Thursday, November 6, 2003, 7:00P.M.

Dandrea's Party House



Board Members Present: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Lou Boyon, Joe Walton, Mike Nelson


Division Coordinators Present: Sue Gurak, Tom LaSpina


Clubs Not Present: Genesee Lancers, Pittsford Hawks and Webster Eagles



Meeting called to order: 7:05 P.M.



1.              Election of Board – Introduction of current Board, motion to elect current Board, motion second, motion closed, hand vote of yes to elect the current Board passed.


2.             Proposed Amendments to RDYSL By-Laws:

§         Various Changes – proposed and distributed to meeting participants.

§         Article VII Rules and Regulations – proposed addition is underlined: All members of this corporation shall operate in accordance with the duly approved rules, regulations, and laws of soccer as promulgated by FIFA, USSF Youth Division, NYSWYSA, and this Corporation.  The directors, by majority vote, may determine the rules and regulations of the league.

§         Fairport Sean Gleeson questioning the singularity of “directors” without participation of the club membership.

§         Penfield Rangers Curt Regruit asks how it had been done previously.  Neil answered that historically yes the Board has typically approved changes on it’s own.

§         Gary Levine asks if there are any other issues with the rest of the by-laws, proposal to pass the By-Law changes with the exception of Article VII, Fairport Sean Gleeson motions, Honeoye Greg Craig seconds motion, motion closed, a hand vote to approve all changes presented in distributed copy except the above addition to Article VII is majority approved with yes.


§         Article VII Rules and Regulations Amendment – Fairport Sean Gleeson proposed that changes to the rules and regulations of the league would require a delegation vote.

§         Penfield Rangers Curt Regruit proposes that rule changes be distributed to the Clubs 60 days prior to a meeting, Clubs would provide feedback at meeting and then Board acts on the rules based on the feedback and their own discretion.

§         Neil Fisher counters with 30 days prior instead of 60 days, Gary reads rule as proposed with “after 30 days notice to the members…..” added.

§         Greece Buccaneers Mike Maloni proposes the addition of “with a majority of membership present”.

§         Neil Fisher reiterates that this is not the precedence.

§         Gary Levine comments that standard operating procedure has been to include DC’s in discussions on changes and that the process includes consensus of the Board and DC’s.

§         Proposed change: All members of this corporation shall operate in accordance with the duly approved rules, regulations, and laws of soccer as promulgated by FIFA, USSF Youth Division, NYSWYSA, and this Corporation.  The directors, by majority vote, may determine the rules and regulations of the league, after providing 30 days notice of the proposed changes to the Members of the league.  Hilton-Parma Laurie Crawford motions, Irondequoit Kenneth Buonomo seconds, a hand vote to approve the change is majority approved with a yes.       


  1. Budget:

§         Lou Boyon advises that the cost of trophies was less than $4,000 and resulted in savings to the budget.

§         Lou Boyon reports that of the $76,000 in the budget, $14,000 is bond money that cannot be used

§         Gary Levine advises that the new budget includes no fee increase from Board, only from Bonds.

§         Gary Levine asks if there are questions, no questions presented.




  1. New Business

§         New DC’s Needed:

                                                         i.            Boys U19 (17-19) replacing Dave Mathews

                                                        ii.            Girls mid level (13, 14, 15, 16)

                                                      iii.            Fairport Sean Gleeson says Tim Dixon Fairport might be interested for girls but Jacky says he was interested in lower age group, Sean will find out

                                                      iv.            Gary outlines role of DC

                                                       v.            Gary Levine suggests someone from the Westside would be a good add.


§         Dandrea’s closing:

                                                         i.            Does anyone know of another meeting place? Requirements are: about $100 a meeting, centrally located, for AGM and Spring meetings, it’s the spring meetings that require larger size, ideal option 1 would be to have enough room for 500 people and have all age groups on the same night, option 2 smaller place and separate meetings

                                                        ii.            Penfield Rangers Curt Regruit proposes splitting meeting into an East and West side and having two locations, Gary problem is wanting to have VP’s at both meetings

                                                      iii.            Penfield Rangers Curt Regruit proposes alternating East and West side meeting every other year

                                                      iv.            Gary adds that meeting place needs to be central to an expressway

                                                       v.            Irondequoit Kenneth Buonomo will check on Bishop Kearney

                                                      vi.            Other suggestions - TSE, MCC cafeteria, RIT auditorium


§         Electronic Registration:

                                                         i.            Roger Best informs that Nov 22 from 1:00-3:00pm (time has changed … refer to NYSW website) at the Holiday Inn Airport, Tim Mellander will present an overview of the online registration process

                                                        ii.            Each club needs to have a representative at the meeting

                                                      iii.            Fairport Sean Gleeson questions the mix of paper and pictures vs. electronic

                                                      iv.            Mark Van Dellon asks about sequence of the process (mailing)

                                                       v.            Dan  Greece Cobras beta tester gives more detail on the intent – web browser based, bulk load, concern that Risk Management info will be in the database and it will require birthday, drivers license, social security number and hence data security is an issue

                                                      vi.            Jacky Van Dellon informs that a Clubs data disk is the starting point, registrar needs to bring questions, by law can’t ask for SS#, do they really need player’s email address

                                                    vii.            Gary informs that NYSW is first to do electronic registration

                                                   viii.            Gary encourages vocal participation in Nov 22 meeting

                                                       ix.            Fairport Sean Gleeson what is NYSW’s position on this? 

