RDYSL Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 27, 2004



Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Mike Nelson, Joe Walton, Gregg Gordon, Susan Gurak, Jim Legrett, Joe Kehm, Tom Laspina, Peppy Ehrlich


Meeting called to order: 7:04pm


1.    2005 Return of DCs and Board?

§         All Board members are returning.

§         All DC’s are returning with the exception of Joe Kehm who although not interested in a DC position, is interested in some capacity of involvement.  Need to find out what Mark Arpag’s intent is?

§         Dennis Crowe Byron-Bergen volunteered – Gary will talk to him about being a DC and make an offer to him if we determine there is a DC spot open.

2.    NYSW Issues

      a.      NYSW AGM

§         Sunday November 21, 10:00am at the Rochester Holidom

      b.      Sue’s Report on NYSW

§         Tony Buiniskis is stepping down as President of NYSW; he has accepted a position as Secretary of the United States Youth Soccer Association.  Gary Acker and Sandy Ostebo are possible replacement candidates.

§         Aug 21 and 22 there will be the NYSW Board of Directors annual planning meeting (including budget planning)


3.    2004-5 Meeting Schedule

      a.      Follow up to the July 26 Board meeting - August dates?

§         RDYSL Board Meeting Tuesday Aug 17, 7-9pm MCC Room 115

§         RDYSL Board Meeting Thursday Aug 26, 7-9pm Joe’s Office

      b.      September meeting with Club Presidents at MCC in the Empire room?

§         Sunday Sept 12, 2-4pm in the MCC Empire Room

                                                                i.            New Action – Gary to invite Pat Tata as referee rep

§         Joe asks why, it may open up a can of worms

§         Pat should be invited, it is good for open communications

                                                            ii.            New Action – Gary to get the assigned referee report from Pat Tata, need this in electronic format, for Mark.

                                                        iii.            New Action – Gary to invite Buckley, Buiniskis, Best

      c.      RDYSL AGM on November 23, 2004?(At MCC Empire Room or bigger room?)

§         Tues Nov 30 or Wed Dec 1, 7:00pm-9:00pm?

                                                                i.            RDYSL AGM Tuesday November 30 7:00pm-9:00pm at MCC Empire Room


4.      Updated Rules and Bylaws

a.    Propose-that we add to existing rule: “No player may play up more than 2 (3?) years from their birth age.” This includes under U10.

§         Decision that Rule 306  #1 will be struck

§         Rule 306 #2 will be changed to be #1 and edited to change 10-19 to be 8-19.

b.    Club call-up system-Proposal:  A club president or other suitable club designee may authorize a player of suitable age, maturity, size and ability to play on an older team within the same club. Players MUST BE 13 YEARS OR OLDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY UP. A player may not play more than two age brackets from the players registered age bracket (for example, a U13 player could play U14 or U15 but not U16 and older).




§         Do the positives out weigh the negatives?

§         Game report will have to signify the player that has been called up.

§         Proposal to - Table this discussion and have it at the Club Presidents meeting didn’t get a second.

§         Motion to vote on the rule as stated above was made, a second was made and the Vote was 8 Against, 1 For and 3 Abstains for this new rule being implemented. 


7.      Bulletin Board

a.    Can we go back on?  The email vote in June was eight in favor of turning it off and five in favor of leaving it on.  Two members were not originally heard from (one member sent a belated vote of – off)

§         Future Action - We will need to develop a policy on free speech; to be done in a future meeting.

      b.      Can this be monitored?

§         There are various tools that can be used to monitor or administer access; Action - Mark will investigate over the winter.


8.    UNDER 10 Issues

      a.      Can we call the U8 division, U8 rather than U9 4th division?

§         Decision - Yes we will have U8 divisions; this will be part of the DCs division alignment process and a DC naming decision.

§         New Action - Need to include U8 on the registration form.


9.      Special Programs (education, all stars, etc)

      a.      New Board position for Special programs

§         Action - To be discussed further in next meeting   


10.       Protest - Boys U13 game

#2882 Fairport v. Gates regarding a penalty kick.

If protest upheld would the game become 4 to 4?

2882 Wed 07/21 Gates Metros 3 v. Fairport Force 4

§         Need referee report in order to make final decision


11.   New issue for future discussion

      a.      Public web disclosure of yellow cards

§         Decision - remove jersey numbers from the web report for next season

                                                                i.            Action - Mark to remove jersey numbers from the web report on for next season

                                                            ii.            Action – at the Club Presidents meeting to communicate that jersey numbers will be removed from the web report

§         Coaching fines – proposal to give the coach an option to take  referee course and referee six games in order to get his fine money back

                                                                i.            Action - tabled for future discussion

§         An East Rochester representative contacted the league (Gary) about a new club. 



Meeting Adjourned – 9:00pm