean Gleeson– rules draft at last years club presidents meeting were presented but not communicated in final form prior to being implemented (30 days didn’t happen as stated in club presidents meeting), there must be a way for the board to review certain incidents

o       Curt Regruit – in reference to Sean Gleeson comments, 30 days was for comment and then the board would make a decision

o       How is “upheld” defined in #3i, suggestion to define this

o       Neal Fisher– what boundary would be used for what would be reviewed, $200 fines?

o       Michael Triassi - Suggestion to make a change to allow for Board to address discriminatory sanctions…

o       Michael Triassi – proposes non fighting red card from $50 to $25

o       Sean Gleeson – going forward, are suspensions in effect until appeal is heard and a decision is made

1.      Gary – yes, see part J under Protest and Appeals

§         Rule 802 Annual Schedule of Fees and Fines

§         Gary Levine reviewed several changes that were made for the 2004 season and the overall results that they produced, in general the board felt that all of the changes should be kept in place

§         Curt Regruit - Red Card suspensions as related to tournaments

o       Gary Levine – we closed the loop hole by defining  


  1. Scheduling

o Gates – didn’t like it, may rescheduled anyway, school district

o Curt Regruit – in favor

o Penfield Strikers - in favor

o Greece working with town to evaluate all fields instead of blanket closing


  1. Website

o Mark VanDellon – We need to “walk before we run” meaning we tested the current implementation to see if it worked with DC.  It has already been discussed and plans are to change it for next year if time permits.

§        Mark VanDellon– fully supported board action to close down website, would like to see place to put news updates

§        Gary Levine – Bulletin Board was abused by a select few, we tried to monitor it but could not keep up with it, Mark VanDellon is reviewing a mechanism to monitor this, intent to have something by spring but there is no promise

  1. Referee

o Board is going to keep data, year to year and based on that data make specific requests from referees on what referees are being assigned

o Board working towards a point when RDYSL can improve assigning issues

o Board is working with DCs to use referee reports to match up game reports to evaluations

o Board asked to have certain referee assessments for certain referees identified through evaluations data and will continue to do so

o Penfield Strikers – is there a way to get the referee evaluations to the referees quicker, so that the referees can address issues

o Sean Gleeson – sensitize referee unit that they are an authority figure 

o Sean Gleeson – U17 & U19 three referee system for both boys and girls (see below) 

§        Three referee system – Board proposing to move three referee system from Girls U19 to Boys U17

§        Michael – is there a way for clubs to know which of their coaches did referee evaluations and which ones did not?

o       Action - Mark VanDellon will look into this

§        U10 double header fee – one fee versus two fees,

o       Consensus that we should have one fee

§        Referee Assignment Fee – currently paid by league, proposing to have this fee paid by clubs directly to the referee and then have the referee pay the assignor

o       Penfield Strikers – experience as a referee says this will have consequences with the referee assignors, young referees won’t pay this, assignor won’t assign those kids, this effects the loss of young referees

o       Sean – will the clubs see a reduction somewhere else that offsets the cost of this fee

o       Greece Eclipse – timing of decision needs to account for the effect this change will have on the club budgets

o       Gary Levine – if implemented, it will be announced ahead of time so that clubs have time to make the appropriate adjustments


  1. Division Alignment

o Sean Gleeson – DC’s sometimes over-rule club and insist that team play D1 instead of D2 requested by the club

o What is done for U11?

1.      Board uses the information placed on team registration form just like placing a U9 or U10 team that has no win/loss record. 

o Curt Regruit – What about 2A and 2B

1.      Board goal to have divisions of 1,2,3,4 instead of 1, 2A, 2B, 3….

o Sean Gleeson – requests that the DC discuss the data with the person from the club providing the request


  1. Special Programs

o Gates would like to see a D license sponsored course

o Consensus is that this is something to continue and hold as soon as possible, even as early as November / December

o RDYSL All-Star teams generally did well

o Coaches and kids evals were positive, would they share in expense (yes), did they like the format (yes), D2 kids represented themselves well

o RDYSL All-stars played RDYSL Club teams – negative experience

o Some clubs didn’t participate

o Jr Rhinos Jim Mort agreed to do this again next year

o Board proposing to continue this for next year, would start earlier in the identification of coaches and players

o Peppy Ehrlich – for what ages U12 – U15?

1.      Yes U12 – U15

o Spencerport – when would the tournament be?

1.      RDYSL doesn’t control dates, NYW does, there are a limited number of dates due to the number of clubs having tournaments

o Sean Gleeson – playing in the Empire Cup is not the only option, need to investigate other options

o Sean Gleeson – would like to see more interactive discussion with clubs before something is acted on

o Gates – there were examples of recruiting

1.      Gary – let him know and he will not use that coach again



  1. Meeting Adjourned – 4:57pm