                                                        x.            Gary Levine informs that Sandy from NYSW was going to be here to give more info but had a car accident on the way here

                                                       xi.            Penfield Rangers Curt Regruit NYSW stated at a meeting last year that the data won’t be sold and web based may be more secure

                                                     xii.            NYSW Roger Best informs that they are being very careful with security

                                                    xiii.            Hilton-Parma Laurie Crawford what about costs?

                                                   xiv.            Web based should mean no cost, if a club doesn’t participate in the new process they will have to pay to have data entry done

                                                     xv.            Insurance for players at tryouts


§         Allstar proposal:

                                                         i.            Junior Rhino’s Jim Mort holds a tournament June 19 & 20, Age 14-17 and June 26 & 27 Age 11-13

                                                        ii.            Gary Levine proposes selecting two coaches for each Division 1, all coaches in league nominate players, 18 player roster, 2-3 practices, maybe more than one tournament in the future, primary obligation to club team, no poaching of players 

                                                      iii.            Opportunity to play Buffalo and Syracuse teams

                                                      iv.            Cost will be about $2000 for shirts/entry (suggestion that companies would provide the shirts)

                                                       v.            Would be about 10-14 RDYSL teams

                                                      vi.            Seeking the memberships approval

                                                    vii.            Fairport Sean Gleeson asks how coaches will be selected, Gary indicates that he would select the coaches

                                                   viii.            Neil Fisher informs that a previous attempt failed for lack of coaches

                                                       ix.            Fairport Sean Gleeson asks when the teams would be picked, Gary answers once the divisions are settled in late winter early spring by going to coaches and DC’s for nominations

                                                        x.            Can kids of coaches be on team, Gary yes

                                                       xi.            What about dual registrations, Gary not a problem because it is informal tourney, Jim and Gary have an understanding that this is informal

                                                     xii.            Irondequoit Kenneth Buonomo ask what about losing kids to Jr. Rhinos, Gary responds that it happens today so there isn’t much of a difference

                                                    xiii.            Fairport Sean Gleeson interim proposal to split RDYSL into quads and then have inner RDYSL tourney – more kids less cost, Gary responds 1 team x 6 age groups vs 4 teams x 6 age groups

                                                   xiv.            Fairport Sean Gleeson volunteers to run with quad idea

                                                     xv.            Irondequoit Kenneth Buonomo favors 1 x 6

                                                   xvi.            Penfield Rangers Curt Regruit asks are we proposing something that kids aren’t interested in,  Gary says we’ll know after trying

                                                  xvii.            Irondequoit Kenneth Buonomo says ODP kids may never play a game but the interest is still there

                                                xviii.            Stormers Mark Kokanovich says three sport athletes are disappearing because of demands by Premier teams and favors the allstar concept

                                                    xix.            Holley Karen asks if this is a way to spending down league surplus money, would like to see money spent on clinics, allstar money vs. clinic money

                                                      xx.            Greece Cobras Dan  says age of 16 – 17 may be kids with too many other commitments

                                                    xxi.            Rush Henrietta Mike Triassi concerned with the politics of picking kids, proposes one kid per team

                                                   xxii.            Gary Levine asks is there interest if this only requires a reasonable amount of money to do this?

                                               xxiii.            Proposed that yes there is enough interest to a establish a committee to select one of the options discussed and in order to make money expenditures it will require approval of the Board, motion, second motion roll call vote, delegate votes applied and the results were to approve by 328 yes, 106 no and 34 absent.


§         Fines

                                                         i.            Gary Levine informs that the intent of the increased fines and suspensions is intended to legislate the poor conduct out of the U19 divisions

                                                        ii.            Proposal to hold the increased fines and suspensions for a second offense, not the first

                                                      iii.            Opinion that suspensions are severe

                                                      iv.            Fines are harsh and dramatic but it is intended to discourage poor conduct without having to drop the persistent offending teams out of the league


§         Proposed schedule

                                                         i.            Starting May 16 and running through the end of July

                                                        ii.            Same days as last year with most weeks being one game per week which would mean 8 or 9 games with the remainder being twice a week

                                                      iii.            U19 Sundays

                                                      iv.            Clubs can notify Board of limitations when registering


§         Referee fees - Mark Van Dellon informs that the referee fees will be higher this year and are posted on the website


§         Rules RDYSL – Mark Van Dellon informs that Board members Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon or Mark VanDellon are willing to come to Club meetings and explain any of the rules


§         Maps on website – Mark Van Dellon informs that the a good deal of work has gone into the accuracy of the maps on the website, please check the site for accuracy


§         Email address – Mark Van Dellon asks that everyone check the accuracy of email address on the website, please verify



  1. Meeting Adjourned – 9:35pm