RDYSL Board Meeting

Saturday, January 24, 2004



Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Lou Boyon, Susan Gurak, Mike Nelson, Peppy Ehrlich, Gregg Gordon, Tom LaSpina, Jim Legrett, Joe Klem, Joe Walton


Meeting called to order: 2:00pm


  1. Introductions


  1. Website Overview - Mark VanDellon reviews the new updates that he has made to the Website.

         Email issues

o       AOL can get in modes that blocks us

o       Yahoo configuration problems

o       We need to use WinZip files instead of sending MS Word or Excel files as attachments.

         Team Registration

o       An email will be generated and sent to the DC when a major change is made to a teams registration information. The email will include a summary of the information and the major changes will have a star.

o       DC Control Panel Modify Team and Coach Information ability to edit divisions by changing the teams division number.

         Game changes to the Preliminary Schedule the Preliminary Schedule is published in March, changes can be made through Approve Game Changes. There are four states of changes 1) Green both coaches, 2) Yellow wait, 3) Red got both inputs but they dont match, 4) Completed. Emails wont be generated to notify the DC of change requests, so DCs will need to go to Approve Game Changes. Changes approved by DC will automatically update the master schedule (Lou wont need to do anything with the final schedule). DCs should notify the teams that they need to keep watching the schedule to make sure that changes they have requested have been made or to watch for changes that they may not be aware of.

         Field Changes changes made to the Field Change Form will automatically be made to the schedule when submitted. There will be no courtesy email to the DC, so DCs will have to check periodically for changes.

o       Decision - Should we have a field coordinator role in each club like we had last year or open field changes up for multiple inputs from coaches or others in each club? Decision yes there should be a field coordinator role.

         Game Scores no significant changes.

         Standings there is a new feature which allows a DC to mark division standings as final.

         Fines and Game Summary no significant changes.

o       Remember you can resort fines by clicking on headings. This may be useful in determining players with multiple yellow cards.

         Game Feedback

o       New addition, does coach have a coaching license or not, based on head of the referees unit Pat Tatas request.

o       In 2003 there were 841 game feedbacks submitted.

o       We are working with the referee unit to provide feedback. The feedback will be used to promote the good referees.

o       DCs and Ref Vice President will receive an email when 1) the feedback score is less than 7, 2) a request was made not to have the referee again or 3) if the referee was a no show.

o       Decision - Should this functionality be limited by putting an Edit ID on this form? Decision was no, if there are foul language submissions, check to see what team submitted and then send the team an email notifying them that one was submitted. Hopefully the coaches will police their own teams.

         Game Reports currently there is a one page summary from each team (2 sheets), a one page referee report (1 sheet). The referee report requests that a referee turn the referee report over and add information / detail on cautions, ejections and injuries. Referee Unit asked that we add a fourth sheet for the detail. This would mean that the referee is mailing four sheets to the DC. Four sheets and any passes will mean more than an ounce and will most likely require more postage.

o       Decision - Should we add this fourth sheet or redesign the forms? Decision is to try and redesign the forms. Action for Joe Walton, Gregg Gordon and Mark to draft a new form for review.

         Remaining actions

o       Voting Delegates for 2003

o       Game Report on website

o       Updated By Laws Gary emailed 1/30

o       November 23 NYSW AGM meeting minutes

o       Division size

o       RDYSL statement on fines


  1. Division Size


  1. Next Board Meeting February 26 prep for March 13 General Meeting


  1. Odds and Ends



  1. Clarifications Neil asks

  1. Meeting Adjourned 4:25pm