RDYSL Board Meeting

Tuesday, August 17, 2004



Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Lou Boyon, Mike Nelson, Joe Walton, Jim Legrett, Tom Laspina, Peppy Ehrlich, Kurt Knoblach, Mark Arpag


Guest – Dennis Crowe


Meeting called to order: 7:11pm



1.    Review Meeting Minutes from 7/27/04

      a.      Updates or edits

§         No updates or edits requested

      b.      Review of actions

§         Mike reviewed actions and recorded status


2.      Updated Rules and Bylaws

      a.      3 v 4 yellows for suspension

§         Mark V. presented fine summary, 2003 vs. 2004 data

§         There was a drop in red cards YOY

§         Mark Arpag felt that toward the end of the season activity may have increased, but overall this rule worked to the purpose intended

§         Decision - Consensus is that we leave 3 yellow cards as the trigger for when a suspension levied and required to be served

      b.      Evaluation of fine policy

§         Review of fine policy/rules

§         There was one fighting offense this season

§         There were no double reds for players

§         Decision - Consensus is we will keep fines where they are

      c.      Evaluation of point deduction policy

§         One team lost first place as a result of this rule

§         Were there any yellow point deductions that resulted in loss of points, there may have been one in Boys U17-19 (Mark A.)

§         Decision - Consensus is in favor of keeping point deduction rule

§         Is the threshold level where we want it? Decision - Yes

      d.      Red cards and impact on tournaments

§         Gary – believes this has as big of an impact as any other deterrent

§         Jacky – this should be adjusted, Proposal to give a one hundred dollar deposit to DC to get card for tournament and deposit back when returning cards 

§         Neil – DC may not have the card yet from referee report, so deposit will not be applicable for everyone wanting their card for the tournament

§         Tom – what about tournament only pass?

o        Cost - $1.00

o        How many times did someone ask for a tournament pass this year – maybe 10 times

§         Gary – Proposal keep league policy as is with DC keeping passes and collecting fine, Option for player to get Tournament pass from registrar for $5.00, DC will direct the player to the registrar

o        Decision – the rules will not be changed, this is a policy that will be used by DC’s





      e.      Allow more appeals - do we set up soccer court?

§         Gary heard consensus is that right to be heard is primary complaint, fine amount is secondary

­        Mark - Issue of referee report is unknown to coach, what was inappropriate, referee report does not always provide enough detail

§         What are the options

o        Gary – Written appeals reviewed by several

o        Jacky – keep database, three years review of previous offenses, associated with escalating fine policy

o        Mike – build on Jacky’s option, keep track of referees that are responsible for assigning fines

o        Tom – fine is a range from 50 – 300 and decided by DC

o        Jacky – Referee school…from last week

o        Joe – opposing coach email, witnesses

§         Gary – if there is a mechanism to review, there needs to be a mechanism to lower or increase the fine

§         Joe W – what is the consensus on ……?

§         Gary – Proposal to form a sub-committee to discuss and propose something to the Board 

o        Proposal agreed – Action for Joe W., Jacky, Tom to make a proposal to the Board 

f.    Game change rule results – how did the application of charging $75 work with respect to allowing flexibility while keeping some deterrent for over use and increased administration?

§         34 in season game changes

§         Decision - Consensus is this is the right dollar amount and we keep this

g.    Spectator suspension enforcement - Rule 503 Spectator Misconduct and Violations

§         Section 1 General

o        Decision – No Change

§         Section 2 Penalties

o        Enforcement – hard to do

o        Proposal 503 Section 2 Penalties – Remove Identified and Unidentified and state Spectator Infraction with the fine going to the team.

o        Decision – Remove Identified and Unidentified, eliminate suspensions and replace with “Spectator Infraction”

­        1a First ejected spectator fine is $150 to the team

­        1b Second ejected spectator fine is $300 to the team

§         Fine policy for spectators – Rule 802 Annual Schedule of Fees and Fines Infraction #6 Identified and #7 Unidentified

o        Identified Spectator Misconduct 1st offense – Minimum 1 league game suspension and $150 fine

o        Identified Spectator Misconduct 2nd offense - $300 and Minimum 6 league game suspension and $150 fine

o        Decision – Remove Identified and Unidentified, eliminate suspensions and replace with “Spectator Infraction”

­        First ejected spectator fine is $150 to the team

­        Second ejected spectator fine is $300 to the team

      h.      Change lightning rule to 30 seconds / 30 minutes (Mark V.)

