RDYSL Board Meeting

Monday, May 10, 2004



Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Lou Boyon, Mike Nelson, Peppy Ehrlich, Joe Kehm, Gregg Gordon


Meeting called to order: 7:02pm


  1. Coaching Course – Gary provided the following status


  1. Shirts Bid – Jacky and Gary provided the following status

§         Eight bids were received

§         Peter Smith Inc. of East Rochester was selected

§         Jacky and Gary are currently reviewing design workups

§         Jacky is meeting with them on Thursday to finalize numbers

§         Colors of shirts – Jacky recommends getting two different colors yellow and gray

o       Consensus is that two colors are fine


  1. Referees


o RDYSL had originally requested referee assistants for Boys U19 & U17 and Girls U19 & U17. 

o The Referees notified us that they do not have enough referees to be able to schedule assistants for both Boys U19 & U17 and Girls U19 & U17 games. 

o Prior to giving the RDYSL an opportunity to modify our request, the referee unit made the decision to assign referee assistants to Boys U19 and Girls U19 only. 

o RDYSL preference would have been for referee assistants at Boys U19 & U17 and no assistants for Girls U19 and U17.

o Franz Sauer is the primary or lead assignor.

o For Monday and Tuesday games the backup / re-assignor is Paul Tam.

o For Wednesday and Thursday games the backup / re-assignor is Bob Camman.

o For Friday, Saturday and Sunday games Franz Sauer is the only contact. 

o Action for Mark to email names of assignors providing backup to Franz on specific days of the week.  Completed 5/11 and included in minutes above.

o The Rochester and District Soccer League (RDSL) in their new referee contract has included the assignor fee in the individual game fee.  This means that the individual game fee has increased by a couple of dollars and there is no longer a need for the RDSL to make a bulk payment at the end of the year.  The individual referees then pay the assignor based on the number of games that have been assigned to them.

o Doubleheader fees create an additional burden on Clubs when they make payments.  It is sometimes difficult to determine whether games should be paid at the individual game rate of $24 or the reduced doubleheader rate of $22.  This is a topic to be discussed at the Club Presidents Meeting.


  1. Schedule and Field Availability Issue – Gary provided the following status

§        Two Teams (Honeoye Falls, Livonia) contacted Gary and indicated that they have a problem working out home field details with their field supplier and complained that fines should not be applicable in their case. 

o       Gary notified them that applying fines in these situations is consistent with precedence and also that the RDYSL is fined by the referee unit, which is a pass on fine to the team.


  1. Website – Mark informed us that the website was down briefly and that he did receive one complaint from an RDYSL member.  The problem was due to our website host.


  1. Roster Pro – Jacky provided the following status
  2. Coaches Pass Question
  3. New Schedule Configuration
  4. All-Star

o Several teams or clubs have stated that they won’t participate – Webster and the Penfield Girls (Jacky had also heard Canadaigua). 

o (14-15 $375, 12-13 $325) plus $10 per shirt (roughly $500-600 per team)

o U14-15 June 19 & 20

o U12-13 June 26 & 27

o Gary will determine participation this week based on responses back from the coaches (numbers of players that are available tourney weekend, types of players)

§        Those present outlined the following proposal or plan for going forward.

1.      The RDYSL will pay the entire cost for the all-stars this year 2004 –Gary will be responsible for providing Lou with the costs and Lou will be responsible for making the payments.

2.      The final number of teams needs to be determined by May 15 and an informational email sent to the Board indicating the number of teams (including boys or girls and age group) – Gary is responsible for this action.

3.      In order for a team to be considered in the final count and registered the team must have at least 14 committed players by May 15 – Gary is responsible for this action.

4.      Coaches will decide if they have a strong enough to team to compete and will notify Gary by May 15 – Gary is responsible for collecting the coaches responses.

5.      There must be a formal evaluation or survey form distributed to the coaches and parents / players – Greg is responsible for drafting an evaluation form and Gary is responsible for distributing it and collecting it to and from the coaches and parents / players.

6.      The evaluations will be summarized and provided to the Board for review – Gary is responsible for giving the evaluations to Mike for summarization and distribution.

7.      The Board will evaluate the 2004 all-star program and develop a summary for the Club Presidents meeting – Board and DC are responsible.

8.      The Board evaluation will be presented at the Club Presidents meeting – Gary will be responsible.

o       Motion – Greg

o       2nd the Motion – Mark

o       Vote – All present are in favor.


  1.  Organizational Discussion


  1. Meeting Adjourned – 8:47pm