RDYSL Board Meeting

Thursday, August 26, 2004



Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Lou Boyon, Mike Nelson, Joe Walton, Jim Legrett, Tom Laspina, Peppy Ehrlich, Kurt Knoblach, Mark Arpag, Joe Kehm, Dennis Crowe



Meeting called to order: 7:04pm



1.    UNDER 10 Issues


a.    Punting a ball in U9 and 10 all the way down the field - do we need to limit?

§         Gary withdraws this based on previous feedback from Greg and Mike - No rule to be discussed or added

b.    U10 two fees - one for single games ($22) and double headers ($24) -are we better with a single ref fee?

§         Single versus doubleheader fee, are the savings of $22 vs. $24 worth the administrative hassle

§         Decision - Have a single fee, to be negotiated, $24 fee is acceptable

c.    Non-Competitive divisions new rule to allow substitutions on either teams throw in (Mike N.)

§         Gary talked to a couple of coaches and they didn’t feel it was necessary to create a new rule, another suggested that this had been done informally between coaches prior to the game.

§         Consensus that we don’t like creating different rules for different age groups and it is also difficult on referees 

§         Jacky - Proposal to notify U8-U10 coaches that the league supports the following position, but that it is not a rule.  If prior to game the coaches discuss allowing substitutions on either team’s throw-in and both coaches agree, that it should be communicated to the referee that both coaches would like to play the game this way, with the referees agreement the game will be played that way.

§         Decision – Agreement to proceed with Jacky’s proposal

§         Action – At the Coaches Meeting advise the coaches that in U8-U10, coaches may discuss and decide prior to the game to allow substitutions on either team’s throw-in, if agreed they need to notify the referee and get his or her consent to proceed accordingly for that game.   


2.      Scheduling

      a.      Review of one game a week

§         Gary’s informal survey indicates that this was received positively

§         Mark had started to review the data on game changes to draw conclusion on the impact, but has not finished pulling it together

§         Jacky - DC’s were buried in the early season by game changes, this may have been due to field availability (weather, setup of fields)

§         Club and town difficulties in scheduling fields for an earlier start in mid May (mid May start enables once a week scheduling)

      b.      Review mid-May start (how many games were moved?)

§         Buffalo plays fewer games in a more condensed season

§         Jacky proposes U9-12 once a week and twice a week there after

§         Jacky proposes U13-19 start after Memorial Day, allow them to use May 15 to Memorial Day to reschedule

      c.      Proposal U14-19 should play on weekends only in May-early June

§         Potential issue referee scheduling

§         Action – add a, b, c (one game per week and mid-May start) to the Club Presidents agenda for discussion


      d.       Clubs need to plan for problems with field usage.  Don't

            book usage at 100%, this leaves no room for changes  (Mark V.)

§         Action – add to the Club Presidents agenda - communicate to clubs that they need to plan for problems with field usage. Don't book usage at 100%, leaving no room for changes or a contingency plan


3.      Referee Issues / Rules

      a.      Three man referee system

            i.      Results

§         It appears that it did help

§         Tom – wasn’t necessary for girls

§         Gary – after reviewing fine data provided by Mark, the Girls U17 have fewer card infractions than in Boys U17

§         Proposal move three referee system from U19 Girls to U17 Boys   

§         Decision – Keep 3 referee system and move three referee system from Girls U19 to Boys U17

§         Action – Communicate this to the Club Presidents and Referees

b.    How long do you need to wait for a referee before starting a game with an alternate referee (remember that ref should be there 30 minutes before kickoff)?

§         Action - Advise the Coaches at the Spring Coaches Meeting - If coaches have agreed on an alternative referee, the coaches have the right to tell the referee they are not needed based on the referee having not fulfilled his or her obligation to be there 30 minutes prior to the game.

§         RDYSL will deal with the referee afterwards on payment issues 

      c.      Game reports

§         Need a place on the game report that explains coach, spectator misconduct (tied to fines).  Currently unacceptable is a $25 fine, coaches felt they got the fine without getting fair warning

§         Back of sheet is available for this

§         Neal – feedback that if there is a special new spot for this on the front of the form, the coaches will want this to be filled out prior to the coach signing it

§         Jacky – there used to be a poor, fair, good check box for behavior and was used by Jacky to fine when a bunch of reports had been labeled as “fair” and a pattern of behavior had been established, it was then determined that this was difficult for DC’s to judge when a pattern of behavior had been reached, so acceptable and unacceptable were implemented

§         Mark – had poor, fair and good for player, coach and spectator

§         Kurt – how is acceptable and unacceptable defined? Proposal – remove acceptable / unacceptable