§         Decision - Adopting referee position statement of 30 seconds / 30 minutes - Rule 411

§         Action – Communicate this at the Club Presidents meeting



i.                Proposal to add to rules that goals must be fastened down.  (Mark V.)

§         Suggestion to use sandbags as one option

§         Decision to change Rule 402 to add fastened goals and add “field required to be lined and suitably netted”

§         Action - Communicate this at the Club Presidents meeting

j.    Revisit the rule for need of player passes to be present before the start of the game, team forgets them but has them by end of game (OK Y/N?)(Mark   V.)

§         Decision - Must be there for beginning of the game, they have 30 minutes, leave this to referee discretion NO Change

k.    Proposal to add to rules that the home team mails in both copies of the game report to DC when there is a no-show ref.  (Mark V.) Rule 415 Post Game Procedures

§         Decision - Add this to rules

§         Action - Communicate this at the Club Presidents meeting

l.    Proposal to add to protest rules line of authority for communication DC, gender VP and then the president.  (Mark V.) Rule 600 Protests and Appeals

§         Decision - Do not add this to rules

m.    Proposal to add to rules shake hands(not a punch, slap, or anything else)(Mark V.)

§         Referee is supposed to watch this

§         Decision - Do not add this to rules

n.    Proposal to add to rules that in non-competitive games that substitutions are allowed on either team's throw in.  (Mike N.)

§         Action - To be discussed further at next meeting 8/26


3.    Field problems or issues?

      a.      Were sizes better?

§         U11 a few complaints, but generally this was ok

      b.      Examine the width of the U12-19 full size field in our rules.

§         RDYSL Rule 402 Field Dimensions state 80-100 yards for U12-19

§         FIFA rules state width of 50-100 yards

§         The issue is whether to lower the minimum of 80 yards

§         Proposal to document FIFA rules and add RDYSL suggested range

§                     Decision – document FIFA rules only for U12 – U19


4.    Budget

      a.      Review this year’s income and expenses

§         Lou –

o        Current status is a couple of $1,000 over proposed budget

o        Proposal that league budget operations (referee assignment) should not be covered by fine income, operations should be covered by a line item that is predictable (teams pay referee assignments)

o        $6,000 paid for referee assignments using fine money

o        Proposal that donations be paid from fines, fines used for the good of soccer


§         Action – Gary will check with RDSL on their new process of having teams pay assignor fee ($2) with the referee game fee 

o        Discuss at next meeting


5.       Protest - Boys U13 game

#2882 Wed 07/21 Fairport v. Gates - regarding a penalty kick issued, if the protest is upheld would the game become 4 to 4?  Score was Gates Metros 3 v. Fairport Force 4

§         Need referee report in order to make final decision

§         Resolution - Gary resolved this by having the coach explain to his team that their protest has merit and is the correct interpretation of the rules, but that because it doesn’t impact the standings the protest will be dropped.


6.    Travel Vouchers

§         There were 55 referee travel vouchers that Joe Walton sent out to the clubs, it is the clubs responsibility to pay them

§         Mainly Kendall, Livonia, North Rose, Genesee Valley

§         Some are incorrect


7.    Next meeting agenda – all items mentioned are already on the agenda


8.    Board Social

§         Action – discuss at the next meeting on 8/26


Meeting Adjourned – 9:27pm