RDYSL Board Meeting

Wednesday, September 8, 2004



Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Lou Boyon, Mike Nelson, Joe Walton, Jim Legrett, Tom Laspina, Peppy Ehrlich, Joe Kehm, Susan Gurak, Gregg Gordon


Meeting called to order: 7:02pm



1.    Club Presidents Meeting Agenda

§         Rules

§         Scheduling

§         Website

§         Referees

§         Special Programs

§         November AGM


2.    Rules - Proposed changes to Rule 600(c) (Gary)

§         Reviewed

§         Decision – use Gary’s proposed change as a draft to be discussed at the Club Presidents Meeting


3.    Review of Schedule data that Mark summarized – May games scheduled and re-scheduled

§         Decision to keep it as it was in 2004


4.      Website Changes

§         Jersey numbers off of website

§         Bulletin Board – down now but looking at having it back up by spring


5.    No Show Referees – 54 games impacted

a.    Some of these games were due to late notice and DC’s ability to contact referee assignor in time


6.      Special Programs

      a.      Coaching License sponsored by RDYSL –

§         RDYSL paid $750 for TSE – cheaper place?

§         Coaches paid $85

§         Does RDYSL want to sponsor this?

§         When would we do this? Decision - March April


c.      All-star program

§         Decision – continue, shared expense (TBD), start earlier, more coaches involved

§         Open it up to all divisions

§         Percentage of money spent for small group, RDYSL

§         Start it earlier

§         Open up to more coaches

d.      Discussion on adding a Board member to coordinate special programs

§         Consensus is that this is a good idea

§         Identification of a candidate is a next step


7.    Review of Previous Meeting to be on the Club Presidents agenda

      a.      Single referee fee U10

      b.      Linesman U17 boys instead of U19 girls

c.    Referees identified for Jacky - two boys and two girls divisions left to be completed

      e.      Championship shirts distribution

f.    Referee assignor fee ($2) paid by clubs instead of RDYSL – Gary talked to RDSL and everyone liked the change


8.      Division Alignment

a.    Proposal by Gary that at the end of the season each DC drafts a recommendation for next season’s alignment and forwards it to the next year DC 

§         Decision – Consensus that this is a good idea

§         Action – DC’s to draft division alignment recommendations for 2005 and pass them on to the appropriate 2005 DC




Meeting Adjourned – 9:34pm