§         Mark – proposal to remove player because yellow and red cards are the mechanism for administering behavior with players

§         Coaches are ejected which is the mechanism for administering behavior with coaches, not given yellow or red cards

§         Spectators are ejected which is the mechanism for administering behavior with coaches, not given yellow or red cards

§         When is a fine applied?  Unacceptable vs. Ejections

§         Decision – remove acceptable / unacceptable, removing the circle option and asking them to write behavioral issues out on the back of the referee report, fines are applied only when the referee report has a behavioral issue written out

§         Action – remove acceptable / unacceptable circle option on game report

§         Proposal – modify the rules so that we don’t apply the $25 fine unless there is an explanation on the back of the form

§         Proposal – handle player behavior with cards

§         Proposal - Define minor unacceptable

o        Questioning calls

o        Abusive language

o        Illegal substitutions

o        Control of players

o        Staying in coaches box

§         Action - change Rule 502 Minor Coaching Staff Misconduct and Violations as follows:  (underline indicates adds and strikeouts are deletions)

Section 1

#1 - A minor infraction is when the referee indicates documents unacceptable coaches (or coaching staff) conduct on the game report.  The referee need give no additional explanation.

#2 – A division coordinator may warn a coach for a first offense but otherwise the fines are noted on the annual schedule of fines.

#3 – Repeated misconduct may warrant an investigation by the Board and action including, fines, suspensions or other appropriate action.

§         Action – change Rule 503 Spectator Misconduct and Violations as follows:

Section 1

#1 - No change

#2 - No change

#3 – The team and club are responsible for insuring that the disciplined spectator does not attend a match until the disciplinary period is completed and until all fines are paid.  Failure to prevent the disciplined spectator from attending will result in a forfeit.

New #3 The team will be fined according to (as noted) on the annual schedule of fines.

#4 – No change  

§         Action – delete Rule 503 Spectator Misconduct and Violations Section 2 Penalties in it’s entirety


      d.      Review referee data

§         Position to take with regards to problem referees

§         Action - Compare 2003 data to 2004 data and look for trends indicating specific referees, results to be used accordingly and as appropriate

      e.      Referee assessment

§         What happened to the assessment plan that the referees agreed to do?

§         Action – Communicate at the Club Presidents Meeting that we did have a plan with the referees to do assessments for certain referees  

f.      Referee no shows

§         Did DC’s report game changes to the referee?

§         DC’s say they did report game changes to the referees

g.    Have the assignor fee paid to refs by clubs like what is being done in the RDSL adult league?

§         Proposal to increase game fee by $2.oo to cover assignor fee

§         U19 & U17 will be $4.00 per game ($2 for referee & $1 for each assistant referee

§         Advantage – frees up money for RDYSL special programs

§         Advantage – Referee tax issue

§         Advantage – reduces administrative burden on the RDYSL

§         Action - Discuss this at the Club Presidents Meeting

§         Action - Discuss this with the referees


      h.      Mark received the referee fee report from Franz

§         $9,345 assignor bill

§         $5,600 assignor fee + $500 for linesman

§         $3,165 fines etc.

§         Action - DC’s need to review the data to determine if the fees are correct and if there are inappropriate charges that need to be discussed with the referees

i.    Jacky requests that we use game reports with referee name to match up with referee evaluations data.  Mark provided a report that identifies the game numbers that there is a referee evaluation for.  If the DC’s could take this report and match a referee name to each game identified on Mark’s report, we would not have to be dependent on waiting for the referees to provide a report

§         Action – Mark to send DC’s report of game numbers that there is a referee evaluation for

§         Action – DC’s to review the report that Mark’s report identifying game numbers that there is a referee evaluation for.  Using this report, look up the game report for those game numbers on the report and match a referee name to each game number on the report.

§         The referees are still required to provide referee names for each game number and we will continue to pursue the receipt of this data from them 

§         Total evaluations received this year were just under 3,000 games and just over 1000 unique evaluations.  This is a slight increase of approximately 10%

§         Action - Need to include referee evaluations as an item of discussion at the Club Presidents meeting and at the Coaches Meeting, emphasize the need for coaches to do evaluations


4.    Lou reviewed 2005 budget draft


5.    Shirt Distributions

§         Action – Announce shirt distribution at Club Presidents Meeting

§         One third of the clubs received shirts

o        22 girls clubs received 1st or second place shirts, 81%

o        22 boys clubs received 1st or second place shirts, 75%

§         Feedback has been positive

§         Extra shirts have gone to some managers, this will mean that all shirts should be accounted for in distribution


6.    Board Meeting

§         Action – Add board meeting for Wednesday September 8, 7:00-9:00pm at MCC


Meeting Adjourned – 9:34pm